Get to know Tristine, an outdoorsy and creative city court clerk who loves to explore. Tristine began her journey for CrossFit as a New Year’s resolution. Tristine turned unfortunate events that happened to her in a positive way through physical activity. Get to know more about the impact CrossFit has made and her healthy living lifestyle.

NAME: Tristine Toy
AFFILIATE BOX:  Crossfit Unknown

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

I am 35 years old. I received my bachelors degree on my 30th birthday and I work as a city court clerk. Yes, very entertaining sometimes. When I am not working I am trying to get into those mountains whether it is camping, hiking, or kayaking. I am always ready to explore. When I get some spare time I am a designer and love to craft. My family and I are close and enjoy spending time with them. I have a fur child that is a miniature pinscher chihuahua named Amore.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

January 2015. It was a new year resolution

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

When my father passed away when I was 10 years old of a massive heart attack at the young age of 41, I turned to food for comfort to take away the pain. I’ve always been a “big girl.” But, this definitely took a toll on my health. Reached my highest weight and my eating habits were awful. I was teased and bullied daily for my weight. I would cry myself walking home from school. My grades decreased and to a point where I did not want to attend school. I turned to a crowd in school know as the party crowd.

I was a full on smoker from the age of 16 till I was 27 and did drink and party. I quit smoking, drinking and partying yet still was super unhappy depressed and stomach problems kept bothering me. Many times I thought about ending it all. I was put on medication to help depression and stomach problems never could they point what was the issue. So in December of 2014, I was looking at pictures disgusted with myself watching biggest loser and all the weight loss shows and thinking of a new years resolution to gain my life back and try to get off the medications that I was taking.

I began asking around and my friend introduced me to Crossfit and invited me to go with her. She bailed on my the night I was going to go. I decided to go and see what it was about. When I walked into the doors I was scared shitless, loud noises, cheering, and weights dropping. I don’t know how many times I wanted to turn around and walk out. I stayed and when I finished I told myself day by day, just continue to come work on yourself. I was super sore the next day but still went back for more. The community quickly reached out and told me to come back. I started 3 days a week and soon I could not get enough to move it to full time.

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

My approach to Crossfit has changed. I would often compare myself to others in the beginning. Negative thoughts would rage through of why can’t I look like her or lift that much. I turned it to my journey and my “why” I now look back and amazed of how far I have come and use that for my drive. I love how it has changed my perspective.

Favorite WOD or movement?

Deadlifts and Squats

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Thrusters or Running

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

It is crazy to think that 4 years ago I would not think I would have this much confidence and on the road of loving myself for me and actually love going to the gym. I would not be caught dead at the 530 class but something changes and Mentally my mind has changed of thinking I can’t do that to wanting to try to do that. I am beginning to fall in love with myself after hating myself for so long. I do not compare myself to others. It has changed to me vs me. Trying to be the best version of myself.

Physically, Crossfit has changed my outer appearance. People first question is always how much weight have you lost. My reply is I have only step on the scale a handle of times because it is discouraging at times. I have lost 60 inches so far and I am completely off medications. Living a healthy active lifestyle, doing things such as the spartan or hiking into the slot canyons. That I would have never even thought about.

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

Looking back of where I came from to now is a huge motivator. I never want to be that unhealthy ever. To push myself and body to challenge it to see what it can do amazes me to drive me to continue. I love the feeling of accomplishment of seeing something I did not think I could even do. It is a feeling that is indescribable. I have falling in love with the process. Our gym does Hero Workout Fridays and these are the ones that push me a little bit more. Doing it for someone who has passed away gives it meaning.

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

I accomplished it already was to get out of my comfort and sign up for a Crossfit Competition and did one in April. Be better than 2018 me.. I am working on my weaknesses. My mental game could use a little work of doubting myself.

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Get ready for the ride of your life. It is the best journey to discover what your body can do. Just go and try it and there is a scale progression for everything. Also, watch out your box becomes your second family. The best support community.

What’s your PR /pump up song?

