We asked our community, “What are your favorite CrossFit Shoes?”

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CrossFit is an incorporated elements of exercise with intensity that requires increased work capacity in a short span of time designed to improve fitness and health. Some activities are calisthenics, gymnastics, high interval training, olympic weightlifting, plyometrics and powerlifting.

CrossFit requires heavy lifting exercises which really needs a shoe that provides steadiness and support. Make sure to buy a flat heeled, dense midsole shoe for a steady foundation during weightlifting and flexible during high intensity activities. Comfort, Durability, Steady Platform, Fit, Size, and Climate are some of the things to consider.  Purchasing a good quality pair of CrossFit shoes will help you save money because it’s multi-functional in doing different activities.

Here’s what our readers and other CrossFitters have said about their favorite and recommended CrossFit shoe brand and model!

  • No Bull – This has a simple designs and technology which produces solid, reliable quality for hard working athletes.  It has a one-piece, seamless, durable, breathable, high carbon material. No bull has medial rope grip for rope climbs, outsole lug pattern for multi-environment uses and strong heel cup to keep your foot in place during heavy lifts. I love my No Bulls, even for running. But it’s the only crossfit shoe I’ve tried.” A CrossFitter said
  • Nike Metcons  – CrossFitters found this good and comfortable for narrow feet. The Metcons are great investment because it worked well on a variety of training activities such as lifting, running and jumping. One reader said “I have narrow feet so I’ve found the Metcons fit me better and are more comfortable. I also think they’re better for running in than the Nanos were.”
  • Reebok Nano 8’s – It has a true-to-size measurement, lightweight material, stable platforms that support heavy lifts and roomy toe box for toe splaying. This shoe is suitable for CrossFit exercises such as lifting, running and more. Loved my Nano 4’s but recently replaced them with the Reebok Speed TR. Those nano 8’s were so comfortable.” A comment from a patronizer of this shoe. 
  • Inov-8 f-lite – This shoes is good for everyday use. Durable for high-intensity workouts and very stable during lifting and squatting. CrossFitters said that this shoe provides adequate support during cross trainings and suitable for transition footwear during barefoot trainings.
  • Reebok Grace – Good and perfectly fits for those who has a wider foot and is breathable for gym buffs. This high marks of style shoe provides great comfort for running, lifting and rope climbing, stability for squats and has a grippy sole which makes it flexible for most CrossFit exercises. A user of this shoe said that I use Reebok grace and I love them! Great for everything (running, lifting, rope climbs). I have a wider foot, and they fit perfectly. More comfortable than any other shoes I have.” 
  • Merrell Barefoot Shoes – This CrossFit shoes offers variety of heel to toe drop depending on the running experience you prefer. This has a lightweight material that improves your speed, encourages natural flexing for runners, comfort during the hell to toe transition and provides a great balance of flexibility and support. I keep looking for something I like better but I always go back to those.” A reader commented!
  •  Reebok Nano 6 – This shoes has a beautiful gumsole and has a cool looking kevlar patterns that provides grip during rope climbs and protects the shoes from abrasion. Crossfitters admires its outsole performance during squatting, deadlifting and thrusters. A CrossFitter said “ I have Nano 6 and they are comffy as feck.”  

Do you have a favorite CrossFit Shoes to recommend? Share in the comments below


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