The 6 Best Hair Ties for Working Out

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 01 2019
The 6 Best CrossFit Hair Ties

The 6 Best Hair Ties for Working Out

No matter what type of workout you’re doing — high-intensity cardio, slow paced yoga, or anything in between — working out with your hair in your face is always a nuisance, and a regular ponytail just doesn’t cut it.

Your hair can somehow miraculously wiggle their way out and into your face, and even if the hair survives the whole session without breaking free – the hair under your ponytail can turn into a rat’s nest. We know, ladies – that the struggle is real.

Here are 6 best (and cheap!) working out hair ties to try instead.

  1. Blax CLEAR Hair Elastics – Don’t be fooled by their appearance because these are notoriously strong and durable – and be used over and over again! They work wonders in keeping your hair in place and it doesn’t snag your hair. Quoting from one CrossFitter – “Blax are my favorite hair ties for athletes. They stay in place, don’t break hair, and you can get clear ones. I have to order them on amazon now. I have long, fine hair.
  • TecUnite – These no metal hair elastics are especially perfect for thick hair gals! They are soft and stretchy, with no metal that can hold your hair without any damage, easy to put on and remove without tangle, snag or pull. “These…I have super thick hair and these are the only kind of bands that work” –a CrossFit member commented.
  • Goody – Formerly known as Goody Stayput, this hair ties definitely lives up to its name as the ties are made of slide-proof elastics with rubber tread weaved through the elastic for superior staying power.
  • Kitsch Spiral Hair Ties – There are so many things to rave about these pretty, durable, hygienic, small and mighty hair ties. It adds a fun pop of color to your top knot and it stretch easily and generously to hold up all of your hair in a ponytail, or braid. With its unique design, it is said that it helps prevent annoying ponytail bumps and hair headaches too! One CrossFitter said “I have long, thin, fine hair, and these work wonders!! I’ve always had an issue with the normal pony tail holders actually holding my hair up (they would always slip or fall out during a workout and I would have to either deal with it or try to put it back up), but these “phone cords” as my husband calls them, works awesome at keeping my hair up during workouts!
  • Goody Ouchless – As the name depicts, these hair ties will not snag or pull hair while it holds your hair securely in place. “Yes. These!!!! 100% best hair tie I’ve ever used.” – commented by one CrossFitter.
  • Kitsch – Perfect for days when you want to add some sass into your workout outfit as it comes in a variety colors, promises snag free and causes no damage to your hair. One CrossFitter said – “I have super thick hair and these are the only kind of bands that work.


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