Runnin by Machine Gun Kelly I like anything Rap or Rock is usually my go too.


CrossFit Athletes : Meet the real people of CrossFit! Tristine Toyn

Who couldn’t live without knee sleeves? CrossFitters! Wraps and sleeves are essentials that are truly great for joint support. CrossFit lovers rave about them. Knee sleeves keep the pressure on the knees to prevent tendon injuries and add a level of protection when you’re doing heavy lifts or higher reps.  They help with circulation, keep your muscles warm and provide relief with cushioning during lunges. Many love how they support proper positioning, keep the knees warm and prevent bruising from lunges and rope burns on rope climbs. So which ones should you go for? Here, we share the 5 knee sleeves that CrossFitters can’t go without.

With so many brands and types out there, remember to always try before you buy!

This knee sleeve is highly recommended by our CrossFit friends.  Available in Amazon, many sing praises regarding its effectivity.   Made from neoprene blend material, they essentially help when lifting and doing squats.   CrossFit lovers normally use the 7mm for lifting and 5 mm for WODS.   Providing consistent support, they reduce the direct strain on the knees during your workout.  Though these are more expensive than other brands, they are definitely worth every cent!

“Rehband! But try before you buy. They have 3 types according to the thickness. I love the middle one, 5mm. The 7mm is for heavy lifting and rehabilitation (no agility involved) and 3mm is light, but with 5mm, you get that extra support &confidence in lifts. You also have to get your size right. It makes a huge difference. I can wear both s & m, but m is more my current size. And I also wear the calf sleeves at times to protect my shins and it’s love.”

Made with eco-friendly neoprene material, they keep the knees warm and supported at all times.  They protect the joints, help reduce the risk of injury and help stabilize your movements while delivering comfort and flexibility. What’s another great thing about these knee sleeves?  Compared to other brands, many swear by the fact that it doesn’t smell!

“I have Workt brand 7mm knee sleeves, and I LOVE them! I’ve had three knee surgeries previous to starting CrossFit so I got some right after I started, & they have really helped. Best of all the material they’re made of doesn’t start stinking like regular neoprene!”

Reliable and affordable, MAVA Knee Sleeves might be the ideal solution for your lifts, workouts and squats.  CrossFitters are talking about its versatility and how these sleeves help support muscle recovery.  They also come in different colors so you can perfectly match it with any workout outfit.

“I like the Mava ones because they don’t slide or cut off blood flow to my legs 😂 and they’re also easier to put on “

“I loveeeeee my Mavas. It’s a nice tight long sleeve that provides good tight compression up the quad”

CrossFit enthusiasts also get excited about these durable knee sleeves.  Many say that they can’t live without these while performing a variety of exercises especially squats and front rack lunges. Coming in multiple sizes and colors, they provide the best support and compression during workouts.

“I just got Bear Komplex! I love them. I got the 5m. They are longer but soft and snug and they don’t move or smell! I would recommend!! They are easy on and off or you can just fold them down or slide them down without issue.”

“I have a pair of Bear Komplex too and LOVE them. 6mm is the thickness that works best for me. They are pretty stiff at 1st but they break in nicely.  They lasted a year…I wear my old ones for non-squatting days and my new ones for squat days.”

Stylish and effective, these knee sleeves remain a constant favourite and one of those on top of the list for CrossFitters.  Showcasing a design that is not too restrictive, they swear by its effectivity when it comes to providing crucial knee support in doing heavy workouts.

WOD Nation Knee Sleeves makes some nice knee sleeves and are cheaper than the Rehband ones. I totally agree with most reviews. This knee sleeve fits great, providing good support while is not restricting and “is formed to flex with your movements,” quoting from another review. This is exactly what I am looking for and it does exactly what I am expected.

Runner-ups include KT tape, Rocktape, EXO, Strengthshop, Rogue and Hookgrip.  So who should use knee sleeves?   Basically, everyone who would love some support for their knee joints!  As recommended by many CrossFit enthusiasts,   try before buying and see if it works for you. Eliminate those pesky knee issues!  Go and get yourself a high-quality supportive knee sleeve now that will help you go the distance on your workouts.


