The 8 Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

By Marcherry Garnica
Jul 05 2019
The 8 Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

The 8 Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

UPDATED 9/10/22

If you are lifting heavy, there are a few necessities for your gym bag. You are going to need lifting shoes but you also want to protect your joints so you pick up a pair of knee sleeves and trap on some wrist wraps for weightlifting.

Owning a pair of the best wrist wraps for weightlifting is great for improving grip performance. But, in a market full of choices, we covered the eight best wrist wraps for weightlifting.

Where are these reviews for the “Best Wrist Wraps for Weightliftingcoming from? : We poll our private Barbell Beauties Facebook Group on a regular basis to find out what fitness products real people are using and loving. All the products and quotes come directly from our community 70K+ amazing women! If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting

Rogue Wrist Wraps

 Supportive but not restrictive
✓ Incredibly durable
✓ Come in a range of colors to fit your style

Over and over again the women in our community swear by this wrist wrap. Whenever we post the question about which wrist wraps they like the best Rogue is the chosen winner by a landslide.

Comes in three different sizes and they are 30% stiffer than most brands in the market which means that you get more support for less wrap. Constructed from a mesh of cotton, polyester and elastic band – are extremely comfortable on the skin and can also absorb away moisture.

There’s an elastic piece that goes over your thumb so the wraps don’t slide down your arms. Velcro is super strong too.

Janice [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

definitely Rogue. They keep my wrists so secure and stable. If you are lifting with wrist wraps… use these.

Sarah [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Rogue. Efficient and cheap ?

Thays [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Favorite Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

WOD Nation Wrist Wraps

 Available in 12 inch length which is perfect for most women
✓ Inexpensive but still feel premium
✓ Machine washable

I like that it protects my wrist and helps keep them straight. I was told by a physical therapist that I have weak wrist, so this product helps to prevent future injury.

Tina [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

WOD Nation wrist wraps are built to last. They use the best material available and put them together with superior stitching. Get maximum support for your biggest lifts with their heavy duty Wrist Wraps!

Recommended Gym Wrist Wraps

Tuff Wraps Villian Wrist Wraps

 Available in 12 inch length which is perfect for most women
✓ Inexpensive but still feel premium
✓ Machine washable

Tuff Wraps are the best I’ve ever purchased. These have saved my wrists

Emily [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Every time I lift anything above my waist I wear these wraps. I didn’t for a while cuz not a lot at my gym do, but a few weeks back I woke up in the night with massive ache in both wrists after OHS. (I’m okay no injury just tweeked them both) so now I wear them all the time (when I need them)

Ilean [Barbell Beauties Facebook Group]

Quality is key when it comes to Tuff Villain wrist wraps so you can be assured that it will outlast even your toughest workouts! These strong supportive wrist wraps can be tightened to immobilize the wrist, but they can also be loosened so that there’s room for movement in the joint while still remaining supportive.

Best Wrist Wraps Powerlifting

Stoic Wrist Wraps

I love mine – wrist support plus hand protection for pull ups 

Susie from the BarbellBeauties community

The brand aims to deliver remarkable training confidence and incredible build quality with the purpose to build support you need in reaching the next level of performance. Offering a range of impressive 18″ to 36″ options to support the most extreme athletes.

Stoic Wrist Wraps


WOD Wear Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting

 I had the same issues and just started wearing some wrist wraps. They helped support the wrist joint, especially during OH lifts. 

Maria from the BarbellBeauties Community

WOD Wear Strength Wraps offer athletes a streamlined, easy-to-adjust alternative to traditional, bulkier wrist wraps. It is double layered and made of heavy-duty cotton with reinforced stitching which these wraps will make it through even the most strenuous WODs.

WOD Wear Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting


Favorite Crossfit Wrist Wraps

Bear Grips Wrist Wraps for Powerlifting

One CrossFitter praise them in having the feature to ease the pain that’s related to the carpal tunnel syndrome! 

Cara from the BarbellBeauties community

Bear Grips II wrist wraps has a first-class thumb loop feature. With this being said, the thumb loop is very beneficial in keeping the wrist straps in place while you are lifting. It also has a very sturdy Velcro closure that keeps the wrap secure and snug.

Bear Grips Wrist Wraps for Powerlifting


Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

“One of my best purchase” claims one CrossFitter.

The only wraps on the market that are endorsed by 2014 world powerlifting champion Kevin Weiss. The product features extra wide Velcro that offers a very secure fit and has a premium double cross stitching to ensure that these straps will last.

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps



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