Technique for More Weight – Meeting the Bar

By Drew Dillon
Jul 02 2019

Technique for More Weight – Meeting the Bar

Have you had the bar “crash” on you during an Olympic lift?

Many athletes get to experience a bar crashing on them during their learning. Recently, I’ve been meeting a number of athletes approaching the power and the full lift differently… CAUSING the bar to crash on them!?

Check out this video…

Power vs Full Lift

If I asked you, “What is the difference between a power and a full lift?” How would you respond…

My answer… NOTHING is different EXCEPT in a power we put the brakes on when we receive the bar. Stopping the bar before it pushed us below parallel.

If you’re thinking you need to pull the power high and that is affecting the timing of your lift (the timing of changing direction) than you’re making the “power” into its own lift!! The power is a variation of the lift… not its own lift!

In the same regard, if you’re thinking you need to receive a full lift in the squat position… this could be why the bar is consistently crashing on you. If you beat the bar down then it is going to land on you like a hammer hitting a nail! BAM!

The Fix

Pull to the bar! Or, another cue meet the bar as you’re changing direction. In the video above you’ll see a couple great examples of some world-class athletes cleaning 230kg (506lbs). Check it out… you won’t want to miss it!

Good luck!

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