Getting Over The Suck – 5 Keys To Improving Running Mechanics

By Pawel Wencel
Jul 02 2019

Getting Over The Suck – 5 Keys To Improving Running Mechanics

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Who likes running? Maybe runners like running? I don’t know of too many people personally. In most sports, running is “conditioning” or a form of punishment for messing up in practice. But imagine if you could make it easier? It probably wouldn’t suck as much. 

For many of us, including me, running can be a chore because we were expanding way too much energy as we run in large part due to improper running mechanics. Coincidentally, a lot of runners do to. 

So what can we do? Use gravity and let ourselves fall forward; sounds simple enough but a lot more difficult to execute in reality. Enter Ryan Speed of IronWill to help us take the suck out of running. The veteran and high level coach of endurance training teaches us the Pose Method and lets us in on several quick tips on how we can quickly improve our running efficiency without the need to use external force.

Here are the key points or jump directly to the quick video below.

Most important concepts when learning to run efficiently:

  1. Body Position – staying neutral, shoulders relaxed, arms at 90 degree angle, hips underneath you, soft knees
  2. Learn forward – let yourself fall and push your hips forward
  3. Stand tall – tuck your butt up & keep your shoulders up
  4. Pull your feet – pick your feet of the ground as quickly as possible
  5. Patience – fixing years of ingrained movement patterns will take a whileRUNNING AND CROSSFITPose Method

This is my no means a quick fix that’ll have you sprinting like Usain Bolt tomorrow. Like developing any skill, it will take time and diligent practice on your part. However, with due time, by applying the cues on a consistent basis, running will no longer suck. You might even enjoy it.

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