How does a weightlifting belt work

How does a weightlifting belt work?

It’s always worth grabbing the popcorn and settling into the comments section when someone brings up topics like “How does a weightlifting belt work?” on social media. Some people swear by them – claiming they…

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Are good mornings safe?

Good mornings are a development movement that isn’t limited to the a.m. – it’s for morning, noon and night! Terrible puns aside, if you’ve been moving a barbell for a while now, a good morning…

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  • To Go Commando or Not While Working Out
  • For a lot of women, commando appears to be en vogue, but, in particular, some of my gym girlfriends are choosing to workout without underwear. I’ve been hearing repeatedly from them “It’s more comfortable. Go Commando”. Even though it wasn’t the advice I’d sought, I can’t help considering ditching my underwear on the next workout. …

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