Sweating, or perspiring in response to an exercise activity is actually healthy as it secretes a hormone known as endorphins; a chemical that reduces stress, boost self-esteem and improves sleep. With that being said, it is likely to know and notice that endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, thus makes us happy or euphoric.

However, when we sweat, we also release some bacteria that is why sometimes our body-sweat is accompanied by a foul-smelling odor.  Some ladies just sweat a lot! I mean literally, excessively sweating; And it’s just too uncomfortable for them while working. In this article we gathered some of the best deodorants that could help with our fellow CrossFitters, and not just that! They are all natural 😉paraben free and no other cell damaging ingredients involved. So, let’s just jump right into it! 😀

  • Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant. This particular deodorant gained rave reviews online. I will not be surprised! Just look how moisturizing and gentle the formulation is. They’re paraben-free, leave no residue, and won’t get clumpy under your underarms, so liberating when you raise your arms 😉. Our one reader recommended this and she said, “I also ❤️ Native. The vanilla coconut smells soooo good”.
Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant
  • Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Deodorant, Fresh Powder. “Our Passion is Natural. Your care is personal”, wow! that one is a good slogan! They are one of the best and most love deo out there! Who wouldn’t? it last for 48 hours odor protection, packed with goodies like zinc oxide to freshen and beeswax to condition skin. So, you can assure a long-lasting protection for 48 hours! Again, 48 hours!
Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Deodorant, Fresh Powder
  • Kopari Natural Deodorant. A coconut-oil based deo, glides on very smooth and clear, non-sticky; Absorbs sweat and neutralizes odor without leaving your body any harm as it is paraben and aluminum free 😊. Such a nice and very friendly to use!
Kopari Natural Deodorant
  • Lume Deodorant. If you have loved Tom’s due it’s long lasting odor protection, this one-Lume- is the bomb! As it can offer you a 72-hour (clinically proven) odor protection! Say whhuuuut! Haha! Incredibly impressive! This brand only releases two years ago, 2017 but it is actually giving us reasons to love their product. Paraben and aluminum free, and the first deo that is safe to use in other parts of the body! And if you are concern in having rashes, don’t worry no more! As it has no baking soda ingredient involved! Yuppieee! One Cross Fitters commented, “LOVE Lume! Honestly the best deodorant I’ve ever used. I didn’t experience any sort of ‘detox’ period’.
  • Primal Pit Paste.” I love my primal pit paste deodorant! There was no detoxing phase for me though. Best change ever next to changing to their tooth paste!”; this is the comment of one reader/CrossFitter in the group. This brand has received tremendous awards including: VEGNEWS Magazine – Best Fitness product of 2013, Best SKIN CARE – Paleo Magazine 2014, CosmoProf Beauty Pitch winner – 2016, Best Paleo Body Care – Paleo Magazine 2016. You see guys this brand has been proven out its content already, this is not just your typical “natural, aluminum-free deodorant” but this one actually works!
Primal Pit Paste
  • Routine. Everything in our list is purely natural and safe for our body to use but one thing that this brand caught our attention is that it is one of the deodorants who doesn’t test on animals. So much respect for this brand! Of course, we all want to look good that’s why we all have this beauty products here and there, but being mindful of our whole environment including animals’ safety should be our concern too! Another thing, they have packaged their deodorant in glass jars, meaning less plastic (plus they’re beautiful and can be reused!). The commitment to the environment is very visible as you can see how they manufacture their products. “I’ve been using Routine. It’s an all-natural charcoal deodorant from Canada. I love it and I sweat a lot as well. Takes time to transition to chemical free but worth it!”.
Routine Deodorant
  • Secret, Clinical Strength. “Clinical Strength Secret….the only thing that works for me!”. There’s no secret in secret; Just like any other natural deo, it is aluminum free yet it refreshes you all day long. It defeats both sweat and odor at the same time. Most antiperspirant just minimize the odor of your armpit however; secret minimizes your sweat flow too! Amazing combo!
Secret, Clinical Strength
  • PiperWai Natural Deodorant. Famous for their stint on Shark Tank, here comes the original as the PiperWai was one of the first to bring natural deodorant to the masses. For better application this deo comes in a pot, so you’ll need to apply it with your fingers, like you would a face cream. I personally preferred this way!
Piperwai Natural Deodorant
  • Soapwalla Deodorant Cream. Made out from the owners’ kitchen herself; this brand makes sure to deliver the best product for our underarms so they even partnered with small farms to ensure that they receive the best materials, without compromising their dedication to the environment. They do not just offer deo’s, but they do also have other organic face and body products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, bath soaking salts, hand and body wash. It contains superfine vegetable powders and clays to absorb sweat, along with lavender, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils to mask any odors. A good pick for me!
SoapWalla Deodorant Cream
  • Weleda Deodorant Spray. Compared to the previous suggestions above, Weleda comes in a spray form. It uses pure essential oils to omit bad odors. “It’s free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances, colorants, and raw materials derived from mineral oils.” For its worth, essential oils have been proven to restore and cure certain body concerns; With that being said, Weleda is a real deal here!
Weleda Deodorant Spray.


