“I don’t have time.” – Have you ever responded with this phrase when someone asks you if you’ve been doing mobility?

Maybe you just thought the phrase but didn’t say it out loud?

Now, let me ask you another question…

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Do you get frustrated you’re not making the gains in the Olympic lifts as quickly as you know possible?

If the answer is “yes,” than I’m going to share with you why you’re misplacing your time.

How mobility affects our lifts without our choosing

“If you can’t reach the end position comfortably, than moving there dynamically will be ugly!”

So you want to perform the Olympic lifts. However, when you take a bar with no weight and put it over your head, you feel very uncomfortable. As you attempt to squat down the discomfort increases and there are even some dull pains.

This will prevent you from moving well – No Matter How Tough You Are!

The nervous system will detect the discomfort from immobility as danger. Without a conscious thought your body will push away from the bar.

It is one of the reasons why weightlifting is one of the least injury prone sports out of all the Olympic sports. There is a built in eject button.

So our only option to get that nice crisp quick lift… Gain the mobility to reach the end range positions, period.

Save Some Time – The Single Best Area to Focus On Mobility

>>> The Hips! <<< 

In the video below I explain why the hips are so vital to the Olympic lifts.

Why do I pick this area as the best? – Hip mobility is extremely important to the performance of the Olympic lifts. It can affect the overhead position, and the depth of your squat. Opening the hips up has a whole body affect!

Also, many of us sit in chairs or cars far too often. This promotes the hips tightening up and knowing this makes it an easy addition to any warm up to get you moving well from the start!

What exercises should I do?

I picked 5 for you to try!

  • Voodoo/Compression Strap to High Hip (in video above minute 3:00) – Perfect before the workout and anytime during the day!
  • 3 Way Hip Opener (in video above minute 4:12) – Perfect before the workout, after workout and anytime during the day!
  • Plate Hip Opener (in video above minute 6:14) – Perfect immediately after workout!
  • Frog Stretch (in video above minute 6:54) – Perfect immediately after workout!
  • Adductor Roll (in video above minute 8:08) – Perfect anytime during the day!

Extra thoughts: Don’t limit this to the gym! If you sit all day then utilize the exercises that are perfect for “any time during the day” at work, home and on the road!!

Mobility for the Long Game

Again, this single area of the body is my opinion. I am fully aware that every athlete is different, but I also realize many athletes have things in common. If I can get just a few of you to add these in before training, after training, or anytime during the day I know it will benefit you. And that is success!

The mobility journey can be a long one. As I said before there is a TON of information out there with dozens of exercises. Go out and experiment! Specifically for the Olympic Lifts, we at Project Lift, have put together a guide of all the movements we’ve found during our experimenting that have the biggest impact on the Olympic lifts and you can find them here: Project Lift Mobility Schedule for the Olympic Lift

A few outside recourses I would recommend are the Mobility WOD from Kelly Starrett (https://www.mobilitywod.com/), Jeff Alexander of Alexander Method of SMR (http://alexandermethodofsmr.com/).

I have learned from them both! The 3-way hip opener I believe was introduced to me through Kelly’s work… and the timing tips I learned from Jeff Alexander!

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