As we speak, Lifting weights is an activity composed of multiple heavy workouts that’ll get your body moving in different strenuous ways. Any garment should never hinder your workout.

If you are worried when performing a specific exercise because it might reveal some of your personal and private parts then it’s time to get yourself a really nice workout shorts intended for CrossFit. Something that draws moisture away from the body, spreading it out, to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric. So, you stay cool and dry.

It should also adjust and stretch itself with any sort of extreme physical activity but holds itself on to the skin therefore it makes you feel secured. This garment needs to move and help you be more comfortable and confident, not make you feel insecure and restrict from doing CrossFit. They should never ride up, bunch up or hold moisture next to the skin, never give you camel toe and oh one thing I almost forgot! Haha! It shouldn’t be see-through 😉 you know what I mean.

So, without further ado, below are some of the most recommended CrossFit shorts that’ll help you keep moving confidently and easily. Enjoy CrossFitting ladies!

WODBottom Womens Shorts

I’ve tried 5 different brands of workout ‘booty’ shorts and these are the best! They don’t roll or ride up! and even though they are white, they aren’t see-through!

Mary from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

WOD Bottom has been a go to work out shorts for women lifters. The booty shorts are their best-seller as the material is comfortable, breathable, and it passes the ‘squat test’.

WODBottom Womens CrossFit Shorts
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Lululemon WOD Shorts

The Lululemon run speed shorts are the best I’ve ever found. Don’t ride up, don’t fall down, not sheer. I like the 2.5 inch inseam but they also come in a 4 inch I believe.

Lydia from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

If you are someone who doesn’t like tight shorts, then this one is best for you! For someone like me who doesn’t care for a having little loose at the bottom of the shorts, this is perfect! I don’t want any clothing to be touching my skin the entire time. It is lightweight, breathable, simple yet classy!

Lululemon Sculpt Short

I know Lululemon is pricey, but I have their sculpt short that I have worn for almost 10 years that look and feel the same as the day I bought them. Worth the investment!

Susan from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

Another win from Lululemon! High waist short, thus supporting the lower abdomen and the back properly enough which also offers more length than any other shorter shorts and has free extra wide waist band panel, built for comfort. This one seems so flattering on your hips, and thighs!

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Best Shorts Womens

I fell in love with these ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket
This is the level of roll up after 90 burpees

Jena from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

This covers more skin therefore you are secured to this that it wont ride up like any other shorts might.

Under Armour Women Shorts

Has 4-way stretch construction which allows it to moves better in every and any direction. Its anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Which not all of clothing brand consider of especially that we are doing CrossFit here. It is nice that they include this feature as we sweat a lot and this is perfect for us to protect also ourselves from harboring unwanted bacteria.

Jaco Gym Wod Shorts Womens

This covers your lower abdomen comfortably, kind of a mid-high waist shorts. Has heavy gauge waistband for support & secure fit. Another amazing feature is it has a Cell Phone sized Velcro close side pocket. This is perfect for someone who loves running and bringing out their phone with them, playing music and stuff. I bet I will love this too as it is snug but not super tight in the leg.

Adidas Women’s Training Shorts

A Climalite- keeps you cool and dry- fabric that sweeps sweat away from your skin. It is Moderately high waist and provide more coverage which gives extra support to the lower back abdomen and allow for a good range of motion.

IAB Shorts

They do not ride or bunch so you won’t be constantly adjusting them. They stay in place.

Dana from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

It is comprised of Keiryō fabric technology which is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, and breathable. Offer extreme protection and enough length, while keeping everything where exactly where they’re supposed to be even during the most rigorous workouts.

Reebok Best Shorts for Womens

Another one that has an antimicrobial feature. It is Regular fit – not too tight or too loose, so a lot of enough air can come through to your thighs. Never ride up and thus wont give you a camel toe.

Reebok Best Shorts for Crossfit Womens
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Baleaf Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts

I picked up several pairs of these last week and love them. 7″ inseam; they have met the running/burpee/squatting test. If you’re not 100% comfy in just spandex shorts, I’ve also worn spandex with soccer shorts over them, too.

Amanda from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

Another high-waist, long shorts. Very comfortable and breathable. They do stay in placed even with the most high-intensity, rigorous, extreme workout you might want to dive in. A good investment for long term use!


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