5 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes for Double Unders

By Marcherry Garnica
Aug 22 2019
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5 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes for Double Unders

UPDATED 9/10/2022

We all know that doing the jump rope is one of the best workouts. Constant practice plus owning one are the keys to conquering those single and double unders. What do you look for when buying a new jump rope? Is it effectivity? Affordability? or just having the right type to make your Double Unders easier?

Where are these reviews for the “Best CrossFit Jump Ropes for Double Unders” coming from? : We poll our private Barbell Beauties Facebook Group on a regular basis to find out what fitness products real people are using and loving. All the products and quotes come directly from our community 70K+ amazing women! If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Best Jump Rope for Crossfit Women

Double Under Wonder

 Super fun designs. No reason a rope has to be boring.
✓ Can customize on their site
✓ Most recommended by the women in our community

This one takes the top honors.   So many of you mentioned that this is your favourite jump rope and we can’t blame you.   It’s cost-effective, adjustable and can be customized with color and patterns to fit your style.  One of you even said that you can get a precut rope custom made based on your height. One CrossFitter mentioned that this is a good starter rope.  She immediately noticed a huge difference in her workouts compared to when she was using just the normal ropes in her gym.

Double Under Wonder speed jump rope made for your height. It was a game changer for me

Lori [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

I second double under wonder. I love mine.

Stephanie [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

i love mine! learned dubs on a heavier RX rope and was looking to buy a lighter one – went with DU Wonder jumping rope after a targeted FB ad (lol) and was immediately able to string much larger sets consistently

Nicky [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Double Unders

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

 The first benefit of this product
✓ The second benefit of this product
✓ The third benefit
✓ And finally the fourth benefit

After having it for a year, a piece broke off. When I inquired about a replacement piece, they sent me a whole new rope. They are great ropes and amazing customer service!

Janice [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Ropes are very subjective to the user, I like a heavy rope, hubs likes a light rope. Mine is longer than prescribed because my arms float out a little etc. I bought for ropes before I found the one for me from WOD Nation.

Dawn [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

WOD Nation speed rope…. It’s the bomb! Lightweight so my forearms last longer before dying on double unders.

Tracie [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

CrossFitters have a lot of wonderful things to say about the WOD Nation jump rope.   The rope is affordable, versatile and helps kick butt with double unders. It also doesn’t tangle or lose its shape when it’s brought everywhere.  

Adored by many, it’s easy to see why this jump rope is praised so much.  

Best Jump Rope for Fitness

RPM Speed Rope

 The first benefit of this product
✓ The second benefit of this product
✓ The third benefit
✓ And finally the fourth benefit

One of the things that CrossFit lovers love about this rope is that it doesn’t kink.  Despite being a bit more expensive than the others, many CrossFitters are standing by it.  Many called it reliable and shared that the cable length is easy to resize.

Expensive, but worth it!

Nadia [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

I love my RPM rope. 100% recommended. I never have a problem with it not straightening back out.

Chacha [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

I love my RPM rope! It’s uncoated and super-fast. I learned my DUs on a heavier coated rope at the gym but ever since I got this one, my DUs have gotten so much better.

Tina [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

My RPM rope is my favorite. I have used a ton of ropes and RPM is the easiest for me to use. At first I thought the handles were a little small, but they’re super light. My husband likes his RPM, too. I got his name engraved in the handle since he tends to forge things in the box. (For reference, DUs are the only thing I’m good at, so I can do thousands in a row…still no pull-ups though. I am a one trick pony.)

Ezme [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Best Jump Rope for Cardio WODs

RX Jump Rope

 The first benefit of this product
✓ The second benefit of this product
✓ The third benefit
✓ And finally the fourth benefit

Many CrossFitters said that this jump rope helped them a lot with their rhythm and positioning.   They love the fact that they can choose the weight and thickness of the rope as it offers a range of custom options based on your height and skill ability.  As it is a rope that is really designed for CrossFit, one CrossFitter shared that after getting the Rogue RX, she has already seen an improvement.

I am biased toward Rx Smartgear because I’m not all that good and can buy heavier beginner & intermediate cables that give me more feel & feedback.

Kate [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Rx smart gear ropes are wonderful

Sarah [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

I have the RPM rope. If you put a bare steel cable on it, it is as fast for double unders as you will ever need.

Linda [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Best Jump Rope for Workout

WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump Rope

 Easy to grip handles
✓ Comes with a spare cable
✓ Affordable

Popular with CrossFit beginners, the WOD Nation Attack Speed Jump rope are also a hit with many.  This is because of its light materials which help add speed and durability. Heartily recommended by CrossFitters, the jump rope helps make those turns much easier.

Hope this helps you conquer those DUs.  A jumping rope is a standard favourite in the CrossFit world, you always need the right gear to master it!

I love my WOD Nation speed rope. The one with the thick handles. SOOOO easy to grip!

Nisha [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Can’t recommend the rope from WOD Nation enough. I’ve tried a million of them and keep coming back to this one.

Becky [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Best Weighted Jump Rope for Learning Double Unders

Crossrope Get Lean

 Comes with multiple weighted cables
✓ Can switch cables mid workout
✓ Weighted which is great for beginners

I love the crossrope I’m a beginner but I would highly recommend ?? I think they are well worth the investment

Janice [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

So the different weights click in and out quickly, and the action is very smooth on with crossrope.

Lexie [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

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