Here we are! One last workout to go to get us through our Open season and into the post open and holiday party season. What does everything think of WoDs so far? What’s going to close us off?

“Good four weeks but nothing is gonna compare to week 5. Nothing. None of the other tests we’ve ever done.” Dave Castro

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“It’s going to forking suck.”

What does everyone think is going to come up? Repeated movements? An extra repeat workout?

If you can’t wait  to see the CrossFit Open Workout 20.5 the moment it’s announced, you’ll be able to stream live it. 
It will hosted by Reebok CrossFit One with two-time World’s Fittest Woman Annie Thorisdottir and men’s standout Patrick Vellner at 8 p.m. EST and it will be streamed on the
Reebok’s site, or on the official Games page.

You can also watch the CrossFit Open workout 20.5 live announcement from CrossFit Castelnau-le-lez, presented by French Throwdown on its YouTube and Facebook pages. 

The event will feature Willy Georges and Streat Hoerner!

Good luck to everyone on their last week!

You will have until Monday, November 11th at 5pm PT to submit your score!!