Do you ever think about how many times a day you bend over to pick something up?? Probably not, due to the fact that it’s such a simple movement and your focus is on the actual task at hand rather than the movement itself. However, even when you’re not in the gym it’s critical not to let your technique fall by the wayside. Think about how many times you’ve heard your parents, grandparents, and friends complain of back pain – your lower back is an integral yet delicate part of your muscular system. Back injuries don’t just happen to old people!

We need to actually tune in and be aware each time we exercise our lower back, whether it’s in the gym or not. We can encourage our family and friends to do the same.

I took a class when I was living in Denver, CO with i99 fitness and they really helped to put something into perspective for me: our posterior chain needs to be cared for like a baby! When it is sore after a work it can not only affect your ability to workout but to move around in general! I know we have all been there trying to roll out of bed the next day. OUCH! It sucks to be in pain because we didn’t take to care of it properly. i99fit taught me how to do so and this has helped me recover 10x faster!

From strength-building, to technique, to recovery, the following instructional videos are invaluable resources when it comes to preventing back injuries!

(Have you ever searched–Deadlift technique on YouTube?? There are (too) many results to pick from. But what else am I here for but to filter out all the bullshit for you. You’re welcome ☺) 

More insight on “throwing the back out” and how to prevent it from happening.

Some of you might wonder why I chose this guy’s Deadlift instructional. Mark Bell is a powerlifter who has been perfecting this movement for decades and training other lifters how to do it properly as well.

The cinematography is terrible, but this video breaks down exactly what we don’t realize is happening because we are more concerned with the task at hand than the movement.

And this one brings it full circle. 

Now for the finish, the most crucial part: RECOVERY!!! 

I specifically got in touch with i99fit for this!! I want to show you guys how awesome they are. I couldn’t find any videos on what I learned at their workshop anywhere, so I emailed them and guess what?! 

They sent me a custom video on exactly what I want to show you regarding recovery. This will help tremendously! I can’t express that enough, especially before, during, and after deadlifts! (I am not kidding.) You will feel a world of difference. I struggle with recovering after deadlifts and people don’t know why due to the fact I’m short. Deadlifts should be easy for me, right?? Well, they aren’t because of an old soccer injury! 

If you want to experience the amazing-ness that I did with i99fit you can contact them at

These videos are each one minute (or less). You’ll thank me later, I promise!

Hamstrings and Hips

My Favorite 

(I do the full movement a few times through.) 

Keep in mind to practice how to get into a candlestick position – feel it out. Remember to keep those arms up and by your ears at all times! (When I was first learning, I had to remind myself constantly because my arms kept sneaking down.)

PSP PVC Stretches 

This is what I (really emphasizing on the I) think will help because it helped me from strength-building, to technique, to recovering but I am definitely not set in my ways. 

Do you guys have anything that you helped you when you were deadlifting? There is an immense amount of deadlift knowledge, don’t be greedy! share the wealth! 

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