Success Story Of People Doing CrossFit®:Kayce Grant

By Marcherry Garnica
Jul 01 2019
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Success Story Of People Doing CrossFit®:Kayce Grant

Check out Kayce, a family-oriented CrossFit mom who started her CrossFit workout 18 months ago. Kayce is highly driven and a competitive person. She can’t wait to make her physical activity up to another level and be more empowered! Check her out, here!


Kayce Grant

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Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m 26, mom of 18-month old baby boy named Ranger, and married for almost 10 years.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit 18 months ago. 

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

I was doing commercial gym lifting. I walked into a local box and signed up. 

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

At first, all I wanted to do was get through the workout. Now, I aim to be faster or lift heavier than everyone else. My competitive side went into overdrive. 

Favorite WOD or movement?

Pull ups is my favorite.  

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Wall balls is my least favorite.

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

Everything! I am so proud of not only how my body looks but how strong it is. It’s empowering as a woman. 


What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

Music inspires me. 

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

Muscle ups! 

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Just do it. It’s gonna hurt and you’re going to be intimidated, but it’s so worth!!!

What’s your PR /pump up song?

Gangsta rap! 

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