Guess what? NO ONE CARES!

By Marcherry Garnica
Dec 05 2019

Guess what? NO ONE CARES!

How many of you are intimidated in the gym? Do you ever wonder, “What are people going to think about me?” “Will I get laughed at if I do something the wrong way?” “Am I using this equipment correctly?” “Do I look fit enough to be here?” Guess what? No one is looking – NO ONE CARES!

The other day, one of my members tripped during a workout when she was jumping on a box. She was not hurt, she laughed and immediately looked around to see who saw her. She said – “WOW no one pays attention at all, I don’t even think anyone saw me.” THEY DON’T and THEY DIDN’T! I think there are quite a few reasons as to why.

  1. The first is that most likely people are way too involved in their own workout to notice anything around them.  
  2. Second, a lot of people have probably tripped up at some point during a workout as well, I know I have!
  3. Third, people are not at the gym to judge, they are there for fitness. 
  4. Last, everyone is trying just as hard as the next person to get it right. And guess what, once again nobody gave an ounce of attention. Nobody cared, because they were like all of us – doing their thing.

I would bet that many people stay out of a gym for fear of doing something wrong, being intimidated by a machine, a weight or a movement and wondering what people will do, say or judge. The idea that people might sacrifice something that they want to do to better themselves because they are preoccupied with what others might think is preposterous!  NO ONE CARES!

“Strangers in the gym don’t really care that you’re on your 4th set of 20 air squats. Most of the time people are only looking at you because:

  1. It’s a natural human instinct to look at other humans
  2. You may be doing something new they are trying to learn from
  3. Who cares why they are looking, smile at em and leave them be.”
    – Rebecca Clements

Have any of these things ever stopped you from stepping foot inside a gym? If not, have any of these things ever stopped you from trying something new or different inside a gym?  If not, then you are winning! Keep it up! Suck it up and GO! 

After a fall! No one cares!


Guess what? NO ONE CARES!
Guess what? NO ONE CARES!

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