Olympic Weightlifting Shoes For Lifting & CrossFit

By Marcherry Garnica
May 28 2019

Olympic Weightlifting Shoes For Lifting & CrossFit

What’s the best thing about lifters?  They definitely aid you in your workouts.  A majority of CrossFitters can’t live without them!  They are used for overhead lifts, Olympic lifts, kettlebell swings, squats and snatches, among others. 

“Normal tennis shoes are not meant for weight lifting as they have too much padding.  Lifters don’t have the padding and they also have a rise in the heel that helps with certain lifts.” 

“I just started using lifters and am surprised by the difference they make!! Soooooo worth the investment and since I only wear them in the gym, they will last forever.”

Lifters have made skeptics believers as they ground you during workouts.  They make a difference when it comes to doing those squats for those who have a hard time balancing weights and keep your feet planted at all times.  The elevated heels give you a mechanical advantage when doing any lifts with a squat component such as cleans and snatches. CrossFitters say that these are the best investment they’ve ever made when it comes to gym gear.  Find out which lifters they recommend, get yours now and be surprised by the difference. They definitely take things to the next level!

NoBull Lifters

Best CrossFit Shoes : NoBull
NoBull Lifters

Comfortable, sturdy and offering great support, NoBull shoes are a top favourite among CrossFit lovers.  Combining stability and style, they are meant for intense weight training. They come in different colors and different types of materials.  As they are comfortable enough to wear around all day, some wear them 24/7.  Its height help lifters attain the depth they need to do proper lifts and squats. Made from the flexible and durable SuperFabric material as well as stacked leather, they may feel a little stiff at first, but once broken in, CrossFitters say that they feel amazing.  Many have used them and shared their thoughts on their NoBull shoes. 

“Love them!!! Best crossfit shoes I’ve had great for everything ohhh and also super pretty colour”

“They’re no thoughts apart from bliss!!! They are the best”

“I love mine. Almost had them a year. And they’re still in great shape. Awesome for Crossfit.”

“I have them & they are slick and stylish but also really functional. I love mine.”

“I love No Bull.  Waiting on my fourth pair (the mid top black suede) ….I have the camo high top, the all black regular, and the brooke ence blue splash…..they’re all awesome.”

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes

Best Weightlifting Shoe for CrossFit : Nike Romaleos
Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes

Many have heard and said good things about Nike’s Romaleos.  Known for being stylish and good for heavy lifting – squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches and etc, they make such a huge difference when doing intensive training. Nike is known for being one of the best when it comes to offering shoes that are super supportive and lightweight. It comes in a variety of colors such as pink, white and cool grey and delivers maximum support helping make a huge difference to squats and cleans. Lightweight and flexible, many say that the Nike Romaleos are definitely worth the investment!

“I run a lot so I have really tight hips and hip flexors. Lifters made a HUGE difference for me. I had no idea! I love my nikes. I spent over $100 on them because, well, I really wanted pink ones. However, I’ll never buy another pair bc I’m not rough on them or anything. They were well worth it for me.”

Reebok Legacy

Best CrossFit Lifters : Reebok Legacy
Reebok Legacy

Designed with Olympic weightlifting in mind, the Reebok Legacy is used extensively by a lot of professional athletes. Many like its functionality, modern design and interesting color schemes. CrossFitters say that they provide the needed stiffness for heavier lifts. Its elevated heel is also ideal for squatting, snatching and clean and jerk.  With a lot of great features, these shoes serve as an ideal for effective training.

“I got my first pair of lifters a few weeks ago – Reebok Legacy – and they are a gamer changer! Mine are light blue and grey and super cute.”

“Love them!! Heaviest heel yet and softest toe!! Like them over my Nikes, true to size!”

“I friggin love my legacy lifters! “

“I really like mine. I had the Lifter 2.0 for the last 4 years and just replaced them with the legacy. Mine are 8.5 just like my nanos. I just have to be sure not to tie them too tightly because that makes my toes cramp”

“I still wear my very first pair! And I still friggin love them”

Runner-ups include Inov-8 Fast Lift for being super comfy, light and flexible especially during heavy workouts with some extra movements like toes to bars or box jumps,  Positions, Converse, Adidas, Jane Powers and Metcons.

Lifting Shoes for CrossFit : Inov-8 Fast Lift
Inov-8 Fast Lift

Lifters can be subjective in terms of the height of the heel as some people get on better with a little less height and others a little more. You just have to figure out what’s right for you!

Do you have a favorite Lifting Shoes to recommend? Share in the comments below


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