Best CrossFit Knee Sleeves : We polled our readers for their recommendations on knee sleeves. Check out what they say. #crossfit #weightlifting

“When you walk through that gym door, you’re already winning.”  Direct.  No-nonsense.  On-point.  We love inspiring advice such as these from our awesome CrossFitters.  When we try our hand in something new, it is completely normal to be overwhelmed, apprehensive and unsure.  Our self-limiting beliefs could definitely get the best of us.  However, we would be missing out on so much more, if we just decide to give up without knowing how far we can go.   For beginners of CrossFit, the workouts could look daunting at first but with essential support from our awesome encouraging community, everything is so much achievable.

CrossFit aficionados share their best fitness advice for CrossFit beginners:

Just Try

“Try it before you decide you can’t.”  This is one of the most important advice CrossFitters mentioned.  Many recommend to just seriously show up at the gym.  Once you’re there, the rest will be easy.  This applies even more so if you are working out at a gym with really good people and great coaches.  The rest will just fall into place.  

“Just try it. You can scale everything: number of reps, weight, even the movement. You will feel so accomplished after that first WOD that you will want to come back!  Walking into the building is an RX.”

Don’t compare yourself to others

Another important advice is to never compare yourself to others. The only person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself and the person you were yesterday.  Don’t worry about other people’s times.  Keep in mind that everyone has different levels and abilities.  Each one of us has good things we are good at and those that we struggle with. It’s your journey so own it.  Look in the mirror, that’s your only competition.  We just love what these barbell beauties said:

“Compare yourself to ONLY yourself! Track everything so you see your progress. And be open-minded. Things might feel awkward, movements might be tough to grasp, but stepping outside comfort zones is what leads to success!”

“Don’t go in there comparing yourself to others and what they are doing saying you can’t do that. Focus on yourself and what you are capable of NOW. Eventually, you’ll get there, on your OWN time, your OWN schedule. Trust me!”

Start slow, be patient, listen to your body and don’t give up

Be patient with yourself and don’t give up!  CrossFitters emphasize not worrying on what you can’t do now and to just keep working.   You will be able to RX everything in no time.  It is important to learn the techniques correctly and everything else will flow smoothly.  Build slowly and focus on your form. Keep in mind that the important thing is progress, not perfection.

 “Take it slow and allow yourself time to learn. You can aspire to be like the veterans but don’t compare yourself to anyone… we’re all different and we all start at the beginning. Be brave and leave your ego at the door.”

“Start slow! No need to go 5x a week and 100% paleo just to crash n burn 2 weeks later. Sustainable changes take time.”

“Be patient. There is a lot of technical stuff in CrossFit that takes time to learn. And strength takes time to build. Compare yourself to YOURSELF from before and celebrate your victories, no matter how small.”

Keep going back…Don’t quit!

Keep showing up at the gym.  Trust in the process because doing it slow and steady is the key.  Don’t let one tough day or a bad workout stop you from coming back to the gym.  It is important to not skip days because you are sore.  However, also remember to not be too hard on yourself as well and allow your body light days where you take it easy and savor your little victories.

 “Keep going back. You will be sore forever. Make good food choices and don’t compare yourself to anyone in the box. Keep up with your stats and celebrate small victories. It’s hard work, but so worth it!”

“Be consistent. No one cares if you modify weights, don’t finish the Metcon or struggle with the lifts. You’ll get better if you show up day after day.”

“It’s going to hurt a lot in the beginning but don’t take too many rest days or that hurt will never stop. Keep going, it might make something else sore but it does help the hurting to stop sooner.”

“Consistency. The more consistent you are attending the box, the more you will progress.

Track your progress

Results motivate us.  Always track your progress.  CrossFitters recommend writing down your results or scores from the very first WOD that you do.  Keep track of your weights and times.  As you improve, it is great to look back and get more inspired when you see how far you’ve come.

