Myths About Women, CrossFit, and the “Bulky”

By Marcherry Garnica
May 30 2019
Myths About Women, Crossfit, and the "Bulky"

Myths About Women, CrossFit, and the “Bulky”

Hey ladies listen up! This one is for you! What comes to your mind when you hear “Women in CrossFit”. If you are anything like me, there were a lot of misconceptions and myths that I bought into. Have no fear ladies because I am here to dispel some of those myths for you today.

Myth #1: Women in CrossFit look like they are straight out the Wonder Woman movie.

Let me tell you! Honey, I bought into this one big time! Before I stepped into the box for the first time I thought every woman in there was going to have washboard abs and muscles on top of muscles. I was scared I was going to be the only woman in there who didn’t look like a Amazonian goddess! 

We are all at different places in our journey to health and fitness. Not every woman has a six pack abs. There are all bodies types and shapes in every box and CrossFit celebrates everyone no matter where they are on their journey. Don’t be afraid to step into the box just because you feel you don’t look like everyone else. Remember, everyone is at a different place in their journey!

Myth #2: Weight training will make you look like the Hulk’s sister. (and there is nothing wrong about it)

Can we please give the whole, “lifting heavy makes me bulky” notion a rest?Some of us are afraid to start weight training because we have bought into the myth that weight training will make you too big and masculine. This is not true as naturally we don’t have the hormones that will build bulky muscles. We are just not designed to be big and bulky.  Female bodybuilders have trained for many years to achieve a very specific look, and often use anabolic steroids to assist them. That is the difference between men and women.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to gain strength and power. All those rumors you’ve heard about lifting heavy weights are just that: Rumors. So get in there and work on barbell exercises that build strength, balance and mental strength. Also ladies, keep in mind that the coaches at the box know the differences between how men and women train and help you navigate that!

Myth #3: CrossFit is only about the getting to the Games.

FALSE! This is totally not true and if that has been your experience, you need to find a new box! I heard someone say once, “CrossFit is only as competitive as you make it.” Meaning, CrossFit is more about competing with yourself than competing with those you are in the box with. One of the best parts about being in the CrossFit community is that you go through the WODs together and you encourage one another to push past the mental barrier.

Some of my best lifts have been when I have had my CrossFit family yelling and encouraging me on! Competing against yourself means you will push yourself more to outdo yourself. I find there is more of a reward in this than trying to outdo someone else. Know that no matter how much weight you can lift or how fast you run, there will always be others to cheer you on!

So ladies, we don’t have any excuses not to get in there and smash out a WOD! Don’t let the myths about CrossFit overshadow your desire to get healthy! Take charge, put down those pink dumbbells, pick up the heavy black ones, do your best  and finally lay to rest these common misconceptions and know we will be there to cheer you on! 


Myths About Women, Crossfit, and the "Bulky". Worried that Crossfit will make you big? Fear not and check this article out.

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