Open season is officially back – and workout 20.1 is going to be a spicy one! 

With just two movements, it may seem very straightforward. Yet going into this one with a plan is going to be key. First, let’s take a look at the workout…

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For the full workout stands, as well as scaled and age group specifications, head here. 

Open 20.1: Ground To Overhead

Staying unbroken on the barbell is going to help a lot, so decide ahead of time if snatching will be too heavy for you. Clean and jerks are a great alternative, they will just be a bit slower. 

If you’re going with snatches, I recommend the following:

  • Wide Feet. However, no starfishing – keep your feet planted throughout the movement.
  • Play around with your grip. A narrow grip allows you to bounce the barbell off your thighs more easily. 
  • No muscle snatching.

If you are going to attack the workout with Clean & Jerks:

  • Focus on allowing the barbell to spend minimal time on your shoulders. Catch it in a partial dip, and then immediately press it overhead. 
  • Do not sit there and let the barbell rest on your shoulders – this is a huge waste of time and energy!

For ground to overhead in general, another major key is not allowing your barbell to bounce all over the gym – especially if you have to do singles. 

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Open WOD 20.1: The Burpees

Don’t come out too fast on the burpees! You will start the workout feeling great, and may want to rip through the first set of burpees… but don’t forget, you have ten rounds. I suggest you start a bit slower on the burpees than you want to.

  • Stepping up and stepping down is allowed. The standard that you need to keep in mind is that you must jump off of both feet. 
  • Find a rhythm and stick with it. 
  • Mark your hands ahead of time with chalk – this will help you keep your barbell in one place.

Mindset Tips For 20.1

We know this one is going to hurt. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – if you start too fast, it’s going to hurt even worse. Consistency is key.

Do your best to start the workout out with a pace that you can maintain throughout. If you’re still feeling good heading into those final two rounds, push the pace the best you can, and finish strong!

CrossFit 20.1: Equipment

There’s not too much you need for this workout, although I will recommend to try taping your thumbs. This will help you hold a hook grip on your barbell throughout the entire workout. 

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the first official workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open season!