Can you handle not RXing a WOD?

By Marcherry Garnica
Dec 09 2015

Can you handle not RXing a WOD?

Before starting CrossFit, the only time I saw RX was on a prescription slip my doctor gave me. Now I see it on the whiteboard as the “prescribed weight” to use for the WOD and anything less is considered scaled.

I remember the first time I RX’d a WOD. It was a milestone for me, for all of us! And once you go RX…you never go back or at least you don’t want to. This meant I was getting stronger and faster.  I was addicted to having the RX right next to my name to say “hey, I kept up with the BADASSES in the gym” I made it my goal to have RX  by my name but then I realized I was sacrificing my technique and the quality of my WOD. 

I use to train at a competitive gym that always kept me on my “A-game” which had its pros and cons. We say it all the time that it is YOU vs YOU but do we really mean it? I was really hard on myself if I didn’t do as good as everyone else and I would let it consume my day when I knew I was never going to the games! I got annoyed because in MY MIND I trained harder than some of the girls at my gym but yet they were doing better than me!? WTF?! I worked my ass off at one point to qualify for a team competition and then to my dismay I didn’t make the team…wah…


The opportunity arose where I moved to another state with a brand new start, no one knew who I was or if I could RX so there was no expectation especially if there was just a whiteboard and no one wrote RX because that certain gym didn’t really focus on that. And it was exactly what I needed.

The only thing that matter was if YOU tried your hardest. I finally learned, (yes, I literally mean learn) how to have more of level head about not RXing a WOD. I had to put aside my pride and focus on how I felt that day and what the WOD was. Just because you can’t RX a WOD doesn’t mean you didn’t get a good workout in because in the end isn’t that what it’s all about?

I hope so because after learning to be more focused on certain movements instead of having RX by my name, everything got better! I was hitting PRs here and there. My friends wondered if I was training more and I wasn’t. I felt like I was training less because I use to spend 3 hours at the gym and now I spend about 1 maybe 2 hours. The pressure of being as good as everyone else was gone but don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t anyone else’s fault but my own. I was the one who fabricated this thing around myself so I had to be the one to fix it and realize it wasn’t about everyone else. It was about me.

Now when I step up to the whiteboard, I might RX… I might not. I rather just get a good WOD in. Sometimes, I find myself not looking at the time anymore because the truth is, I don’t care. I’m happy I’m there to get a workout in. It’s always good fun to have friendly competition but remember, don’t let it consume your day.

So can you handle NOT RXing a WOD?


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