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Mental Fitness

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  • To Go Commando or Not While Working Out
  • For a lot of women, commando appears to be en vogue, but, in particular, some of my gym girlfriends are choosing to workout without underwear. I’ve been hearing repeatedly from them “It’s more comfortable. Go Commando”. Even though it wasn’t the advice I’d sought, I can’t help considering ditching my underwear on the next workout. …

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  • Burpees: Love/ Hate Relationship
  • BURPEES again? But we just did Burpees. Most CrossFitters said this for sure.But don’t worry Burpees and I have a love-hate relationship too and so as Ryan.  Hearing the word “ BURPEE “ certainly conjures up mixed emotions! Admit it or not Burpees are one of those exercises we love to hate. Some CrossFit locations even use …

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  • 4 tips to improve your power clean
  • 4 Tips to Improve Your Power Clean
  • The power clean is one of the best methods of gaining strength and mass in the gym. It can also be one of the most energy-sucking and humbling movements.  Why? Because it involves speed in addition to strength.  Power cleans are one of the more explosive movements and technique goes a long way to adding …

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Why We Pay What We Pay For CrossFit

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing fitness movements on the planet. And whether you are, or hoping to someday become one, chances are you …

5 Best Jump Ropes for Double Unders

We all know that doing the jump rope is one of the best workouts. Constant practice plus owning one are the keys to conquering those …
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