Tips to Avoid Burnout and How to Enjoy Working out Again

By Marcherry Garnica
Jul 08 2019
CrossFit Burnout? Tips to Avoid Burnout and How to Enjoy CrossFit Again.

Tips to Avoid Burnout and How to Enjoy Working out Again

There comes a point in our life that we tend to get really tired and demotivated in doing trainings and burnout is definitely one of the real things we get to face as we move along CrossFit. But as a community that acts together, strong and empowered women here!

We are all human and it is okay to feel down sometimes, we are allowed to feel that emotion but learn how to move forward from that emotion; Use it as your advantage to see things on a different perspective. Maybe you feel burning out because you do not give enough time for your other personal matters, maybe you do not let yourself recuperate.

Whatever that is, it is totally okay to feel low but you shouldn’t let that hinder you from reaching your goals.

This calls on how we can possibly get back on track? How to avoid burnout and how to enjoy CrossFit or any other workout AGAIN!

Scale and assess yourself to avoid CrossFit Burnout

Every beginner has to do pre workout routine first and entry level workouts. Why? Of course, girl! So that your muscles won’t be in shock. It needs gradual process to get the hang of it most especially if your body doesn’t used to do intense training such as CrossFit.

That is why it is imperative in a gym facility to asses first each client before the actual training to know what type of exercises need to plan out. Each client has different body types and capacity to take. So, work on what you can actually take and soon, gradually you can incorporate more advanced routine, a more difficult one once your body has enough strength to endure them.

NOTE: Do not push yourself to do all in one time. Training isn’t a race; it is a marathon and that means this is your personal journey; your only competitor is yourself. Conquer any self-doubt that you have and you can definitely conquer CrossFit! 🙂

Have enough rest day. Take a break.

Our muscles need to heal after an intense physical activity. They are tearing and need a good rest. We need to recuperate, so our muscles will be ready enough for the next training schedule. Give it time, everything has their own timing 🙂 It will be totally up to you whether when your “workout day-off” will be; you can communicate this back and forth with your coach, if you have one.

Do other physical activity that you enjoy other than CrossFit.

CrossFit is just one of the great workouts out there, but other than that you can actually blend it with other fun sport that many people also love doing such as: swimming, dancing, running, doing yoga! Or some household chores like cooking ang gardening. Not only these activities get you moving but it helps to be creative too and calm your mind specifically with yoga 🙂 You see, recovery isn’t just about how your muscles are feeling but also how your mind is too. Mental health is always in sync with our holistic well-being

Go for a retreat

Sometimes when we are too much drained, pressured from these trainings, in work and everything life throws upon us, we need more time to heal internally so we can process these thoughts and emotions. To Avoid CrossFit burnout. Go for a walk, immerse yourself to nature, create a playlist, get a massage. Whatever it is that your body is telling you, do that and honor that. But as what I said earlier, learn to move forward. This could go for a maximum of 1 week and I would not recommend going beyond that time frame as it could be harder for you to comeback in CrossFit. But it will always be up to you, if you need more time then go ahead. Only you can know, when will be the right time really is.

Surround yourself with a support group.

Psychology says that whoever you hang out the most with are your group of people and that means you guys share the same traits, same persona. And it is imperative to be surrounded with amazing ladies backing you up, supporting you and pushing you to move forward with them as they reach their goals. I am not saying to force yourself to anyone else so you guys can be friends, let it flow naturally and you’ll find your spirit team 🙂

It is natural to feel burnout and demotivated. But that’s the thing, because you’re not gonna be motivated every single day, you need to be DISCIPLINED and think of the LONG-TERM GOAL. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit 🙂 you are a fighter! So, get moving and go get your goal girl!

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