Top Rated Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting

By Marcherry Garnica
May 28 2019
Top Rated Knee Sleeves For CrossFit

Top Rated Knee Sleeves for Weightlifting

ho couldn’t live without knee sleeves? CrossFitters! Wraps and sleeves are essentials that are truly great for joint support. CrossFit lovers rave about them. Knee sleeves keep the pressure on the knees to prevent tendon injuries and add a level of protection when you’re doing heavy lifts or higher reps.  They help with circulation, keep your muscles warm and provide relief with cushioning during lunges. Many love how they support proper positioning, keep the knees warm and prevent bruising from lunges and rope burns on rope climbs. So which ones should you go for? Here, we share the 5 knee sleeves that CrossFitters can’t go without.

With so many brands and types out there, remember to always try before you buy!

This knee sleeve is highly recommended by our CrossFit friends.  Available in Amazon, many sing praises regarding its effectivity.   Made from neoprene blend material, they essentially help when lifting and doing squats.   CrossFit lovers normally use the 7mm for lifting and 5 mm for WODS.   Providing consistent support, they reduce the direct strain on the knees during your workout.  Though these are more expensive than other brands, they are definitely worth every cent!

“Rehband! But try before you buy. They have 3 types according to the thickness. I love the middle one, 5mm. The 7mm is for heavy lifting and rehabilitation (no agility involved) and 3mm is light, but with 5mm, you get that extra support &confidence in lifts. You also have to get your size right. It makes a huge difference. I can wear both s & m, but m is more my current size. And I also wear the calf sleeves at times to protect my shins and it’s love.”

Made with eco-friendly neoprene material, they keep the knees warm and supported at all times.  They protect the joints, help reduce the risk of injury and help stabilize your movements while delivering comfort and flexibility. What’s another great thing about these knee sleeves?  Compared to other brands, many swear by the fact that it doesn’t smell!

“I have hookgrip brand 7mm knee sleeves, and I LOVE them! I’ve had three knee surgeries previous to starting CrossFit so I got some right after I started, & they have really helped. Best of all the material they’re made of doesn’t start stinking like regular neoprene!”

Reliable and affordable, MAVA Knee Sleeves might be the ideal solution for your lifts, workouts and squats.  CrossFitters are talking about its versatility and how these sleeves help support muscle recovery.  They also come in different colors so you can perfectly match it with any workout outfit.

“I like the Mava ones because they don’t slide or cut off blood flow to my legs  and they’re also easier to put on “

“I loveeeeee my Mavas. It’s a nice tight long sleeve that provides good tight compression up the quad”

CrossFit enthusiasts also get excited about these durable knee sleeves.  Many say that they can’t live without these while performing a variety of exercises especially squats and front rack lunges. Coming in multiple sizes and colors, they provide the best support and compression during workouts.

“I just got Bear Komplex! I love them. I got the 5m. They are longer but soft and snug and they don’t move or smell! I would recommend!! They are easy on and off or you can just fold them down or slide them down without issue.”

“I have a pair of Bear Komplex too and LOVE them. 6mm is the thickness that works best for me. They are pretty stiff at 1st but they break in nicely.  They lasted a year…I wear my old ones for non-squatting days and my new ones for squat days.”

Stylish and effective, these knee sleeves remain a constant favourite and one of those on top of the list for CrossFitters.  Showcasing a design that is not too restrictive, they swear by its effectivity when it comes to providing crucial knee support in doing heavy workouts.

Rock Tape Knee Sleeves makes some nice knee sleeves and are cheaper than the Rehband ones. I totally agree with most reviews. This knee sleeve fits great, providing good support while is not restricting and “is formed to flex with your movements,” quoting from another review. This is exactly what I am looking for and it does exactly what I am expected.

Runner-ups include KT tape, Rocktape, EXO, Strengthshop, Rogue and Hookgrip.  So who should use knee sleeves?   Basically, everyone who would love some support for their knee joints!  As recommended by many CrossFit enthusiasts,   try before buying and see if it works for you. Eliminate those pesky knee issues!  Go and get yourself a high-quality supportive knee sleeve now that will help you go the distance on your workouts.


Best CrossFit Knee Sleeves : We polled our readers for their recommendations on knee sleeves. Check out what they say. #crossfit #weightlifting

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