How CrossFit Helping Women Get Healthier at Any Age

By Michelle Tipsword
Jan 02 2020

How CrossFit Helping Women Get Healthier at Any Age

CrossFit is a great sport to help boost confidence, improve athletic performance, and get healthier.

While it can seem, at first, that CrossFit is a sport for the young, with all its fast movements, gymnastics moves, and heavy lifting, CrossFit is great for people of any age, no matter their goals. 

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Why CrossFit Is Great for Women of All Ages

Many people, women included, join CrossFit to get healthier.

Whether “healthier” means losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing endurance, or improving flexibility, it’s a great thing to do something for yourself and work on your fitness.

Here are 5 ways CrossFit is helping women of all ages get healthier:

It’s Scaleable to Your Level Right Now

CrossFit is infinitely scaleable to your individual fitness and skill level.

If you can’t run a full mile, you can scale that down to a half mile. Or, if you can’t run at all, you can walk, bike, or row. For those who can’t do pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, negative pull-ups, banded pull-ups, and ring rows are all great options depending on abilities.

Every single movement in CrossFit can be scaled to meet your individual fitness level, right where you are right now.

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Just because you see a movement on the board that you can’t do, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show up for class.

Instead, show up, find a way to scale that still is challenging for you, and realize that, in a few months’ time, that scaled option is way too easy for you.

You could walk into CrossFit on your first day barely able to do any physical activity, but you still have the opportunity to get a great workout.

You Get Hand-Holding

Part of what keeps a lot of people from making any sorts of steps into a gym is that they don’t know what to do, and a gym is an intimidating environment for someone who’s never been.

Think about your first time inside any gym, CrossFit or otherwise: There was all sorts of equipment that you didn’t know how to use, and people everywhere who seemed as if they had it all figured out. Chances are you just spent some time on a treadmill or the recumbent bike and called it a day.

Photo Credit: CrossFit chiangmai

In CrossFit, you’re guided along the way for every step, whether you’re a newbie or have been CrossFitting for years.

The workouts are all planned for you, and the coach shows you how to perform each movement. If you need scaling options, the coach can walk you through those. Your form gets corrected along the way, essentially giving you a personal trainer-type experience.

This individualized attention is key to helping athletes learn the proper form for each movement to avoid injury, and giving them the confidence to stick with working out well into the future.

Group Motivation

When working out at a traditional gym, you don’t have someone cheering you on to finish your workout – Unless you count that person who really wants to “work in” on the machine you’re using.

In CrossFit, you get a built-in cheering section. From the coach to your fellow athletes, everyone cheers everyone else on.

If you’re the last one to finish, the cheers just get louder!

CrossFit Women Celebrating
CrossFit Women Celebrating

This community atmosphere, where you truly feel as if everyone is pulling for you even when you’re modifying the WOD or are slower than everyone else, is a key aspect of the CrossFit community. And if you feel as if you’ve got a group of people who want you to do well and are there to encourage you, you’re more likely to come back every day, helping you get healthier.

It’s As Intense As You Want It to Be

If you’re new to working out and getting healthier, any sort of physical activity is better than none. But for many people looking to seriously make a change, more is better.

With CrossFit, you can get both experiences even within the same class.

Feeling as if you want to really challenge yourself on the strength portion of the workout but plan to take things a little easier for the WOD? No problem! You can load up your barbell for the heavy lifts but deload and scale the WOD movements.


If you’re really wanting to work up a sweat, you can push yourself to go harder and faster, or heavier and more intense, to get a major workout in, there’s that option, too.

No matter your age, skill level, fitness level, or desired workout result, you can customize the workout to meet your needs without impacting anyone else’s workout.

Improves Your Mental Toughness

Oftentimes, getting through a tough WOD is as much a mental game as it is a physical one. Are you really going to fall over if you finish that extra few reps? It’s unlikely.

Learning to come up against our personal obstacles and then overcoming them is a skill that women of all ages need to develop and hone. 

While we may be great at overcoming obstacles in our personal and professional lives, pushing our bodies to their absolute limit and then going even harder is a game many of us don’t play that often.

In CrossFit, you’ll push yourself to that edge and beyond multiple times a month. And once you start to see that you’re really actually pretty good at pushing yourself past that limit, it will get easier and you’ll just find another new, even more challenging limit to test.

What about you? How does CrossFit help you get healthier?


5 thoughts on “How CrossFit Helping Women Get Healthier at Any Age”

  1. Karin Podlatis- Brown

    I am 57 years old and have been doing xfit for 6 years. I have been active my whole life but let work get the better of me snd was not motivated to run as had been my habit. Unmotivated and struggling with the pressure of work a friend suggested xfit. I wasn’t intimidated but worried about keeping up- only because in my head I had to save face and keep up with the younger people. I started at 2 days mainly doing cardio heavy classes because that was my strength. Today I go 4-5 days a week and still try to keep up with the 20 years olds but not they tell me they wish they were as strong as me. I would encourage every woman regardless of their fitness level, experience or goals to try xfit. It will make you feel so proud and confident after you nail a lift and complete a WOD!

    1. You are exactly spot on!! I’m 56 and been doing CrossFit for 4 1/2 years. I first went to the gym because my son asked me to go with him before he left for Army Basic training and I continued even after he left. My first 50M run was awful and now I’m training for a 1/2 marathon. CrossFit has truly changed my life and I LOVE my community!!

  2. 57 years old
    I’m been doing crossfit for 3 years. It took me many weeks to work up the courage to go to free trial. The coach introduced me to a woman in her sixties. I realized anyone can do crossfit. At any age or fitness level. I enjoy the community and I progressed so much. When I started I was doing elevated push up and now I can do regular push-up. I started by lifting a training bar -15 lbs now I can do 50 lbs. I started by going 3 times a week now I like it so much I go 4 -5 times per week.

  3. I love this sport! Masters and adaptive are the most inspiring. I am 55, been doing crossfit 6 years. Stopping when I am dead. It’s so important to keep moving as we age. Great article!

  4. 58 years
    I had been sick for years and am finally better. I started xfit a year and a half ago. I was in a rut, and it was the craziest looking thing I could find. I couldn’t squat or run. I loved it. After two months, I could run across the gym, and now I can run 400 meters. At the beginning of the summer, I got rhadbo, which was misdiagnosed and hung around for 3 months because I was still trying to work out. Because of the 12 year illness, I am very slow. I still use the training bar. I’m moving up from fitness to performance next week. Crossfit has given me pride, self-confidence, and a new family.

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