I was on a shoot for a TV commercial last week and I heard right beside me one of the digital marketing staff talking about her newest obsession, CrossFit! So, let’s get into the details! “With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches’ people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.” It is a sport with many challenges and trials throughout the entire routine. As well as loads of team spirit and drive to beat personal bests. No wonder why it is very uplifting as this activity pushes you out of your limits and have a positive environment to begin with.

So here are the top reasons why our CrossFitters friends are so obsessed and why you can love it too even more!

  • Number one reason of course CrossFit makes you leaner and stronger! With the right and proper body alignment and usage of the gears, no wonder you can have your perfect body goals! It builds muscles as you burn fats, from resistance training to intense sweaty workouts, making your body toned and in shaped. 
  • Regular exercise releases endorphins. This hormone regulates our body to avoid pain, which also helps in reducing stress and boost our immune system. Thus, making us happier and euphoric! Ever wonder why after a workout you feel good? That is because, our body was pumped, and excreted happy hormones which then in turn also affects in our mental state! Being physically active helps in clearing out our minds and bring our mental state into balanced.
  • Has a conducive environment, uplifting everyone and intentionally designed to motivate you! How often can you spot a gym or an activity that motivates each and every one? In CrossFit, your only competitor is yourself, that is why you don’t need to look through other CrossFitters because you are on your own personal journey, no one is competing against you except yourself. Everyone is here to remind you to go and push through your limits, to be stronger day by day. But the trick here is you get to workout with a team or a partner, both if you will push each other to maximize the workout. The energy will be so high cause you do it with a team! I love teamwork!
  • Great environment, new friends! New family too! Being able to work with such highly encouraging and supporting individuals, you get to expand yourself. You meet people, share values and beliefs and be there for each other when in need! You see, real and true friends can be spotted in an exercising activity too! The CrossFit community is like a family-oriented group, where in no one will left behind, everyone has to be getting closer to their goal day by day.
CrossFit Family
Photo Credit: Lilly Peña
  • CrossFit Is Fun to do! Having a support group while exercising plus dealing with different routines every now and then for each fitness level, is so much fun and challenging! It keeps you feeling motivated and along the way, you might realize things that you thought you cannot overcome with, but with the help of CrossFit, you actually did! Self-growth is not just on the outside, it is majority on what we feel within ourselves on the inside; The values you have planted and the person you have become during the process is incomparable. CrossFit is like a whole package deal, you do not only get better physically, but rather holistically 😊


There is a variety of leggings and yoga pants in the market, no matter if it online or front stores. Majority of the fitness brands and fashion retailers have their own selection — but just because a pair is stretchy, breathable, and comfortable doesn’t mean it can stand up to your workout.

You want workout kit that won’t fall down mid squat, leggings that will hold you in without digging in, and ones that won’t give a flash of your underwear in the middle of a clean and press. So, we have done the work and put together the ultimate top 6 workout shorts and leggings guide – buy any of these and you won’t be disappointed. You’re welcome.

  • ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants – This specially designed for maximum comfort and optimum stretch ability combines fashion, function and performance. These ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort and its fabric is designed to contour perfectly to your body, giving you a streamlined look.
ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Pants
ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Yoga Short
No ride type of short!
  • Born Primitive Free Flow Shorts – The Free Flow Shorts are the new and improved version of our original famous Female WOD Shorts. These shorts feature a fitted waistband that will not move around during your workouts as well as a loose, light-weight leg to ensure maximum comfort. With their built-in liner, these shorts can be worn for any movement you encounter. One CrossFitter compliments that “Born primitive has some amazing high waist pants!!”
  • IABMFG Premium Woman’s Compression Workout Shorts – Introducing the newly improved woman’s workout shorts with new lighter material, new longer more secure cut, uncompromising support! I AM BECOMING (I A B | M F G) is an athletic apparel brand that stands for more than just the highest quality athletic apparel. IAB is a brand that focuses on personal development, personal growth and showing individuals what is possible when they stop doubting and start believing in themselves. #nuff said! According to one CrossFitter “IAB brand has a 5” inseam and they are great!!!”
IABMFG Premium Woman's Compression Workout Shorts
  • Athlarel Women’s Ultra Lightweight Shorts – Some calls it the CrossFitters’ new favorite shorts! Stylish scallop sports shorts, no obstacle even deeply squat. Ease perfectly for intense gym workout, weight-lifting, cardio, CrossFit and it is ultra lightweight and made of durable fabric, breathable and comfortable. Don’t just take our word for it, take their 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days policy and check it out yourself!
Athlarel Women’s Ultra Lightweight Shorts
  • Constantly Varied Gear – This workout leggings are perfect for working out, running, yoga, squatting, lifting, and bootcamp. Made from the perfect blend of polyamide and elastane. It makes for the best leggings you’ll ever own. We are pretty sure that you will be coming back for more after your first pair! A CrossFitter claims that “Constantly varied! Great leggings!”
Constantly Varied Gear


Veruca Salt wants it now – and so do most of us – we want results NOW! How many of you start a new diet, a new workout routine and 7 days later hop on a scale? Then judge how you did based on that scale number – and either celebrate or become completely discouraged and think this is not going to work? And maybe even quit what you started.

Results don’t happen right away – results take time – and a lot of it. If you are looking to make a change – be prepared to put in the work and the time. I do not think that there is a magic number – I can’t tell you within a week, month, or 3 months you will start to see results. But, you can start to ask yourself questions….What are your goals? Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? Gain muscle? Lean out? Become faster? Become stronger? Decide what you want – and view it as a LONG TERM GOAL. Change does not happen overnight. Change also does not happen without consistency, discipline and drive. 

However you decide to achieve your goal, you must stick with that plan – you want results NOW– BUT, did you skip a workout this week? Did you stick to your eating plan…or did you grab the leftover chicken nuggets and fries from your kids’ plate? Did you go to Thursday night happy hour? And because the next day is Friday, did you happy hour through Sunday? Did you sleep in on the weekends instead of exercising…OR did you stick to your plan? You must ask yourselves these questions and answer them honestly.

Results and change will 100% come to you IF and ONLY IF you remain true to your goals and plan. If you need motivation and support or if you’ve experienced success comment below and share your story!


Maybe it’s time to check off the signs you’re currently seeing in yourself, friends or loved ones?

Please add your own in the comments.

  1. You are reading THIS.
  2. You are part of every Facebook group about Crossfit
  3. Reading the word burpees can ruin your entire day.
  4. Wearing cf shirts daily out around town
  5. You finish sentences with “for time” or “3-2-1-go!”
  6. “SNATCH” is not sexual
  7. You’ve compared shin bruises, rope burns, & double under marks with friends.
  8. When you meet someone else that does CrossFit, you immediately become facebook friends with them & they become your new best friend!
  9. You complain about the workout when you read it on the board, but then rightfully brag about it when you’re done.
  10. You have taken a photo, posted a photo, and shared a photo of your ripped hand.
  11. You call your previously designated “friends”, your “non-CrossFit friends”
  12. You research local boxes before choosing your hotel location for vacations.
  13. Your Mom continuously inspects your bruises and asks when you’re going to “stop this nonsense”.
  14. You stop worrying about being tagged in photos from your gym, because you worked so hard to look that disgusting.
  15. You find true enjoyment in watching other people exercise


Does using a weightlifting belt mandatory? There is no rule actually whether it is required, but when we think logically, every CrossFitter should wear weightlifting belts because it has a good purpose for such activity; belts are meant to use to brace against and support your core and spine and if used properly, it gives your core the reminder to stay tight when lifting or squatting weight that is heavier for you. Therefore, it reduces low back stress by compressing the contents of the abdominal cavity. This increases the intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), providing more support in front of the bones of the lower back.

