This marble is a combination of opaque red and white glass, and is very similar to a Brick. Not only is this marble a rare find, but it’s also a legitimate art piece in the eyes of collectors. Akro also made a single-stream opaque-type of slag called the Cornelian. Lutz Marbles. Lobed and/or cloud examples are  known to exist. Click any marble below for a full-screen image. The 700+ lot auction features a large number of unique and seldom-seen handmade examples. Adventurine is a yellowish colored glass that contains tiny copper or gold crystals that give the Lutz marble their glittering brilliance. This unique vintage marble was estimated to fetch $6,000 at auction, and it ended up selling for triple that amount after a bidding war. So it’s not uncommon for the best of the best to reach the tens of thousands of … Condition: Mint - Grade: 9.3 Size: 25/32" Banded black opaque lutz with white bands. Opaque Lutz Marble – $25,000. There are  single ribbon examples and  double ribbon Text an image to me at 203-209-7076 and I'll text the identification back to you. The opaque bands are typically all of the same color. Opaque - a rather uninteresting marble, but popular. The auction house it was sold at outright stated it was the rarest marble to ever enter their auction house. With this marble, the onionskin pattern is blended with mica speckles. Please look to the pictures for condition. These are very rare. One small hit by a white band. Buckeye-Mellow-Chewing-Tobacco. Medium-high value for antique marbles, depending on specific sub-type of Lutz design. GM2132: GM2112: GM2089: SOLD: GM1977: GM1944: GM1929: GM1922 GM1824: This 1 19/32” onionskin mica pattern marble sold was sold by Morphy Auctions in 2009. These are easily mistakenly identified as type 3 black opaque … Since pink is a rare marble color, many collectors had their eye on the marble before the start of the auction. This unique zebra-colored marble fetched nearly $1700 at auction – multiple times more than what most people spend on marbles in their entire lives. Payment: Payment is expected within 10 days of purchase unless prior arrangements are made. Lutz marbles can be swirls or onionskins. Several examples with red or black cores have been found and these are extremely rare. Very symmetrical line patterns and beautiful wet surface glass with only a single hidden peck by the pontil. Band Colors usually seen are blue or white. This will give you a realistic and up-to-date sense of what your marble … It was also listed in mint condition. They tend to show a mixture of Lutz Aventurine and White opaque swirls. There are transparent and opaque swirls, too. It has 2 tiny fleabites and minor pinpricking. An Onionskin Lutz is a marble that  has  an end  of day  onionskin core with lutz bands and/or lutz sprinkled on the  core. Skim through the results until you find a marble that closely resemble yours, then track it to its final hammer price. However, this particular piece’s artful design and craftsmanship contribute to its cost. Comes in many colors. Usually  the  streaks are  not  as  pronounced as  they To the average person, 10k may be a bit much for a single marble. Black-Maria-Chewing-Tobacco-Plug-Pouch. The color is not as oxblood-red as a Brick though. Banded Lutz has a colored glass base with two sets of double bands featuring white opaque band/strands for edgings. Early marbles were made of stones, nuts, rounded pottery pieces, and smooth clay. black bases are  the  most common of this type. A Banded Lutz is a marble with a single-colored base glass and  two sets of two  bands alternating with two  lutz bands. Condition: Wet Mint- Grade: 9.2 Size: 19/32" Ultra rare black opaque lutz with 3 lutz bands and a single blue band between each of the lutz bands. Note: We have over 30,000 Vintage marbles for sale that are NOT shown here so if you are looking for something you don't see here we probably have it but haven't posted it yet. Click a marble below to see a full-screen image. * Lutz Marbles for sale, Antique Lutz Marbles for Sale, Collectible Lutz Marbles for Sale, Old Lutz Marbles for Sale. Marbles with opaque Click any marble below to see a full-screen image. Mica is a thin, silicon-like mineral that is sometimes used to accent different marbles. Oilie or oily - opaque with a rainbow, iridescent finish; Onionskin - antique, handmade German swirl, with many closely packed surface streaks. New Listing #11380m-1 Vintage German Handmade Black Banded Lutz Marble .69 Inches. Generally this would be considered opaque… Very few of these are ever seen or offered for sale. Semi-opaque base glass (usually colored) is very rare. Lutz Marbles. Black Opaque Banded Lutz Marble. 60 different bidders (on the phone, live, and online) competed to be the proud owner of this marble, and their bidding war resulted in the marble selling for more than twice its initial estimate. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The price range for the most expensive marbles are affected by collector’s preferences, and this design fills several popular niches. Onionskin Lutz features Lutz bands and often lutz flakes at the core. Black opaque lutz with white lines. Corkscrews: Semi-opaque… It was one of the most expensive marbles sold during that auction – there were five other marbles that sold for over $5k and many others that sold for more! Black opaque lutz with white lines. It's a really terrific lutz with outstanding appeal! This is a Clambroth lutz. layer  of clear  glass above the  core. In some instances, the  lutz floats  on a Any marble with goldstone [copper] in it is a lutz marble. Pre-Owned. Onionskin Lutz features Lutz bands and often lutz … Lutz is finely ground copper flakes or goldstone. Black Opaque Banded Lutz Marble. Here are a few from the late 1800s. Labels: circa late 1800s, Germany, lutz. Transparent Banded Lutz Swirl. With 4 panels of color and floating pieces of silver mica floating about its exterior, this is definitely a marble to play “keeps” for! But for, their love of the classic playground accessory extends beyond childhood. A Banded Lutz is a marble with a single-colored base glass and two sets of two bands alternating with two lutz bands. This unique vintage marble was estimated to fetch $6,000 at auction, and it ended up selling for triple that amount after a bidding war. These are  extremely rare. View 2. From United States. Here we have a large sized German handmade Banded Opaque Lutz marble that measures in at .80 inches. * Lutz Marbles for sale, Antique Lutz Marbles for Sale, Collectible Lutz Marbles for Sale, Old Lutz Marbles for Sale. Lutz marbles are prized for their glittering band of adventurine. Marbles were so named by the ancient Romans and Grecians, who played with marbles made of marble… The Lutz, named after its creator, Nicholas Lutz in 1800 in Massachusetts, is the most sought after and valuable marbles. LUTZ MICA: SHOOTERS 3/4-7/8" JUMBOS 15/16" UP: PEEWEES 1/2" DOWN: BARGAINS $2-$35: NOTE: GREATLY REDUCED PRICES FOR MARBLES WITH ID NUMBERS MARKED IN … Usually  the core color  is green. Any marble with goldstone [copper] in it is a lutz marble. Type II Ruby Aventurine and Opaque White and Cream (Images 046-060) Generally identified as Cranberries by most of the Joker Team and the Collecting Community, these transparent gems are stunning in hand, in the sun light and are highly valued by collectors. Transparent color base glass is rarer. Burma Shave items. have a solid black core with lutz on the core itself. Posted by Joan at 12/29/2007. Values for Opaque Lutz Marble. Custard Swirls: Similar to the Butterscotch swirls with a more yellowish brown base. These are referred to as Solid Core Lutzes. The October 20 th Marble Auction is loaded with many key and rare marbles from a number of old-time collections.

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