“Record yourself and watch the videos back. Seeing your form is a great way to improve.”

“Just keep going. You will be sore, you will be tired. Just have to push through. Take measurements and before pictures for motivation”

“You will see change!! Throw your scale away!! Measureeee!! Count and track inches every month!!”

Check your ego at the door

“Check your ego at the door. Being humble is probably the hardest part other than walking through the door most days.”  a CrossFit lover said.   We totally agree with her!   Listen to advice and accept support gracefully from your peers.  Do it for yourself and do not compete.  Just learn and be consistent.

“Leave your ego at the door. Stop when you think you may hurt yourself no matter what others around you are doing. And be consistent. It’s the fastest way to see results.”

“Listen to your body – don’t hurt yourself by trying to push yourself too soon! Less weight with perfect form is always better than the opposite.”

Choose your box wisely and find a good coach

This can’t be emphasized enough – listen to your coaches.  Make sure you go to a gym that provides quality coaching and supportive members.  Take advice on your form and then, apply it.   Ask questions when you have them.  Listen and learn the movements to avoid being hurt. 

“Choose your box wisely! Find out how long your coaches have been certified & what other fitness certs they hold. Make sure that the vibe amongst the community of members feels right for you. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to go elsewhere.”

“Nobody but the coach is watching you, we are all too busy trying to get through it ourselves! Don’t worry about what you look like.”

CrossFit Tips for Beginners

Have fun

Having fun always makes things easier.  Take it slow, learn by doing and then just enjoy the ride of becoming a better you!

Other great tips include adding weight to the bar slowly, modifying workouts, not looking at the number on the scale and using measurements, doing more sessions to get a good idea of what it’s all about and stretching before a workout.

Always remember that everyone else was also a beginner to start with!  It’s not just you!  Don’t get overwhelmed. Everything is scalable to you. It’s important to set small goals and then work your way consistently to achieve them. Hang in there and conquer that box, we are rooting for you!

your body remembering muscles that you didn’t think you had. And yes it gets better, one day you won’t get super sore after every workout!”

“It’s going to hurt a lot in the beginning but don’t take too many rest days or that hurt will never stop. Keep going, it might make something else sore but it does help the hurting to stop sooner.”

“Consistency. The more consistent you are attending the box, the more you will progress.


CrossFit Tips : Everyone starts at the beginning. Find out how to properly start your CrossFit journey

Oh that anxiety

You know, the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you’re stepping up to heavy weight.

We all feel it… however, it doesn’t affect us all in the same way.

If you know you’ve missed a lift due to fear, or you feel that fear hampers your training than this video is for you!


Fear in the sport of weightlifting is very common at all levels. In new athletes it can be rampant at any weight, even just the bar.

Typically, I hear things like… “I’m afraid I’m going to hit myself in the face.” Or, “What if I don’t do it correctly?”

Remember, those comments are being said by brand new athletes to the Olympic lifts with training bars in their hands. One is a physical fear, and the other is the fear of making a mistake. Both hold us back in training.

Fear can take many different forms. Here are some of the most common signs of fear.


  • Example thought – “Will I ever get better?”


  • Example thought – “When I get to this weight things always breakdown…”


  • Example feeling – The pit of the stomach pang


  • Example thought – “What if I don’t do this correctly?”

There are many more, but I hope you get my point. Now lets look at some things we can do to overcome these fears.


  1. KNOW HOW TO MISS You’d be amazed at how much better a new athlete will move when you show them that they can miss and be ok. Take the moment to practice how to miss. It seems weird but especially when we’re new to these lifts it can make all the difference.
  2. BREAKDOWN THE MOVEMENT  Two example exercises here would be the “Snatch Balance” and “Jerk Balance.” Going overhead with a barbell can be intimidating, but taking time to work the positions overhead to build confidence can help. Remember, both of these exercises can help with technical aspects of the lift, but here we’re using them for confidence.
  3. REPETITIONS There is no getting around good ol’ fashion work. We have to put our reps in and face our fear. Overtime the fear may still be there you’ll just be able to tune it out.


