Ladies – Enough Already!!

By Marcherry Garnica
Aug 04 2019
ladies enough already

Ladies – Enough Already!!

The other day I posted a video of one of my Bootcamp members doing box jumps during class. She was really nervous about doing them. I watched her think before attempting each jump, but no matter what – she did them! I was so proud of her, I mean cheesy smile proud.

But what is the first thing she says to me after seeing the post? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t “wow – check me out! I’m so proud of myself.” It was “I look so fat in that video!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Why must that be the first thing to come to mind? I am positive that so many women would do the same, which is focusing on what you look like as opposed to what you are actually doing.

I think we need to really start changing our mindset. As women we tend to see fitness as a fix to losing weight in addition to a tool to improve our aesthetics. I get it! I do the same. A friend of mine just today sent me a picture where I was doing something pretty bad ass at the gym. I thought cool! Cool was quickly replaced by “I look so ugly!”  That should not even be a thought! Why are we so good at finding something bad about ourselves?

change your mindset

We need to start now. Start looking at ourselves in a different light. What are you accomplishing? What is your body  able to do? Is it an ugly face? or a face of determination? Once you begin to train with your focus on getting stronger and not stressing over the way you look, your training becomes more productive and efficient.

So here’s a challenge – find what you consider an ugly, fat, unbecoming, not flattering, picture of yourself, BUT in that picture you are doing something that you think is awesome – maybe your are working out, or being a mom or playing a sport – anything! Post that pic with pride not embarrassment. 

Remember that no matter your fitness background or health complications you can still become the strongest fittest version of yourself.


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