Is Your Core Keeping You From a PR in the Snatch?

By Drew Dillon
Jun 29 2019

Is Your Core Keeping You From a PR in the Snatch?

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The core is an overlooked area of the body in the Olympic lifts.

A good solid core is VITAL and contributes to three key factors in every lift.

  1. The application of force off the floor and at the hip
  2. Bar speed
  3. Receiving the bar

When the core is weak and not working as a unit… these three key factors suffer.

What is the “Core?”

When we say “core,” do you think of those sexy 6-pack muscles? Well, that is only a small part of the core.

We also have to think of a number of key players…

  • The Obliques (internal and external)
  • Transversus Abdominis
  • Quadratus Laborum
  • Thoracolumbar Fascia
  • And more!

But, I get it… lets keep it simple…

Lets round up all of these key players and refer to it as the abdominal wall. Not just the front of our body (the 6-pack) but the entire circumference of our core.

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How Do We Get the Abdominal Wall to Work Together?

It all starts with breathing… Yes, breathing…

Have you ever heard to breathe into your belly? Well, we’re going to take it even further…

Have you ever heard to breathe into your back?

Often, the concept of breathing into your back, and 360 degrees is new to athletes. We must start here.

In the video above I give a couple “tests” to help you feel this, and a couple exercises to start and work on getting all the muscles in the core to work together.

I hope you’ll be able to strengthen your core and get the most out of your training!

Good luck!

P.S. This just scratches the surface. If this intrigues you you should check out DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability) and our friends at Athlete Enhancement who helped us apply this to weightlifting.

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