The self-doubt and negative talk that happens when we get to heavy weight is a form of fear. Here is the thing… You’re responsible for it! Not your coach, not your environment… You.

To get through this obstacle you need to work on your mental game. Step one is being aware of it… What thoughts are running through your head as you get to heavier weight? How are you approaching the bar? Is there a difference between what you’re doing with lighter weight?

Once you’re aware of your thoughts and the difference in your approach… It won’t be cured automatically! You have to actively work to be aware of the thought then step away and change the thought… this can take months! 2012 Olympian Holley Mangold talks about this exact process in the video below.


Fear in weightlifting is normal, and it is part of the training. As with your body, your mind will get stronger if you put in the work. Just remember… the fear doesn’t go away… you’ll just be able to work through it.


Weightlifting Tips : Discover 3 key ideas to overcome fear while weightlifting

What’s the best thing about lifters?  They definitely aid you in your workouts.  A majority of CrossFitters can’t live without them!  They are used for overhead lifts, Olympic lifts, kettlebell swings, squats and snatches, among others. 

“Normal tennis shoes are not meant for weight lifting as they have too much padding.  Lifters don’t have the padding and they also have a rise in the heel that helps with certain lifts.” 

“I just started using lifters and am surprised by the difference they make!! Soooooo worth the investment and since I only wear them in the gym, they will last forever.”

Lifters have made skeptics believers as they ground you during workouts.  They make a difference when it comes to doing those squats for those who have a hard time balancing weights and keep your feet planted at all times.  The elevated heels give you a mechanical advantage when doing any lifts with a squat component such as cleans and snatches. CrossFitters say that these are the best investment they’ve ever made when it comes to gym gear.  Find out which lifters they recommend, get yours now and be surprised by the difference. They definitely take things to the next level!

NoBull Lifters

Comfortable, sturdy and offering great support, NoBull shoes are a top favourite among CrossFit lovers.  Combining stability and style, they are meant for intense weight training. They come in different colors and different types of materials.  As they are comfortable enough to wear around all day, some wear them 24/7.  Its height help lifters attain the depth they need to do proper lifts and squats. Made from the flexible and durable SuperFabric material as well as stacked leather, they may feel a little stiff at first, but once broken in, CrossFitters say that they feel amazing.  Many have used them and shared their thoughts on their NoBull shoes. 

“Love them!!! Best crossfit shoes I’ve had great for everything ohhh and also super pretty colour”

“They’re no thoughts apart from bliss!!! They are the best”

“I love mine. Almost had them a year. And they’re still in great shape. Awesome for Crossfit.”

“I have them & they are slick and stylish but also really functional. I love mine.”

“I love No Bull.  Waiting on my fourth pair (the mid top black suede) ….I have the camo high top, the all black regular, and the brooke ence blue splash…..they’re all awesome.”

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes

Best Weightlifting Shoe for CrossFit : Nike Romaleos
Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes

Many have heard and said good things about Nike’s Romaleos.  Known for being stylish and good for heavy lifting – squats, deadlifts, cleans, snatches and etc, they make such a huge difference when doing intensive training. Nike is known for being one of the best when it comes to offering shoes that are super supportive and lightweight. It comes in a variety of colors such as pink, white and cool grey and delivers maximum support helping make a huge difference to squats and cleans. Lightweight and flexible, many say that the Nike Romaleos are definitely worth the investment!

“I run a lot so I have really tight hips and hip flexors. Lifters made a HUGE difference for me. I had no idea! I love my nikes. I spent over $100 on them because, well, I really wanted pink ones. 🤷‍♀️ However, I’ll never buy another pair bc I’m not rough on them or anything. They were well worth it for me.”

