Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For Mums Who Lifts Weights

By Marcherry Garnica
Aug 04 2019
CrossFit Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For Mums Who Lifts Weights

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Every year it seems like a struggle to find the perfect gift for someone as special as your mom and I hope that you’ve sorted it all out weeks ago and don’t need any suggestions.

To help you jump-start the tenuous process of finding a gift, we asked the active moms from TheBarbell Beauties Fb group what one gift they would love to receive and added a couple of alternates as well.

Since it can be hard to think of unique gifts, we’ve put together 10 gift ideas for mums who enjoy active lifestyles.

It’s not too late to spoil the mum you love!

Now first thing first!


Quality time with mum is one of the most precious gifts you can give. So, take her out on a date. Maybe it’s brunch at your local cafe, a walk through the botanic gardens, a bike ride along the foreshore, or coffee at the local farmer’s markets.

“My 5 year old out of the blue yesterday told me for next Mother’s Day I can have breakfast in bed”, said one happy CrossFitter


We all know that doing the jump rope is one of the best workouts for CrossFit.  Constant practice plus owning one are the keys to conquering those single and double unders.  CrossFitters have a lot of wonderful things to say about the WOD Nation jump rope. The rope is affordable, versatile and helps kick butt with double unders. It also doesn’t tangle or lose its shape when it’s brought everywhere.  

“WOD Nation speed rope…. It’s the bomb! Lightweight so my forearms last longer before dying on double unders.“ said one happy CrossFitter

In addition, CrossFit lovers just love the amazing WOD customer service.  “After having it for a year, a piece broke off. When I inquired about a replacement piece, they sent me a whole new rope. They are great ropes and amazing customer service! 

Adored by many, it’s easy to see why this jump rope is praised so much. 


Experiencing ripped and torn hands can be excruciating and detrimental to your workout progress. Fortunately, RipFix offers an excellent solution to this problem. Its exceptional healing properties help speed up recovery, enabling you to return to the gym sooner than expected. In addition, you can apply it before retiring to bed and let it work its magic overnight. Every athlete must have RipFix in their equipment bag, as it is essential!

4. Reebok Women’s Legacylifter Cross Trainer

Comfortable, sturdy and offering great support, REEBOK shoes are a top favorite among CrossFit lovers. Combining stability and style, they are meant for intense weight training. They come in different colors and different types of materials. 


As a proud mother, witnessing my daughter’s unwavering dedication and perseverance towards her workout regime brings me immense joy. Her hard work certainly pays off, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Keep up the phenomenal efforts, my dear!

6. TheraGun G3PRO

If your mom spends long hours on her feet, she deserves a good massage to relieve her muscles. One option that can provide deep muscle treatment is the Theragun PRO. This device can help speed muscle recovery, reduce stress and tension, and ease post-workout discomfort. Not only is the Theragun PRO effective, but also it is built to last. You can rely on this device for long-term use with an industry-leading two-year warranty. In addition, the rotating arm and ergonomic multi-grip make it comfortable to use, while the quiet motor and 300-minute battery life add to its convenience. With all these features, it won’t be hard for your mom to incorporate “self-massage” into her weekly routine.


Fitness meets fashion with our stylish fitness jewelry collection

8. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle With Travel Handle

Staying hydrated is important for everyone, including mom. You can help her stay on top of her water intake by giving her a Swell water bottle that looks great and keeps her drinks at the perfect temperature. This 17-ounce bottle is made of stainless steel and has triple-layer insulation, which means her drinks will stay cold for up to 41 hours and hot for up to 18 hours. Plus, the bottle won’t sweat or leave condensation behind. With its travel handle, mom can take her new favorite hydration companion wherever she goes. And because it’s BPA-free, you can feel good about giving her a safe bottle. Although the bottle isn’t dishwasher safe, mom will love it so much that she won’t want to part with it long enough to run it through a cycle anyway.

9. FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller 4

I recently purchased an electric foam roller with four vibration settings, and it has been a game-changer for my post-workout routine. The customized speed and intensity options perfectly cater to my exact needs. Plus, the battery lasts up to four hours of continual use, so I don’t have to worry about it dying halfway through my massage. What’s great about this roller is that it’s made from high-quality materials, so I know it’s built to last. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring with me on hiking adventures or when traveling. I’ve even started stashing it in the car for a mid-errand massage. I know my mom will love this roller, too – it’s definitely going to become her favorite post-workout activity!

10. KETTLE GRYP – The Original – As Seen on SHARK TANK!

The Kettle Gryp is a cutting-edge fitness accessory that can transform any regular hand weight into a kettlebell with a simple clamp onto the handle. Not only will your mom get all the benefits of kettlebell workouts, but she won’t have to invest in a whole set of kettlebells. Switching the weight is a breeze since the Kettle Gryp can be easily transferred to another dumbbell. It’s incredibly lightweight, weighing less than a pound, and can be conveniently carried to the gym or on the go. The Kettle Gryp is so reliable and functional that the company offers a lifetime guarantee. This will be a game-changer for your mom’s fitness routine!


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