We gathered the best weightlifting belts recommended by our CrossFit readers, these are the weightlifting belts they have proven to be effective and have loved using over the course of time.

  • Harbinger belt. Lots of our readers have been using this awesome belt; one of the best-selling lifting belts in the market. You can see how they came up into different styles concerning to wide variety of clients. The best one from them is the Padded leather belt, it has an Interior foam padding and suede lining for comfort and for security it is equipped with heavy duty dual-pronged steel roller buckle.
Harbinger Weightlifting Belt
  • Inzer Belt. This particular brand offers more than just lifting belts; Every apparel for powerlifting can be find here. Some of our readers have loved the forever lever belt. It is 13mm thick, adjustable for the most support, easy to loosen up or tighten depends on your preference with just a push of the patented lever. Made from exclusive leather, which also conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays rigidly supportive.
Inzer Weightlifting Belt
  • Rogue Fitness. One of the most competitive brands; Rogue made it to our list also last time for our “best jumping rope”.   Leading manufacturer of strength & conditioning equipment. Official supplier to the CrossFit Games, USAW, World’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongman Classic. You can tell that they are really into this game! One of their best-seller belts is The Ohio Lifting Belt. It is made up of genuine, “10mm thick, vegetable-tanned American leather; this 4” wide belt offers firm, consistent support; easing stress on the back and helping in both the reduction of post-workout pain and the potential long-term prevention of more serious injury”. It also includes a single-buckle design for quick, easy adjustments and a custom fit.
RogueWeightlifting Belt
  • Unbroken Designs. A brand known for producing fitness gear and accessories that were of superior quality with a fashionable edge; They make quality belts without sacrificing the design personality exuded in the product. Hence the name itself, “Unbroken design”, symbolizes not just the strength of the athlete, but the strength of the human behind the athlete. I love how this brand came up with their concept, and it is very important for a company to have its own vision, being clear on their personal branding and its own WHY. They both have leather and cloth belts made for men and woman. If you are a CrossFitter who wants to exude fashion and style while on workout without sacrificing its quality, then go for this brand! You will love how artistic they came up with their belts.
Unbroken Design
  • Jerkfit belt. Made from a heavy-duty neoprene like material, which means their belt is super lightweight. It is foldable so you can easily carry it while you travel. For someone like me who doesn’t want that too much weight, I am comfortable bringing tis belt with me anytime, anywhere!
JerkFit Belt
  •  Dark iron fitness. One of the best-selling belts online, made up of genuine premium reinforced leather, but not that bulky, so you would still feel comfort on your waist without sacrificing the support you needed. Due to its patented leather weight belt, rest assured that it’ll be your companion for a long time.
Dark Iron Weightlifting Belt


How many of you are like me and hate running?  Running is just one of those things that either you love or you hate. There is not a single person who just kind of likes to run. When I got into Crossfit I didn’t expect there to be running. Boy was I surprised when we had to run laps, run sprints, run…run…run. Don’t get me wrong running isn’t a bad thing but it certainly is one of the harder things in a WOD. It is especially hard when running is at the end of a WOD. It is all I can do to keep my feet moving and not just sit down in the middle of the road.

There are so many benefits to running and CrossFit. Now for some of you, you are reading this with your head in your hands because you were hoping that I would tell you running wasn’t necessary. Sorry honey but it is!

CrossFit lifter

One of the most important reasons for running is for cardiovascular health. Cardio what? Cardiovascular health; in other words your heart. If you look across the board you will see that it’s not just Crossfit that adds in cardio to their regime. Most forms of training include some kind of cardio which is incredibly beneficial to having a healthy heart! And who doesn’t want a healthy heart? I mean we all need it to be able to do all those lifts in the next WOD. For those of us on a weight loss journey, having a healthy heart is extremely important!

Now for some of you, you are saying, “Umm excuse me but I love to run! So how does Crossfit help me with my running?” Good question! Despite my despise of running, I do run 5ks from time to time. Let me be the first to say, doing kettle bell carry runs, sandbag runs, and medball runs increased my stamina and helped me gain new PR times. Crazy right? Here is the thing, when you resistance train or weight train then when you don’t have the added weight or resistance, your speed and time will increase!

