Signs You Are Addicted to CrossFit

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 13 2019

Signs You Are Addicted to CrossFit

We asked our 75k members from our BarbellBeauties group:

Maybe it’s time to check off the signs you’re currently seeing in yourself, friends or loved ones?

Please add your own in the comments.

  1. You are reading THIS.
  2. And answer this question! love it!
    1. You are part of every Facebook group and ALL The CrossFit Post DON’T ANNOY THE HEX OUT OF YOU!!!!
  3. Reading the word burpees can ruin your entire day.
  4. Wearing cf shirts daily out around town
  5. You finish sentences with “for time” or “3-2-1-go!”
  6. “SNATCH” is not sexual
  7. You’ve compared shin bruises, rope burns, & double under marks with friends.
  8. When you meet someone else that does CrossFit, you immediately become facebook friends with them & they become your new best friend!
  9. You complain about the workout when you read it on the board, but then rightfully brag about it when you’re done.
  10. You have taken a photo, posted a photo, and shared a photo of your ripped hand.
  11. You call your previously designated “friends”, your “non-CrossFit friends”
  12. You decide where to stay on vacant based on the proximity to a Crossfit box.
  13. Your Mom continuously inspects your bruises and asks when you’re going to “stop this nonsense”.
  14. You stop worrying about being tagged in photos from your gym, because you worked so hard to look that disgusting.
  15. You find true enjoyment in watching other people exercise
  16. Number of pairs of c/f shoes and ownership of multiple skipping ropes, wraps, knee sleeves, grips, belts etc.
  17. Google maps shows your top destination as your Crossfit box.
  18. That’s all you ever talk about. You watch YouTube videos about it. You go on rogue and add everything to your wishlist.
  19. Staying up until 10pm just so you can see what the WOD is for the next day.
  20. You wake up at the wee hours of the morning just to make sure you can get that workout in.
  21. You wake up sore but you keep going back for more!
  22. When you have rug burn on your ass from ab mat sit ups from yesterday and still sign up for today.
  23. You hook grip the shopping cart.


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