Greg Glassman announced on a podcast with Julie Foucher Four-time CrossFit Games athlete that CrossFit Games won’t have a main sponsor after Reebok deal finishes.

“Done with exclusive contracts” once CrossFit’s contract with Reebok ends in 2020. 

Greg Glassman
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Reebok is the main sponsored of the CrossFit Games since 2011 and runs for 10 years. And since 2014 athletes at the CrossFit Games weren’t even allowed to wear non-Reebok branded apparel at the competition.

All of the sponsorship opportunities change now, and I’m looking for a two or three year moratorium on title sponsorship, the highest level. When the Reebok thing is done, there’s not gonna be another shoe company that sits in that position again. We’re done with exclusive contracts. I like where we’re going.

Greg Glassman

You can watch the entire podcast here:

Insightful interview with Greg Glassman