Our History

The seeds for the Barbell Beauties were planted in late 2014. Back then we started with a Facebook page called WOD Women. It was then and still is a page devoted to serving women who love fitness in general and CrossFit in particular.

While a Facebook page is great, its really only a one way conversation. We would post regularly and read / respond to all the comments. But after a few years it became obvious that our audience of amazing women wanted more.

That’s when we migrated to a Facebook Group and renamed it The Barbell Beauties. The group is a safe and open space for communication about health, fitness, support and of course all things CrossFit. This website is an extension of that group and meant to support it with longer form content.

Our Mission

We have created a private space on the internet that we closely manage to ensure it’s a safe and supportive environment. We have zero tolerance for bullying or negativity of any sort. We believe that a giving community is a growing community and our team is checking in daily to keep the conversations flowing and making ourselves available to be of service when needed. We encourage you to JOIN OUR COMMUNITY and get involved!

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