The 6 Best Weight Lifting Belts

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 11 2019
The 6 Best Weightlifting Belts

The 6 Best Weight Lifting Belts

Is using a weightlifting belt mandatory? There is no rule actually whether it is required, but when we think logically, every CrossFitter should wear weightlifting belts; belts are meant to use to brace against and support your core and spine and if used properly, it gives your core the reminder to stay tight when lifting or squatting weight that is heavier for you. Therefore, it reduces low back stress by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity. This increases the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), providing more support in front of the bones of the lower back.

We gathered the best weightlifting belts recommended by our Facebook community. These are the weightlifting belts they have proven to be effective and have loved using over the course of time.

Harbinger Weight Lifting Belt Reviews

Lots of our readers have been using this awesome belt; one of the best-selling lifting belts in the market. You can see how they came up into different styles concerning to wide variety of clients. The best one from them is the Padded leather belt, it has an Interior foam padding and suede lining for comfort and for security it is equipped with heavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle.

love my Harbinger one. Just used it again today for deadlifts.

Lynn from The Barbell Beauties community
Harbinger Weightlifting Belt

Inzer Belt Lever Weightlifting Belt

This particular brand offers more than just lifting belts; Every apparel for powerlifting can be find here. Some of our readers have loved the forever lever belt. It is 13mm thick, adjustable for the most support, easy to loosen up or tighten depends on your preference with just a push of the patented lever. Made from exclusive leather, which also conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays rigidly supportive.

I just bought an Inzer belt and LOVE it.

Ellie from The Barbell Beauties community
Inzer Weightlifting Belt

Rogue Fitness Nylon Weightlifting Belt

One of the most competitive brands; Rogue made it to our list also last time for our “best jumping rope”.   Leading manufacturer of strength & conditioning equipment. Official supplier to the CrossFit Games, USAW, World’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongman Classic. You can tell that they are really into this game!

One of their best-seller belts is The Ohio Lifting Belt. It is made up of genuine, “10mm thick, vegetable-tanned American leather; this 4” wide belt offers firm, consistent support; easing stress on the back and helping in both the reduction of post-workout pain and the potential long-term prevention of more serious injury”. It also includes a single-buckle design for quick, easy adjustments and a custom fit.

I really like Rogue’s. Basic nylon belt.

Dana from The Barbell Beauties community
RogueWeightlifting Belt

Unbroken Designs Women’s Powerlifting Belt

A brand known for producing fitness gear and accessories that were of superior quality with a fashionable edge; They make quality belts without sacrificing the design personality exuded in the product. Hence the name itself, “Unbroken design”, symbolizes not just the strength of the athlete, but the strength of the human behind the athlete. 

I love how this brand came up with their concept, and it is very important for a company to have its own vision, being clear on their personal branding and its own WHY. They both have leather and cloth belts made for men and woman. If you are a CrossFitter who wants to exude fashion and style while on workout without sacrificing its quality, then go for this brand! You will love how artistic they came up with their belts.

I have ones by unbroken designs. I love them and they work great.

Ivy from The Barbell Beauties community

Unbroken Design

Jerkfit CrossFit Lifting Belts

Made from a heavy-duty neoprene like material, which means their belt is super lightweight. It is foldable so you can easily carry it while you travel. For someone like me who doesn’t want that too much weight, I am comfortable bringing tis belt with me anytime, anywhere!

I’m actually loving the Jerkfit belt that came in the Barbella box last month

Melanie from The Barbell Beauties community
JerkFit Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt

One of the best-selling belts online, made up of genuine premium reinforced leather, but not that bulky, so you would still feel comfort on your waist without sacrificing the support you needed. Due to its patented leather weight belt, rest assured that it’ll be your companion for a long time.

Dark Iron Weightlifting Belt


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