12 Types of Female Athletes You’ll Find in Every Box

By Michelle Tipsword
Dec 13 2019

12 Types of Female Athletes You’ll Find in Every Box

CrossFit is a sport for everyone – young and old, fit and not, introvert and extrovert – and every box has its own unique mix of members.

But no matter where you go, you’re sure to find some of the same types of people at every single box.

Here are 12 types of female CrossFitters you’ll find in every box, no matter where in the world you’re WODing:

Friendly Fran

These are the social butterflies of the box, and they’re always the first to welcome and introduce new members. Friendly Frans are the most popular people at the box, the ones who stop to make small talk with everyone and the one that others flock toward. 

While they come in for a great workout – and are often among the top performers – they’re more than content to stop what they’re doing to help others grab a wayward dumbbell or give up the last available rower. Friendly Frans love people and aren’t afraid to show it!

Badass Brenda

This CrossFitter hasn’t met a challenge she couldn’t tackle. Even if she isn’t quite sure she can lift that heavy weight, she steps up to the plate, takes a few deep breaths, and performs.

Badass Brendas love to compete, but are also the first to cheer on the rest of the group when they’re nearing a finish. They’re not boastful about their accomplishments, even when they outperform the guys standing right next to them.

photo Credit: Jill Weinreb

Chalking Charlotte

Have you ever walked in after the last class finished to find full-on handprints on the floor when your WOD doesn’t show much need for chalk? Chalking Charlotte is the culprit!

This CrossFitter LOVES chalk and is followed by a cloud of dust wherever she goes. And if she’s wearing black, her clothes are closer to gray by the end of the WOD than black.

Just be careful not to sneeze too close to her – You may stir up a new cloud of chalk!

Newbie Nancy

We’ve all seen them. Heck, we’ve all been them. The wide eyes, the confused expressions, the uncertainty when setting up the weights. Newbie Nancies have just started their CrossFit journey and don’t know what to expect.

And once they make it through their first WOD, they look exhausted, exhilarated, and a little shell-shocked. You know their lives will never be the same!

Muscle Mindy

If you’re looking to find all the missing bumper plates, or the big kettlebells, look no farther than Muscle Mindy.

She’s the one that tackles and conquers any physical challenge put to her, whether it be a brutal endurance metcon, testing a one-rep max on a lift, or knocking out dozens of pull-ups. These CrossFitters look challenge square in the eye without blinking, and come out on top every time.

But don’t be fooled by the grunting and swearing – Muscle Mindy is sweet as pie as soon as she steps out of the box and would do anything for her box friends.

Rita on Instagram (@ritagarciaherrera)

Selfie Sheila

Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are their native language, and they’re always capturing their feats of physical prowess for the ‘Gram.

You may be asked to help Selfie Sheilas capture a Boomerang or film a big lift, but more often they’ll prop their phone up on a box and a plate and film on their own. They come into the gym dressed in matching gear, makeup on point, and hair done, ready for their chance.

Pint-Sized Patty

They’re quiet, cute, and small, often disappearing at the back of the crowd at first. But watch out – When it comes time to perform these powerhouses show up.

While Pint-Sized Patties may be small, they execute big lifts, go hard at cardio, and are often seen up on the awards podium at competitions others didn’t think they had a chance at winning.


Tough Tina

Have you ever asked a box friend to help you out with your form on a lift, only to find out that you’ve been doing everything wrong? Tough Tinas take the request to critique very seriously, and they’ll give you advice for even the smallest tweaks.

But don’t take their harsh criticism personally; Tough Tinas genuinely want to help everyone get better at their sport and their critiques are meant to get you there.

Mama Megan

These women know how to balance all their priorities – work, family, and fitness – and they do it with grace and determination.

They may run into class at the very last minute, parking their kids in the children’s room with snacks and toys, but they don’t let the rushing psych them out. Mama Megans are in the box to get a killer workout in so they can return to their other duties feeling refreshed and energized.

Masters Martha

Just because they’ve hit 40 (or older) doesn’t slow Masters Marthas down any. 

They show up every day and excel, putting up a level of grit and determination the youngsters don’t have. Masters Marthas work hard and have a love for their sport unmatched by anyone else in class.

Experimental Esther

This is the CrossFitter who may not be able to do pull-ups or heavy deadlifts today, but she’s sure willing to try.

She isn’t daunted by seeing a new move up on the white board, and she’s the first to toss some extra 5-pound plates onto her bar to try out a new one-rep max. Experimental Esther also is one of the first to jump in and volunteer to partner a fellow member at a new competition, always saying “It’ll be fun!”

Prepared Penny

Whether you need a bandage, a spare set of wrist wraps, or an extra snack, Prepared Penny has everything you could ever need in her gym bag.

It may take her a few minutes to find it, but her bag is as magical as Mary Poppins’ satchel, and everyone knows that she’s got them covered!

Do you recognize your box-mates in these 12 types of female CrossFitters? Did we miss any?


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