Reebok Legacy

Best CrossFit Lifters : Reebok Legacy
Reebok Legacy

Designed with Olympic weightlifting in mind, the Reebok Legacy is used extensively by a lot of professional athletes. Many like its functionality, modern design and interesting color schemes. CrossFitters say that they provide the needed stiffness for heavier lifts. Its elevated heel is also ideal for squatting, snatching and clean and jerk.  With a lot of great features, these shoes serve as an ideal for effective training.

“I got my first pair of lifters a few weeks ago – Reebok Legacy – and they are a gamer changer! Mine are light blue and grey and super cute.”

“Love them!! Heaviest heel yet and softest toe!! Like them over my Nikes, true to size!”

“I friggin love my legacy lifters! “

“I really like mine. I had the Lifter 2.0 for the last 4 years and just replaced them with the legacy. Mine are 8.5 just like my nanos. I just have to be sure not to tie them too tightly because that makes my toes cramp”

“I still wear my very first pair! And I still friggin love them”

Runner-ups include Inov-8 Fast Lift for being super comfy, light and flexible especially during heavy workouts with some extra movements like toes to bars or box jumps,  Positions, Converse, Adidas, Jane Powers and Metcons.

Lifting Shoes for CrossFit : Inov-8 Fast Lift
Inov-8 Fast Lift

Lifters can be subjective in terms of the height of the heel as some people get on better with a little less height and others a little more. You just have to figure out what’s right for you!

Do you have a favorite Lifting Shoes to recommend? Share in the comments below


Best Weightlifting Shoes for CrossFit : If you're looking for the highest rated lifters for CrossFit, check these out. #crossfit #weightlifting #fitness

Name: Kate Hammond

Affiliate Box: Titan 112 Crossfit – I usually attend the 5:15PM or 6:30PM classes

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

My name is Kate Hammond, Im 36 yrs old and I’m born and raised on Long Island, NY. I’m an only child so my cousins and close friends are like my brothers and sisters and i would do anything for them! I have amazing parents that do anything they can for me and I look just like my dad! I was married 2 years in November to my husband Jason (who ive known for 20 years!), he’s one of 3 boys so you can imagine how being an only child and marrying into a family like that is lol.

We got married on the east end of Long Island which was my dream wedding location. We have a 10 year old Akita named Misiu (thats Polish for Teddy bear) who is pretty much our child. I work in digital marketing where i focus on automation and technology (it’s not as boring as it sounds!). I’m a reality TV junkie, I will give almost any show a chance and I get sucked it but I’m terrible at paying attention during movies, I’m that girl that constantly asks questions, goes on my phone and then wonders what the hell is going on.

I love a good book and a beach chair, I could spend hours just sitting there reading while attempting to get a tan. My taste in music ranges from gangster rap to 90’s alternative to country, I love it all and have the most random playlists! My favorite holiday is 4th of July so every year we throw a huge party with a big fireworks show that we start planning in March – My husband loves 4th of July so much he proposed on July 4th 2015.

I enjoy going to dinner with friends, summer Fridays at the beach but mostly spending a Friday night on my couch after a long week of work and WOD’s. I competed in my first CF comp in October with my best friend from HS (the one who kept telling me to do it) we came in last lol but we did it! I have an amazing support system at the gym, with friends and at home which really helps! I also was voted as Septembers Athlete of the Month at my Box – you can see the Youtube video below.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started Crossfit end of January 2018 (almost a year)

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

I had done Cardio Kickboxing for 2 years. My friend has been doing CF for 3+ years now and he would try to get me to do it forever, I had been watching the games for years now and I was always interested in CF but honestly just figured I wouldn’t be able to do the things they did. I started reading more about how it really is for everyone and finally decided to give it a try and went to 2 other Crossfits before i found my home box.

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

When I first started my only goal was weight loss, i didnt care about anything else. I would attend 3-4 days a week, go in dot he WOD and leave – i got my workout and i was good. The turning point for me was Murph, I knew i really wanted to participate so I started increasing my workouts, increasing the intensity and pushing myself. The endurance piece aside, once i realized I was getting stronger and what I was capable of I was hooked and i realized it’s not just about weight loss, there was so much more to Crossfit – especially the community aspect.

