How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

By Marcherry Garnica
Apr 06 2020
How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

How to Stay Fit During Quarantine

Let’s be honest: we didn’t choose the #snacklife, it chose us or rather this quarantine chose it for us. The world has come to a halt as a result of a pandemic; one of the many safety precautions dictated by governments across the world is isolation and the closing of non-essential establishments such as gyms,  movie theaters, and more.

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Gyms…that place you have a love-hate relationship with. You might find yourself actually missing it and the #snacklife isn’t making things easier. Yes, the majority of us eat when we are bored and not a stick of celery with the delicious Mexican delicacy that is Tajín. Guilty as charged.

What this quarantine will show you is how to bring the gym to your house, amongst other things, using objects you can find around your home like books inside of backpacks or small suitcases, a rolled-up blanket/towel, etc. These are creative times, people.

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Staying motivated when at home can be extremely hard but certainly not impossible. Now you have no excuse to not work out, your gym is also your living room or whichever room you’ll use to build up those quarantine muscles baby! Maybe it is time to consider building your home gym Another great thing is that you can now blast your favorite music, no generic Spotify playlist!

Having no equipment is not a problem at all. As stated before you can fill a backpack with some books or magazines and boom, you have a tool for goblet squats, burpees over the object, bend over rows, weighted lunges; SO many possibilities. The next thing you can do is pull up a sturdy surface and destroy those bench dips.

Here are some WODs for responsible people in isolation:

The Warm-Up:

-20 Single-Unders (if you have a jump rope)

-10 Toe Touches (Bend down and try to touch your toes)

-20 Single-Unders/ Dot Hops

-10 Boot Strappers

-20 Single-Unders/ Dot Hops

-10 Active Spider-Man

WOD 1:

AMRAP 20 Minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible)

-15 Backpack Bend Over Rows

-10 Push-Ups/ Bench Dips (make sure you pick some sturdy to lean on)

-15 Air Squats

-45 Single Unders/ 40 Dot Hops

Your score is the total of rounds you completed plus the loose reps.

Ex: 5 + 29 (15 Backpack Bend Over Rows + 10 Push-Ups/ Bench Dips+ 4 Air Squats).

The Cooldown:

-1 Min (each leg) Pigeon Stretch

-30 Sec (each leg) Couch Stretch

The Warm-Up:

-20 Single-Unders/ Dot Hops

-10 Toe Touches

-20 Single-Unders/ Dot Hops

-10 Boot Strappers

-20 Single-Unders/ Dot Hops

-10 Active Spider-Man

WOD 2:


5 Rounds X time

-60 Dot Hops

-40 Sit-Ups (if you don’t have an AbMat roll up a towel/ blanket)

-20 Push-Ups

-10 Reverse Burpees

Your score is the time that took you to complete the 5 rounds. 

The Cooldown:

-20 Sec Cobra Stretch

-20 Sec Downward Dog Stretch 

-20 Sec Cobra Stretch

-20 Sec Downward Dog Stretch

The Warm-Up:

-10 Toe Touches

-10 Boot Strappers

-5 Down Dog Push-up

-10 Active Spider-Man

-20 Air Squats

WOD 3:


Ascending ladder X 15 Minutes

-2 Odd-Object Clean

-2 Odd-Object Goblet Squats

-2 Odd-Object Facing Burpees

-4 Odd-Object Clean

-4 Odd-Object Goblet Squats

-4 Odd-Object Facing Burpees

-6 Odd-Object Clean

-6 Odd-Object Goblet Squats

-6 Odd-Object Facing Burpees

-8 Odd-Object Clean…

Continue adding two reps to each movement until the 15 minutes are over.

Your score will be the last completed round plus the loose reps.

Ex: 15 (this means you completed the 15 reps of each movement) + 19 (17 Odd-Object Clean + 2 Odd-Object Goblet Squats).

The Cooldown:

-30 Sec (each arm) Peck Stretch

-1 Min Couch Stretch

-20 Sec (each leg) Scorpion Stretch

Odd-Object options (it should weigh from 25 to 35 lbs):

-Backpack with books/magazines/rice or bean bags (wrap them in a blanket to protect yourself from the hard corners)

-A sealed water jug (3 or 5 gallons) or a resealed water jug.


-Dog food sack

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who is practicing social distancing. Thank you for staying at home not only for yourselves but also for your loved ones who might belong to one or various of the vulnerable groups. You can also take advantage of this time at home with different activities. The world as one is powerful. Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy!

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