CHAD The First 2024 CrossFit Games Workout Revealed

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Jul 07 2024

CHAD The First 2024 CrossFit Games Workout Revealed

In an exciting announcement today, the CrossFit Hero workout CHAD will be featured as an event at the 2024 CrossFit Games. This special inclusion honors Chad Wilkinson and aims to raise awareness around veteran mental health initiatives.

The 2024 CrossFit Games will kick off on August 8 in Fort Worth, Texas, bringing together the world’s top athletes to compete not just for glory, but for a meaningful cause.

This announcement has garnered significant attention within the fitness community, as hero workouts often commemorate extraordinary individuals and serve as a grueling test of physical and mental endurance. But what exactly is the Chad workout, and who is the man behind this intense regimen?

What is the Chad Workout?

The Chad workout is a formidable and challenging exercise routine designed to push athletes to their limits. Named after Chad Wilkinson, a Navy SEAL who tragically took his own life in 2018, this workout serves as a tribute to his memory and the sacrifices of military personnel. The workout consists of:

  • 1,000 step-ups completed for time
  • With a 45-pound rucksack (for men) or a 35-pound rucksack (for women)
  • On a 20-inch box

The simplicity of the workout belies its difficulty, requiring immense stamina, strength, and mental resilience. It is often performed on Veterans Day as a way to honor military veterans and raise awareness for mental health issues within the armed forces.

Who is Chad Wilkinson?

Chad Wilkinson was a decorated Navy SEAL who served with distinction. He was deeply respected by his peers for his dedication, leadership, and relentless work ethic. Tragically, Chad’s life ended in 2018, highlighting the mental health struggles that many veterans face. The Chad Hero Workout was created to honor his memory, bring attention to these issues, and support organizations that provide mental health resources to veterans.

The 2024 CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games are an annual event that brings together the fittest athletes from around the world to compete in a series of rigorous and diverse challenges. Scheduled to take place from Fri, Aug 9, 2024 – Mon, Aug 12, 2024, the Games will be held in Fort Worth, Texas Known for its unpredictable and demanding nature, the event tests athletes’ strength, endurance, agility, and overall fitness through a variety of workouts.

Hero workouts like the Chad Workout are a staple of the CrossFit community, often included in the Games to honor fallen heroes and provide a grueling test of athletic prowess. These workouts not only challenge competitors but also inspire and unite the community, reminding everyone of the profound sacrifices made by service members.

Significance of the Chad Workout in the CrossFit Games

Incorporating the Chad Workout into the 2024 CrossFit Games highlights the event’s commitment to honoring military heroes and raising awareness for mental health. It also serves as a powerful reminder of the physical and mental challenges faced by those in service and the importance of supporting veterans’ well-being.

The announcement has already sparked excitement and preparation among athletes, who are gearing up for this intense challenge. As the Games approach, the inclusion of the Chad Workout promises to be a highlight, showcasing the resilience, strength, and dedication of the world’s top CrossFit athletes while paying tribute to an American hero.

Community Reactions to the Chad Hero Workout for the 2024 CrossFit Games

The announcement of the Chad Hero Workout for the 2024 CrossFit Games has sparked a wave of reactions from athletes, coaches, and fans across the globe. Here’s what people are saying about this significant addition:

Fans and Community Members

CrossFit Enthusiast on Instagram: “I did the Chad Workout last Veterans Day, and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Seeing it in the Games is going to be incredible and emotional. Major respect to all the athletes taking it on!”

Veteran and CrossFit Fan on X: “As a veteran, seeing the Chad Workout in the CrossFit Games means a lot. It’s more than just a workout; it’s a way to honor those we’ve lost and bring attention to the issues veterans face. Proud to be a part of this community.”

Mental Health Advocates

Mental Health Organization Representative: “The inclusion of the Chad Workout in the CrossFit Games highlights the importance of mental health awareness. We hope it sparks conversations and actions to support veterans and address mental health challenges more effectively.”

Therapist and CrossFit Member: “Physical fitness and mental health are deeply interconnected. The Chad Workout at the Games is a powerful reminder of this relationship and the need to support both aspects for our veterans and athletes alike.”


The announcement of the Chad Hero Workout for the 2024 CrossFit Games has generated widespread support and anticipation. From seasoned athletes to everyday CrossFit enthusiasts, the community is rallying behind this challenging workout as a way to honor Chad Wilkinson and raise awareness for veteran mental health. As the Games approach, the Chad Workout promises to be a moving and unifying event, demonstrating the strength, resilience, and compassion of the CrossFit community.

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