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Success Story Of People Doing CrossFit®:Kayce Grant

Check out Kayce, a family-oriented CrossFit mom who started her CrossFit workout 18 months ago. Kayce is highly driven and a competitive person. She can’t wait to make her physical activity up to another level and be more empowered! Check her out, here! Name: Kayce Grant Affiliate Box: Crossfit Big Spring Tell us a little …

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  • Top Rated Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting
  • ho couldn’t live without knee sleeves? CrossFitters! Wraps and sleeves are essentials that are truly great for joint support. CrossFit lovers rave about them. Knee sleeves keep the pressure on the knees to prevent tendon injuries and add a level of protection when you’re doing heavy lifts or higher reps.  They help with circulation, keep your muscles warm …

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  • Love at first sweat
  • Love at First Sweat
  • When I started working out many years ago it wasn’t because I wanted to, but to lose some kilos. This was the beginning of years of seldom used memberships in fitness centers, boring and rare running outings and the ever present nagging feeling, I am not doing enough. I couldn’t even imagine that anybody is …

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