When I started working out many years ago it wasn’t because I wanted to, but to lose some kilos. This was the beginning of years of seldom used memberships in fitness centers, boring and rare running outings and the ever present nagging feeling, I am not doing enough.

I couldn’t even imagine that anybody is training because she or he loves it. It was something I had to do, to avoid gaining to much weight or to achieve the body I thought I should have: as skinny as possible. In 2009 I had a slipped disk and was forced to start training again, or my back issues would continue. Again, not the wish to move or workout, but the need to strengthen my body.

Love at first sweat

After my pregnancy and giving birth to a wonderful baby girl I started boot camp training three times a week. And then, one day, my husband joined a CrossFit box and I decided to give it a try. It was love at first sweat. Never before have I experienced the feeling of total happiness, during and after a workout. Was it challenging? Hell yeah, although I thought I was rather fit after 2 years of boot camp. But it got me hooked on. So I signed up right away and started training. This was 2.5 years ago. In the meantime I did my Level 1 and am coaching classes at the same box where I started.

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But what is it, that made CrossFit change my life? It’s the permanently changing workouts, the team spirit, the high fives and cheering on, even if you are the last to finish. Now I need to move, to work out, and see, what my body can achieve. And it can achieve more than I ever thought! Gone are the times of counting calories or stepping on the scale every morning. I only count kilos when I am choosing the weight for my next lift. Strong is the new skinny!

Should you try it? Definitely! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you wear or how strong you are – if you like team spirit and challenging yourself, then CrossFit is your thing. Give it a shot!

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  • Shawna

    Is there a chance to find out what brand that sport bra is in the photo? Or where I could look to find it ?

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