The Best 6 Headbands for Working Out

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 04 2019
The Best 6 Headbands for CrossFitters

The Best 6 Headbands for Working Out

Weather you prefer either gymnastics, high intensity interval training, olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, having an intense workout , will keep all our body parts moving, and in correlation to this we tend to sweat a lot. A LOT. And as woman, we want to keep and maintain great hygiene. One concern in working out is when our hair gets on our way on our face while doing the exercise; not only it is a hindrance, it can also cause skin damaged or breakouts to our skin especially when we are sweating all over, our oils mixed up with the dirt from the air and once our hair mixed into them, it just gets worse.

Being physically active, we also value our skin as much as any beauty and wellness enthusiasts do. We also care for the overall health and well-being of every CrossFitters. Investing in a good headband suited for you will geared you up completely and pulled up all your hair in your face, for a better performance throughout the workout and of course prevent having skin breakouts.

We gathered up this data based on what our readers and followers think is the best headband for all CrosFitters out there!

  • JUNK bands– Their tagline is “Headbands for every adventure”, which we do believe their claim can be trusted based on what our readers have said. They cater and offer different forms and styles of headband based on your preference and personal use. The best band in their collection is the wide ones, it covers up the entire front and does holds your hair into place. They have medical bands design, rainbow, MLB, florals and some statements bands. Junk bands!! The only ones I’ve found to stay in place. They are the best!”, One reader said.
Junk Headband
  • Sweaty bands– Each headband comprised of velvet backing which comfortably grips hair, while the back has an elastic portion that stretches enough to create a secure, flyaway free hold. Sound really good this headband brand, isn’t it? From the given material used, as someone who loves running and working out, I can picture out myself having a clean face, looking and feeling great while staying active for the entire activity. A comment from one Crossfitter in the group, she said “I like Sweaty Bands. They have a material like velvet on the underneath side so it doesn’t damage hair. They have super cute designs and stay put really well”.
Sweaty bands
  • Lululemon– This is like any regular headband but it does its work! It keeps your hair in place and it is good for people who has sensitive hair so you got an extra care using this band simultaneously; not bad at all. One reader of the group said, “My head is sensitive and my hair is wild! These are the best”.
Lululemon Headband
  • Bondi band From the word itself, you can literally see the influence of Bondi in their branding; as you can see the patterns of their designs are hydro-summer and abstract related. They do have different collections too that caters to what you need personally; you can even design your own! What an awesome idea! Their bands are made from their own exclusive technology, Bondi-Max. You can assure of no slip- no drip, as they are known for having a moisture wicking headband. A member and her friends said “My friends recommended Bondi bands and they seem to hold up nicely.”
Bondi Headband
  • DreShow Headband Simple band with playful designs, stylish! I am loving it! this band is enough to pulled up your hair but I am afraid if you have baby hairs go for something wider as it will cover up and secured your entire head. This I can recommend for people who doesn’t have baby hairs and just want a smaller band, because some people are irritated for having a wider band, which seems like pressuring their head. So, this band is better for counted people only.
  • Maven Headband– Wow! This brand offers a wider and thinner band, which seems like a thin clothing material. It covers up literally until the top of your forehead and due to its thin clothing, it is very light like an air, keeps your hair in placed and at the same time gives you comfort and ease. If you want to be active, looks good and at ease while you are running or doing some active activity, you better try this one!


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