9 Types of Male CrossFitters Every Box Has

By Michelle Tipsword
Dec 17 2019
9 Types of Male CrossFitters Every Box Has

9 Types of Male CrossFitters Every Box Has

Last week, we brought you the 12 Types of Female CrossFitters You’ll Find in Every Box. This time, it’s a chance for the guys to shine.

While there are some crossovers between the two, the men of every CrossFit box bring their own unique stamp to the community, helping make it what it is.

Here are the 9 types of male CrossFitters every box has:

PR Pete

This is the guy who’s always chasing a PR. Whether you’re testing your one-rep max on deadlifts or just repeating a WOD from last year, Pete knows exactly how he performed last time and how much better he did this time.

While Pete definitely likes to compete with others in class, he’s much more motivated by beating himself than beating others. Sure, he’ll tell you his time or the weight he just lifted, but he isn’t likely to be the one to bring it up unless it’s in the context of comparing it to his previous PR.

Geared-up Gary

You know these guys: They walk into class decked head-to-toe in their branded gear (Usually Rogue or Born Primitive), and they’ve practically got their own traveling box in their gym bag. Wrist wraps, shin guards, WOD tape… You name it, they’ve got it, and it’s usually got a big-name fitness brand on it.

They love all things fitness and aren’t afraid to show it everywhere they go!

RXd Randy

No matter the workout, Randy’s going to RX it. And then some. 

If the white board calls for a 115 pound squat snatch, Randy’ll do 135 pounds. You asked for 15 kipping pull-ups? He’ll do butterflies. And he’s got both his weighted vests cleaned and ready weeks before Murph rolls around.

This dude sees the RX WOD as a starting point and takes it ten steps farther. But not because he’s competitive; he just loves to see what he’s capable of.

Territorial Tory

Did you know the rig has assigned spots? It does if you ask Tory.

He’s got his routine and his favorite place for every WOD. If you’re squatting or doing pull-ups, he’s got his place on the rig. If you’re rowing or biking, he wants the same piece of equipment every single time. 

Just don’t worry about taking his spot during the warm-up. He’s always there and warming up well before class even starts.

Magnetic Mike

This is the friendliest dude in the entire box. Maybe even you entire town. 

He’s always the first to smile and welcome new members, and always has time to stop for a chat. His phone is dinging like crazy all during class because he gets a non-stop string of texts, emails, and interaction on social media.

Starter Sam

Often, Sam slinks into class, trying not to look too many people in the eye. He does some basic stretches, carefully watching everyone’s routines as he does. And when class starts, he isn’t quite sure what coach is talking about but tries his best to mimic what he sees.

Starter Sam is the newest member of the box, who jumped into CrossFit to try something out and isn’t quite sure if he loves it yet. But just like you and everyone else in class, he’s sure to love it and become a regular soon!

Coaching Carl

If you’ve ever had a moment where your form slips, Carl is sure to be the one who caught it. These are the CrossFitters everyone goes to for pointers – even though they aren’t a certified coach – because they know they’ll get honest feedback.

Don’t confuse their criticism for nit-picking. Carl genuinely wants to help everyone get better at CrossFit and their tips are given in the spirit of helping.

Photo credit: Rally Fitness

Golden Greg

With wisdom comes age, and with age has come Greg’s determination to show up to class every day and work to get better.

Sure, he may have to scale some things and he can’t lift quite as heavy as he did when he was under 40, but Greg is a badass athlete who’s ready for any challenge.

Chalked Charlie

Does one of your fellow box members seem to take up residence next to the chalk bucket? And are there chalky handprints all over the rower even though there was no barbell in the WOD?

That’s Chalked Charlie! He loves to use chalk for anything and everything, and you may even find little mounds of chalk dust taking up residence next to the chalk bucket when he’s finished with class. 


Like Pigpen from Peanuts, you can always spot Charlie by the cloud of chalk dust that follows him wherever he goes.

Which one are you? Do you recognize your box-mates in these 9 types of Male CrossFitters? Did we miss any?


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  1. Consider including: All Business. These are the long-time regulars. The no-nonsense guys that come to the box to get a workout. They shun small talk, drama, and fashion fads. They focus on technique and give head nods to fellow All Business guys. Their code is unspoken and powerful.

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