How CrossFit Changed Me

By March Torres
Sep 23 2019
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How CrossFit Changed Me

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When I joined CrossFit 6 months ago I had no idea of how much I would grow to love it. From cardio to strength training it seems to test everything in me. I’ve learnt moves that I never knew with Olympic lifting and now I can do box jumps which I never thought I would. 

Growing up I was always overweight and never into any types of sports. I was more the one who would sit on the side lines and watched everyone else. After having my first child I got bigger than I had ever been and hated getting dressed up to go anywhere because I thought I looked horrible. I eventually started weight lifting at home and then once I had confidence in what I was doing I started going to a conventional gym. That was ok for awhile but I hadn’t lost much weight. That led to me joining a bootcamp at our local park which I absolutely loved. I started losing weight with that and a healthy diet.

But when I moved from a small country town to the city about 6 years ago. I ended up gaining a bit of weight back adapting to the lifestyle change. I had heard a lot about CrossFit and thought “I reckon I would love this” but never quite had the nerve to go and try it out until one day I’ve seen on Facebook a CrossFit box that wasn’t far from me and was having a 7 week transformation challenge so I bit the bullet and decided to give it a go.

I’ve never looked back since. I have now joined CrossFit Craigieburn and attend 5 days a week. The results I have gotten from it are unbelievable, I now have muscle that I never knew existed lol. The encouragement I have received from my box is absolutely amazing and the friends I have made, which beforehand I didn’t have many friends here. I absolutely love the competition, the comradeship, and the results are like nothing I have ever felt before.


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  1. I started CrossFit in January 2018. They were having a 6 week, over 50 group challenge that caught my eye. I was working out at the local gym but needed more direction and a challenge. I was skeptical at first because of all I read about CrossFit, but it didn’t take long for me to learn that I could scale down on everything so that I could do it. I’ve been doing it for over a year and a half and I can’t believe how strong I’ve become! At my age, I didn’t think it was possible. Now my daughter is doing it and she loves it too! Thank you to the best coach Amanda and best box CrossFit Panthera! I love that place!

  2. I started CrossFit in July 2018 – I was 132kg and couldn’t even walk to the end of my drive. I went to meet with a potential client and they had a box, they talked me into trying a class (whilst I was pitching the work to them) and here I am – now 97kg. Thats a big life changing experience alright. My coaches Allan and Nga encouraged me to VLOG the journey and I have a youTube channel you can search “Nikki’s CrossFit Journey” – I owe regaining my life back to CrossFit Manaia in Masterton, New Zealand. I am now a strong, healthy 48 year old woman looking forward to the rest of my life.

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