How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout?

By Marcherry Garnica
Feb 02 2019
most of our CrossFitters are doing CrossFit to become healthier and fitter for themselves and their loved ones and that is awesome.

How Do You Stay Motivated To Workout?

When we are trying out something new, there seems to be no limit to what we can do.  The excitement is there. We work like crazy running on the thrill of a new goal and pumped with the feeling of being able to conquer what is ahead of us.  

This is also true for fun fitness regimens and our workout routines. But what happens if for some reason, life does get in the way and we find ourselves sluggish, lazy and unmotivated?

Have you ever had those days when you feel frustrated like you’ve hit some sort of plateau in your workout routine or just simply felt like not getting out of bed at all? Ever had those moments when you struggle to get your mojo back and are definitely in no mood to run, squat, do lunges and feel the burpee pain?  

We have all experienced these type of days where we need someone or something to once again inspire us.

What do our rocking CrossFitters do to stay motivated?

Here are 4 things we found out that help keeps them fierce and ready even on the most challenging days!

#1 : The first is just simply tracking and seeing the results.  

They go because they love working out and constantly improving themselves. One CrossFitter mentioned that it’s experiencing the amazing results and feeling stronger with each Workout of the Day that gets her through. Another revealed that she keeps a record of what she has completed and achieved.

I write everything down the same day, otherwise I forget what we did or what I accomplished. I have enough on my plate to remember, and trying to figure out what I did in last Tuesday’s class isn’t something I necessarily want to spend brainpower trying to retain.

Many stay consistent because they keep setting new goals and having fun.  They love knowing that they can now lift something that they once thought would be impossible for them.  They cherish every moment of accomplishment and just have a genuine love for the sport.

#2 : The second is finding a friend or fitness buddy who would hold you accountable, help you keep going and make sure you go even when you don’t want to.   

“My gym is like my family, so not only do I go because I love working out and improving myself but I also see my good friends who keep me accountable.”

They also look forward to competitions that they can participate in or qualify with their buddies.   CrossFit is a wonderful stress relief for many and represents a time for socialization and interaction with fitness buddies while accomplishing something.  Someone shared that…

“If you’re hurting yourself during WODs, find a coach you’re comfortable with and talk to them about it. They may be able to help you build up the strength so you don’t get injured. Set small goals for yourself and crush them. You start to compete with yourself. You’ve got this!!!♥

#3 : Others recommended one of the most important tips of all and that is to just turn up and do it.  

We love how one of you said…

Goals. Friends. Coaches. Health. Fun. Struggle. Family. PR’s. Tears. Laughter. You never know what a day at the CrossFit box will bring you. So I just keep showing up. I love it!

Another also just urged everyone to “Turn up, do your best even when you really don’t want to…those are the days that count!”

One amazing CrossFitter shared that she makes a schedule and then, go. She goes at the same time every day right after work except on days she knows she will be busy and goes at another time instead.  She doesn’t cherry pick on workouts she would love to skip. Another said “It’s in my schedule every day – not an option to skip.  I treat it as any other important appointment in my day because when it’s a priority you don’t skip it! Just a part of life.”   Once it’s already in their calendars, it simply becomes non-negotiable.

Finally, we realized that most of our CrossFitters are doing CrossFit to become healthier and fitter for themselves and their loved ones and that is awesome.   One of you shared that you and your husband want to be healthier parents for your kids and to be a good role model for them.  

Another declared…

My motivation is my kids and family. I would hope that if my kids were in danger I would be able to save them because I\’m healthy and in shape! I have 3 under 5 with two that don\’t walk so I do a lot of carrying them around (2 at one time)…I don\’t want to struggle just to live and play with them every day.

Regardless of age or background, fabulous women who can insanely stay self-motivated and remain at the top of their game are those that do achieve wonderful things for themselves and their families.   They set themselves apart and we call them the real fighters!

We hope that all these helpful tips from our wonderful members will empower you to succeed.  This is your journey and this is for you. Every one of us deserves to feel fierce and fabulous when we do things that we love.  Whatever it is you do to keep you motivated with CrossFit, know that we are cheering for you! You guys are awesome and we wish you the best on your journey.

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