The 5 Reasons Why People are Obsessed with CrossFit

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 15 2019

The 5 Reasons Why People are Obsessed with CrossFit

I was on a shoot for a TV commercial last week and I heard right beside me one of the digital marketing staff talking about her newest obsession, CrossFit! So, let’s get into the details! “With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches’ people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.” It is a sport with many challenges and trials throughout the entire routine. As well as loads of team spirit and drive to beat personal bests. No wonder why it is very uplifting as this activity pushes you out of your limits and have a positive environment to begin with.

So here are the top reasons why our CrossFitters friends are so obsessed and why you can love it too even more!

Number one reason of course CrossFit makes you leaner and stronger! 

With the right and proper body alignment and usage of the gears, no wonder you can have your perfect body goals! It builds muscles as you burn fats, from resistance training to intense sweaty workouts, making your body toned and in shaped. 

Regular exercise releases endorphins. 

This hormone regulates our body to avoid pain, which also helps in reducing stress and boost our immune system. Thus, making us happier and euphoric! Ever wonder why after a workout you feel good? That is because, our body was pumped, and excreted happy hormones which then in turn also affects in our mental state! Being physically active helps in clearing out our minds and bring our mental state into balanced.

Has a conducive environment, uplifting everyone and intentionally designed to motivate you! 

How often can you spot a gym or an activity that motivates each and every one? In CrossFit, your only competitor is yourself, that is why you don’t need to look through other CrossFitters because you are on your own personal journey, no one is competing against you except yourself. Everyone is here to remind you to go and push through your limits, to be stronger day by day. But the trick here is you get to workout with a team or a partner, both if you will push each other to maximize the workout. The energy will be so high cause you do it with a team! I love teamwork!

Great environment, new friends! New family too! 

Being able to work with such highly encouraging and supporting individuals, you get to expand yourself. You meet people, share values and beliefs and be there for each other when in need! You see, real and true friends can be spotted in an exercising activity too! The CrossFit community is like a family-oriented group, where in no one will left behind, everyone has to be getting closer to their goal day by day.

CrossFit Family
Photo Credit: Lilly Peña

CrossFit Is Fun to do! 

Having a support group while exercising plus dealing with different routines every now and then for each fitness level, is so much fun and challenging! It keeps you feeling motivated and along the way, you might realize things that you thought you cannot overcome with, but with the help of CrossFit, you actually did! Self-growth is not just on the outside, it is majority on what we feel within ourselves on the inside; The values you have planted and the person you have become during the process is incomparable. CrossFit is like a whole package deal, you do not only get better physically, but rather holistically 



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  1. “Mental and physical toughness are earned, not issued.”
    CrossFit is my religion
    The box is my church
    I worship myself
    Skwad is my god

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