Get to know Tristine, an outdoorsy and creative city court clerk who loves to explore. Tristine began her journey for CrossFit as a New Year’s resolution. Tristine turned unfortunate events that happened to her in a positive way through physical activity. Get to know more about the impact CrossFit has made and her healthy living lifestyle.

NAME: Tristine Toy
AFFILIATE BOX:  Crossfit Unknown

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Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

I am 35 years old. I received my bachelors degree on my 30th birthday and I work as a city court clerk. Yes, very entertaining sometimes. When I am not working I am trying to get into those mountains whether it is camping, hiking, or kayaking. I am always ready to explore. When I get some spare time I am a designer and love to craft. My family and I are close and enjoy spending time with them. I have a fur child that is a miniature pinscher chihuahua named Amore.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

January 2015. It was a new year resolution

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

When my father passed away when I was 10 years old of a massive heart attack at the young age of 41, I turned to food for comfort to take away the pain. I’ve always been a “big girl.” But, this definitely took a toll on my health. Reached my highest weight and my eating habits were awful. I was teased and bullied daily for my weight. I would cry myself walking home from school. My grades decreased and to a point where I did not want to attend school. I turned to a crowd in school know as the party crowd.

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I was a full on smoker from the age of 16 till I was 27 and did drink and party. I quit smoking, drinking and partying yet still was super unhappy depressed and stomach problems kept bothering me. Many times I thought about ending it all. I was put on medication to help depression and stomach problems never could they point what was the issue. So in December of 2014, I was looking at pictures disgusted with myself watching biggest loser and all the weight loss shows and thinking of a new years resolution to gain my life back and try to get off the medications that I was taking.

I began asking around and my friend introduced me to Crossfit and invited me to go with her. She bailed on my the night I was going to go. I decided to go and see what it was about. When I walked into the doors I was scared shitless, loud noises, cheering, and weights dropping. I don’t know how many times I wanted to turn around and walk out. I stayed and when I finished I told myself day by day, just continue to come work on yourself. I was super sore the next day but still went back for more. The community quickly reached out and told me to come back. I started 3 days a week and soon I could not get enough to move it to full time.

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

My approach to Crossfit has changed. I would often compare myself to others in the beginning. Negative thoughts would rage through of why can’t I look like her or lift that much. I turned it to my journey and my “why” I now look back and amazed of how far I have come and use that for my drive. I love how it has changed my perspective.

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Favorite WOD or movement?

Deadlifts and Squats

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Thrusters or Running

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

It is crazy to think that 4 years ago I would not think I would have this much confidence and on the road of loving myself for me and actually love going to the gym. I would not be caught dead at the 530 class but something changes and Mentally my mind has changed of thinking I can’t do that to wanting to try to do that. I am beginning to fall in love with myself after hating myself for so long. I do not compare myself to others. It has changed to me vs me. Trying to be the best version of myself.

Physically, Crossfit has changed my outer appearance. People first question is always how much weight have you lost. My reply is I have only step on the scale a handle of times because it is discouraging at times. I have lost 60 inches so far and I am completely off medications. Living a healthy active lifestyle, doing things such as the spartan or hiking into the slot canyons. That I would have never even thought about.

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What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

Looking back of where I came from to now is a huge motivator. I never want to be that unhealthy ever. To push myself and body to challenge it to see what it can do amazes me to drive me to continue. I love the feeling of accomplishment of seeing something I did not think I could even do. It is a feeling that is indescribable. I have falling in love with the process. Our gym does Hero Workout Fridays and these are the ones that push me a little bit more. Doing it for someone who has passed away gives it meaning.

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What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

I accomplished it already was to get out of my comfort and sign up for a Crossfit Competition and did one in April. Be better than 2018 me.. I am working on my weaknesses. My mental game could use a little work of doubting myself.

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Get ready for the ride of your life. It is the best journey to discover what your body can do. Just go and try it and there is a scale progression for everything. Also, watch out your box becomes your second family. The best support community.

What’s your PR /pump up song?

Runnin by Machine Gun Kelly I like anything Rap or Rock is usually my go too.


CrossFit Athletes : Meet the real people of CrossFit! Tristine Toyn
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