What is the best fitness advice you would give to CrossFit beginners?

By Marcherry Garnica
May 28 2019
What advice you will give to new to CrossFit

What is the best fitness advice you would give to CrossFit beginners?

When you walk through that gym door, you’re already winning.”  Direct.  No-nonsense.  On-point.  We love inspiring advice such as these from our awesome CrossFitters.  When we try our hand in something new, it is completely normal to be overwhelmed, apprehensive and unsure.  Our self-limiting beliefs could definitely get the best of us.  However, we would be missing out on so much more, if we just decide to give up without knowing how far we can go.   For beginners of CrossFit, the workouts could look daunting at first but with essential support from our awesome encouraging community, everything is so much achievable.

CrossFit aficionados share their best fitness advice for CrossFit beginners:

Just Try

“Try it before you decide you can’t.”  This is one of the most important advice CrossFitters mentioned.  Many recommend to just seriously show up at the gym.  Once you’re there, the rest will be easy.  This applies even more so if you are working out at a gym with really good people and great coaches.  The rest will just fall into place.  

“Just try it. You can scale everything: number of reps, weight, even the movement. You will feel so accomplished after that first WOD that you will want to come back!  Walking into the building is an RX.”

Don’t compare yourself to others

Another important advice is to never compare yourself to others. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself and the person you were yesterday.  Don’t worry about other people’s times.  Keep in mind that everyone has different levels and abilities.  Each one of us has good things we are good at and those that we struggle with. It’s your journey so own it.  Look in the mirror, that’s your only competition.  We just love what these barbell beauties said:

“Compare yourself to ONLY yourself! Track everything so you see your progress. And be open-minded. Things might feel awkward, movements might be tough to grasp, but stepping outside comfort zones is what leads to success!”

“Don’t go in there comparing yourself to others and what they are doing saying you can’t do that. Focus on yourself and what you are capable of NOW. Eventually, you’ll get there, on your OWN time, your OWN schedule. Trust me!”

Start slow, be patient, listen to your body and don’t give up

Be patient with yourself and don’t give up!  CrossFitters emphasize not worrying on what you can’t do now and to just keep working.   You will be able to RX everything in no time.  It is important to learn the techniques correctly and everything else will flow smoothly.  Build slowly and focus on your form. Keep in mind that the important thing is progress, not perfection.

 “Take it slow and allow yourself time to learn. You can aspire to be like the veterans but don’t compare yourself to anyone… we’re all different and we all start at the beginning. Be brave and leave your ego at the door.”

“Start slow! No need to go 5x a week and 100% paleo just to crash n burn 2 weeks later. Sustainable changes take time.”

“Be patient. There is a lot of technical stuff in CrossFit that takes time to learn. And strength takes time to build. Compare yourself to YOURSELF from before and celebrate your victories, no matter how small.”

Keep going back…Don’t quit!

Keep showing up at the gym.  Trust in the process because doing it slow and steady is the key.  Don’t let one tough day or a bad workout stop you from coming back to the gym.  It is important to not skip days because you are sore.  However, also remember to not be too hard on yourself as well and allow your body light days where you take it easy and savor your little victories.

 “Keep going back. You will be sore forever. Make good food choices and don’t compare yourself to anyone in the box. Keep up with your stats and celebrate small victories. It’s hard work, but so worth it!”

“Be consistent. No one cares if you modify weights, don’t finish the Metcon or struggle with the lifts. You’ll get better if you show up day after day.”

“It’s going to hurt a lot in the beginning but don’t take too many rest days or that hurt will never stop. Keep going, it might make something else sore but it does help the hurting to stop sooner.”

“Consistency. The more consistent you are attending the box, the more you will progress.

Track your progress

Results motivate us.  Always track your progress.  CrossFitters recommend writing down your results or scores from the very first WOD that you do.  Keep track of your weights and times.  As you improve, it is great to look back and get more inspired when you see how far you’ve come.

“Record yourself and watch the videos back. Seeing your form is a great way to improve.”

“Just keep going. You will be sore, you will be tired. Just have to push through. Take measurements and before pictures for motivation”

“You will see change!! Throw your scale away!! Measureeee!! Count and track inches every month!!”

Check your ego at the door

“Check your ego at the door. Being humble is probably the hardest part other than walking through the door most days.”  a CrossFit lover said.   We totally agree with her!   Listen to advice and accept support gracefully from your peers.  Do it for yourself and do not compete.  Just learn and be consistent.

“Leave your ego at the door. Stop when you think you may hurt yourself no matter what others around you are doing. And be consistent. It’s the fastest way to see results.”

“Listen to your body – don’t hurt yourself by trying to push yourself too soon! Less weight with perfect form is always better than the opposite.”

Choose your box wisely and find a good coach

This can’t be emphasized enough – listen to your coaches.  Make sure you go to a gym that provides quality coaching and supportive members.  Take advice on your form and then, apply it.   Ask questions when you have them.  Listen and learn the movements to avoid being hurt. 

“Choose your box wisely! Find out how long your coaches have been certified & what other fitness certs they hold. Make sure that the vibe amongst the community of members feels right for you. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to go elsewhere.”

“Nobody but the coach is watching you, we are all too busy trying to get through it ourselves! Don’t worry about what you look like.”

CrossFit Tips for Beginners

Have fun

Having fun always makes things easier.  Take it slow, learn by doing and then just enjoy the ride of becoming a better you!

Other great tips include adding weight to the bar slowly, modifying workouts, not looking at the number on the scale and using measurements, doing more sessions to get a good idea of what it’s all about and stretching before a workout.

Always remember that everyone else was also a beginner to start with!  It’s not just you!  Don’t get overwhelmed. Everything is scalable to you. It’s important to set small goals and then work your way consistently to achieve them. Hang in there and conquer that box, we are rooting for you!

your body remembering muscles that you didn’t think you had. And yes it gets better, one day you won’t get super sore after every workout!”

“It’s going to hurt a lot in the beginning but don’t take too many rest days or that hurt will never stop. Keep going, it might make something else sore but it does help the hurting to stop sooner.”

“Consistency. The more consistent you are attending the box, the more you will progress.


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