For me, I had been running only when I was in the box for several months. I got asked to run a 5k and I thought to myself, “There is no way! I haven’t been training for it. I will be way too slow.” Regardless of my thoughts, I got out there and ran. Sure enough, I had way more stamina that I imagined and I got a new PR by a whole minute!

So regardless if you love running or you pray you never have to run again, running is so very beneficial! I am right there with you hoping that there won’t be running in the next WOD but we got this! We are stronger than our minds allow us to believe! Have a race against yourself! See how hard and fast you can push yourself! And just be glad that you aren’t doing burpees!

When you’re on your weight loss journey, it’s easy to get trapped in the game of numbers. And while scales are a valuable tool to measure your progress, they’re only a part of the whole picture.. So instead of focusing solely on the number on the scale, look for other signs that you’re moving in the right direction.

Nonscale Victories

🏆Clothes fit better. If your clothes are looser or fit differently, you’re losing fat. Especially if you weight train, lost inches might not be reflected on the scale as much, because along with losing fat you’re gaining muscle. So even if your dimensions are shrinking, your bodyweight might not follow suit as quickly..

🏆Stronger in the gym. Are your lifts in the gym getting bigger or are you able to get through a fitness class easier than when you started? You’re progressing!

🏆More confident. You went out with friends and felt good in your dress. You’ve just bought the first swimsuit in years. You’re comfortable to have photos of you taken. You feel more at ease interacting with the opposite sex. The quality of your relationships has improved.

🏆More energy. You used to take a nap after work and now you can’t wait to get out on a bike. You used to drink liters of coffee just to get through the day and now you’re fine even if you have no coffee at all.Seeing an improvement in your energy levels throughout the day is another victory!

🏆Better sleep. Falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up feeling rested is another way to measure your health.

🏆Everyday tasks getting easier. Walking up the stairs at work without having to take breaks, wrestling your dog into a bath, playing with your kids on the weekends, being able to carry luggage around when you travel, managing your shopping bags with ease. These all are signs that you’re getting fitter.

🏆Better relationship with food. You’ve eliminated the term “cheat” from your food vocabulary or stopped classifying food as good or bad. You’ve learned to make sensible, balanced choices most of the time, but you’re also allowing yourself to occasionally eat the foods you crave without feeling guilty.

To scale or not to scale, that is the question. I’m sure if you are like me, that question runs through your mind when you see the prescribed WOD. 

“Can I do this and sustain it for the whole workout?”
 is the question that always runs through my mind before a workout.

For a long time, I have had this mindset that if I scaled a workout then I was weak or that I would be seen as cheating my way through the workout. I would look see other athletes doing the prescribed workout with the prescribed weight and would feel bad about how I had to scale the workout to do what I could do. Don’t do what I did, because scaling is not a negative thing. In fact, it is built into CrossFit for a reason. We are all at different levels in our fitness and that is okay. It is nothing to be ashamed of. You are still getting a great workout in if you scale. You are allowing your body to progress towards a certain movement in a way that you can get through a workout and do so safely.

For me, I have had knee injuries for years. Box jumps begin to hurt after a while and so I choose to do box step-ups to safely get through the workout and not reinjure my knees. For some, maybe you can’t do pull-ups yet. (Let’s be honest those are hard!) So, scale back and do jumping pull-ups. You will still be getting that pull motion and working those muscles. For others, maybe you can’t lift a certain weight! Scale back to a weight you can lift! Be safe and don’t lift weight you can’t lift safely! That will only cause injury if you try to lift something your body isn’t ready for yet!

Let me be the first to tell you no one is going to judge you or think any less of you if you scale a movement. Even the most experienced CrossFitters have to scale from time to time!

With all that being said, don’t scale just because a workout looks tough. If you know you can do the movements or lift the prescribed weight then do it! MIND OVER MATTER! Don’t use scaling as a way to cheat yourself out of pushing yourself and accomplishing something great! You will never regret getting through a tough workout but you will regret knowing you could have done more.

So to scale or not to scale? Use scaling as a way to progress your body towards a movement or a weight safely! We all are progressing and we all have the areas we need to work on and that is okay! Eventually you will be able to do those pull-ups or lift that prescribed weight! Continue to progress and work hard. Don’t cheat yourself when it gets tough! Swallow your pride, scale when needed and know: “some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping the fact slow progress…is progress.” (author unknown)