Things To Expect In Your First CrossFit Class

By Marcherry Garnica
Jun 02 2019
Things to expect in your first crossfit class

Things To Expect In Your First CrossFit Class

Like many people, I was intimidated to enter the CrossFit box on my first day. 
This is ME 2014I would love to try CrossFit, but honestly, I think I’d die! 
8 Years later.. I’M HOOKED and I can DEADLIFT you, what’s your superpower?

But First, what is CrossFit?

CrossFit, is a high intensity workout and that means you will be challenged. Your coaches will push you.

  • You won’t be babied. (no.1 to expect in your CrossFit Class). There is a WOD (workout of the day) that you have to perform  each class is approximately 1 hour in length.
  • Second: You will find out how out of shape you really are. Back to my goals. My CrossFit goals are to increase my upper body strength. I didn’t realize how weak I was! 
  • Third: Don’t Expect to be a Badass Overnight.
    It’s not about reaching the level everyone else is on, it’s about individually making progress and getting stronger. Every week, try to challenge yourself by increasing something — the weight, reps, sets, intensity.
  • Fourth: IT’S YOU vs YOU.
    When it comes time to throw down in a WOD, go at your own pace. Let the intensity find you. CrossFit really pushes your mental strengths and weaknesses. You can’t blame someone else because you couldn’t lift as much as you wanted, you have to blame yourself, and that is the hardest part. Remember, You’re Competing Against Yourself, Not Others 
  • Fifth: You are going to be sore
    Every single muscle in your body ached, your body will be in pain in places you never thought existed, but that’s not a bad thing. So eat well, get your rest and ease into it.
  • Sixth: Don’t be afraid to scale down.
    Whether you are an all-star athlete, or just a beginner at working out, each workout can be scaled for the appropriate difficulty.Not everyone can do the same weight.   If you can’t lift the RX weight then don’t. Don’t be too proud to scale down.
  • Seventh: CrossFit speaks their own language.
    CrossFit acronyms and workout names can easily confuse a newcomer. 
    Here are few:
    WOD – Workout of the Day. 
    RX – Doing the WOD exactly as prescribed.
    Box – CrossFit centers are not called gyms, they are called “boxes.” 
  • Eight: Sound of Barbell(Music to a CrossFitter’s ears.) 
    I mean, WHO else here love the sound of barbells banging around the box?
    Don’t let yourself get upset about being told to change something you’re doing or you’ll never improve. Your coach is your best friend. So Ask. 
  • Tenth: You will form lasting friendships.
    Sometimes all we need is to be surrounded by a group of others trying to do better. At CF everyday is a different challenge with coaches and fellow members motivating you through the workout.   You will instantly be welcomed into a community of people who have the same fitness goal as you .




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