4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean

By Marcherry Garnica
Oct 13 2019
4 tips to improve your power clean

4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean

The power clean is one of the best methods of gaining strength and mass in the gym. It can also be one of the most energy-sucking and humbling movements. 

Why? Because it involves speed in addition to strength.  Power cleans are one of the more explosive movements and technique goes a long way to adding weight and the fluidity of the movement.  So if you want to start adding mass and lifting more, check out our 4 tips to improve your power clean.

Tip #1 – Start in the Right Position

No where better to start than by in the right position. How you start the power clean can directly affect the rest of the movement. 

Some things you will want to remember when getting set up are:

  • Chest up
  • Shoulders back
  • Back tight

A good way to achieve this position is by ensuring that your elbows are in line with your knees when your arms are fully locked out and gripping the bar. 

The tension created in your starting position is what will help you transfer more power to the lift during the initial pull. 

Tip #2 – Keep the Bar Close to Your Body

Sometimes easier said than done, but keeping the bar close to your body gives you more control over it. If the bar starts traveling away from your body you’ll likely find yourself tipping over and losing it. 

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Hit the Power Position

The power position is when the bar hits you mid thigh, and this is one position that athletes and coaches alike, tend to miss. 

When done correctly, your chest will begin to open, you will become more vertical and your knees should begin to re-bend so you can transfer the power of the lift into the bar. 

Tip #4 – Catch the Bar in the Proper Rack Position

The final step in achieving a strong, fluid, injury-free power clean is to rack the bar properly. To do this, keep your elbows pointed straight ahead so the bar racks across your deltoids and comes very close to your throat. The actual weight of the bar should be resting on your shoulders. 

This is one of the least comfortable positions in the power clean movement, but perhaps the most critical in keeping you balanced. 

Next time you’re doing power cleans be sure to keep these four tips in mind. With time and plenty of practice you will see massive gains in your clean and an improvement in your overall strength.

Tell me, which position do you struggle with the most during a power clean? Share in the comment section below.


4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean
4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean

5 thoughts on “4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean”

  1. If the elbows are aligned with the knees ,are you driving the bar up by pushing through your heels or pulling the bar with your arms? Thanks.

  2. When the bar is heavier, I struggle with number 3, the power. Sometimes it doesn’t bounce off enough to get to chest. And off course the elbows are no where near to catch it it go under the bar.

    1. Exactly what Olga said! Any tips to practice getting the right power position? Especially when heavy, say above 85% of your 1RM. Thank you.

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