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  • The Top 6 Best CrossFit Shoes
  • CrossFit is a fitness program that includes elements such as running, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, gymnastics and more. To be able to comfortably perform CrossFit workouts, choosing the right pair of shoes is pertinent to the program. To be able to take your exercise to the next level, you need to put on a CrossFit shoe …

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  • What is a good box jump height?
  • Who’s afraid of the big, bad box jump? If you’ve seen the box jump shin badge of honor (giant gash with blood oozing out like a horror movie), you might understand the fear. It does take relative strength and some focus to build enough explosive power from a deep squat position to spring up and …

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  • woman lifting heavy weights
  • The Benefits Of Iron
  • This week I got to watch 1 Iron Barbell change the confidence of several women in a matter of minutes. Men, too, but just in general our guys will walk up to a barbell with a little more of a “can do” approach and they often have less reservations about lifting. So, big kudos to …

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