Top Gifts Ideas for Your Man on Father’s Day

By Giuliana Zegarra
Feb 13 2020

Top Gifts Ideas for Your Man on Father’s Day

Do you have a man in your life that are into fitness? Do you want to celebrate Father’s day with a touch of love for the sport? Offer him a thoughtful present to show him your support for his gym dedication. Encourage his passion for fitness by making a gift that he can actually use. Let’s celebrate Father’s day in a creative way!

Top fitness-related gift picks for Father’s Day

Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World’s Fittest Athletes by Ben Bergeron

This is how Good Reads describes this extraordinary book: This book will change the way you see yourself and you’ll discover how extraordinary it’s possible for you to be. Author and CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron has helped build the world’s fittest athletes, but he’s not like other coaches. He believes that greatness is not for the elite few; that winning is a result, not a goal; and that character, not talent, is what makes a true champion. His powerful philosophy can help anyone excel at all aspects of life.

In this book, Ben explores the step-by-step process of achieving excellence and the unique set of positive character traits necessary for leveling up to world-class.

This is an excellent gift for the hungry CrossFitter mind. Your man will get inspired by Ben and maybe he will find a new role model to look up to.

WOD Relief Muscle & Joint

This is an extra-strength muscle and joint rub. It offers deep penetrating heating and cooling to soothe, loosen, and help recovery for muscles and joints. This product absorbs quickly into the skin and it doesn’t  leave the skin oily or greasy. We know how much men hate the greasy feeling of lotions which is why this rub is perfect for them. It’s made out of essential oils and helps reduce pain associated with stiff muscles, sore joints, and inflammation. Give your man a gentle massage with this rub and help him recover faster. It has a subtle sandalwood scent. You both will enjoy this product!

Triggerpoint performance collection for total body deep tissue self-massage

Keeping in mind the importance of massages for muscle recovery, this mobility pack would be a great gift for self-use after a strenuous workout, which is pretty much all workouts in CrossFit! This kit comes with a foam roller, resistance bands, mobility balls, muscle floss and a massage roller. This last one helps massage back and neck and your man would love it.

Men’s Socks for sports

Let’s be honest, socks are underrated. We normally don’t invest in breathable pairs that’ll make working out more enjoyable. Help your partner be more comfortable on his feet and it will have a huge effect on his movement efficiency.

We recommend 3 different brands. All of them are designed to be used while exercising. Why not get your man these 3 different models and let him choose what fits him better?

Coovan Cushion Ankle Socks: These are ankle socks with extra padding for durability and great comfort. They are very affordable

20four7: These are also ankle socks, they are made out of 100% recycled material, they are durable and breathable. They help with sweating and are quick dry.

Stance socks: They are shin length, comfortable and breathable. The best part is the variety of the designs from comic book heros to Star Wars. 

Ubeesize Flexible tripod phone holder with octopus legs

CrossFitters often film themselves working out. They’re filming to review their technique and improve their movements. But also a lot of them like to share their great personal records on social media. Whatever the reason, these flexible mini tripods with cell phone attachments are super handy at the gym. 

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

Men tend to dislike lotions so, of course, their hands tear a lot. Constantly working out with bars at the gym makes hands pretty dry. You have most likely advised him to use your hand cream, but maybe he hates the greasy feeling and/or the fruity smell. Well, this cream get his hands smooth and the texture is very light and odor neutral. I heard a lot of the guys at my gym saying that “this stuff is magic”. So do your man and yourself a favor (dry hands are not sexy) and get him this hand cream. Plus, if an athlete doesn’t take care of their hands, they will suffer from blisters, open wounds and even skin infection. Help your man take good care of his hands and push him to do it daily.

The Callus Performance callus remover

Men are often less patient and meticulous with shaving calluses. This product is one of the favorites of CrossFitters because it’s easy to use and carry around. It rapidly removes calluses and its compact design makes it easy to get the callus remover into trickier spaces in the hands. The blade is very safe, causing no bleeding and it removes just enough of the callus. Your man will have a strong grip for the perfect lift. 

LYFT-RX Weightlifting Hook Grip Tape

This grip tape has one of the best ratings by weightlifting athletes and CrossFitters. Their reviews tell us why: 

The tape is a strong adhesive, yet easy to remove. It won’t tear your hairs or skin off. It’s latex free, important if you are allergic to it. And you don’t need scissors to tear it up, just use your fingers. The tape is flexible enough and you can easily customize the degree of finger flexibility so that you feel comfortable. It will last and stay put through your workout. It doesn’t slide or slip off. You will even forget you are wearing it. The only downside, for some, according to reviews, is the price.

ShakeSphere Tumbler: Protein Shaker Bottle

What we like about this bottle is that you don’t need a mixing ball to do your protein shakes. The capsule shape does the mixing by continually sending your ingredients around the capsule without getting stuck in corners. The result, your shakes and drinks get blended smoothly and effectively. It also has a slide cap that prevents the shake spilling out when you open the bottle. The only downside it’s that you have to wash it by hand since it’s not dishwasher safe. It’s not a big issue for the quality of this product. No wonder why it has so many good reviews!

WODBOOK CrossFit Workout Journal

We can’t stress enough the importance of keeping track of your scores and lifts. If you want to improve and progress, you need to start recording all your numbers. This CrossFit Workout Journal helps you keep track of your daily workouts. Plus you have space for writing down exercises and tracking time, weights and reps. You can also record food intake, weight, mood, sleep, energy level and all the notes about your modifications or thoughts for the next workout. The Girl WODs, Hero WODs, 10 Run WODs and 47 Benchmark WODs are all in there. Plus the very useful weightlifting percentages chart. Before packing this present for your lover, you can add a note to it with a inspirational quote, make sure he know how much you care for him and his passion for fitness. 

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Check your partner’s gym bag, does he have a jump rope? If not, this is a gift you should consider. Everybody at the gym likes the WOD Nation Jump Rope. It has an awesome design (light and stable) that allows you to master double unders in an easier way. I know that you might be thinking that, at the gym, there are several jump ropes that everyone can use, but having a customized one (the length of the rope can be adapted) will change the efficient of the movement. Help your man hit the records he’s aiming for in his double unders.

WOD Nation Leather Barbell Gymnastics Grips

These are my husband’s favorites grips. He is a CrossFit coach, and when I asked him why he likes these over others he simply answered, “they are super comfortable”. The WOD Nation grip has a durable, soft and form fitting leather. The material that this hand grip is made of feels good in the palms and around the base of the fingers. But before you order it, make sure to know the right hand measures. You want them to fit perfectly so it will prevent the formation of blisters and calluses. This grip will allow him to perform bar movements without pausing because of sore hands.


I hope you have found something you’d love to gift to the CrossFit man in your life. If you are still hesitating about what to offer, pick Ben Bergeron’s book! It’s a guide for thoughtful and useful wellness and success, not only in the arena of CrossFit, but in life in general. You can’t go wrong with this awesome book. Enjoy your Valentine’s day!

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