Favorite WOD or movement?

Fight Gone Bad and Cleans

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Thrusters and Devil Press

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

From the physical side I’ve seen amazing changes, I’ve lost over 30lbs and went down over 4 sizes in clothing. I’ve never had energy like this before and my endurance is crazy, i completed by first 5K this year which never would have happened without Crossfit.

My lifestyle has changed tremendously, I’ve completely changed my eating (I eat Paleo now), I don’t “sit around” like i used to, I spend weekend morning at the gym rather than sleeping healthy lifestyle has become a priority in my life. I would say the biggest change that has come from CF is my confidence. I’m proud of who I’ve become and I don’t hide like i used to, this was the first time in 10+ years I’ve put on a bathing suit and went to the beach with friends. I don’t shy away from pictures anymore,  I’m not afraid of people judging me and I really just am enjoying my life like never before. It might seem crazy to some people but Crossfit really did change my life for the better.

I have pictured I would be happy to share – You can also see some of them on my IG – kt_hammond

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

Proving myself wrong.. sometimes when I see an insane WOD and think to myself, “what the hell was coach thinking when he programmed this”. I go in and I do the WOD and I want to die during it but i finish it and i either get a quicker time than i expected or more reps or whatever – i still surprise myself in what i can do almost a year later.

My family and friends also are big motivators, I got lucky, my husband is my biggest fan and biggest motivator and my family is extremely supportive and honestly are amazed with he things i do sometimes lol. I’ve met some amazing lifelong friends through CF who push me, inspire me and never give up on, sometimes they are the only reason i make it through a WOD. Overall, I belong to a great box, we have a great group of  people who always push each other and just want to see you succeed. Our coaches are also amazing, they know when to push me and know what im capable of and wont give up on me.

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

Honestly, to just keep going. Keep pushing to get better and stronger.  I’d also like to get a 145lb clean and beat my Murph score 🙂

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Don’t be afraid to fail and ask for help. I was petrified I would embarrass myself, I has no idea what i was doing and I’m not the athletic type. Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone wants to see you succeed, not fail. It’s ok to be last because you’re doing more than 90% of the people out there.

Something you might not know about me:

I come off as valley girl or “basic” or whatever you want to call it lol so people assume i love to workout to pop music or dance music but my pump up music is heavy rock/alternative and my 2 favorite songs to lift to are “Bodies” by Drowning pool and “Beast – Southpaw Remix” My PR backsquat is 210 and my PR bench press is 125 (1X3)

What’s your PR /pump up song?

We all found CrossFit for different reasons, but perhaps we’ve all stayed for the same one: it makes us better at this curious thing called, human-ing. Yes, it makes us strong. It uncovers muscles we never knew we had and never realized would severely impinge our ability to find a decent pair of jeans sans tailor. It’s allowed us to instantly spot humans who likewise delight in functional fitness at high intensity via their footwear, Japanese style half sleeves, and/or equal distribution of muscles from head to toe, and thus have endless topics of conversation with former strangers.

But behind the facade of muscles and an inexhaustible ability to talk about one’s clean and jerk, CrossFit is more than that. It’s lessons for more complicated than how one is supposed to pick heavy things off the ground like a champion. And while to the outside observer it can look like it’s just working out really fast, to us we know that it’s made us, it continues to make us, better, more whole, and happier humans. 



This probably isn’t the first lesson you take away from CrossFit, but it’s arguably one of the most important. I used to look at each WOD as its own, unique test of my ability to withstand pain. To squat my heaviest. To run my fastest. Whatever combination of movements that were on the board that day I had to do my BEST. I was flush in youthful enthusiasm (and equally flexible shoulders.)

This approach works for a couple months. Maaaaybe a year. But sooner or later it comes crashing down via an injury or straight-up burnout. It’s the – are you in or are you out – tipping point of CrossFit. If you’re in, you have to figure out a way to make this work sustainable. And if you’re out. Well, that’s a way simpler option, but not nearly as fun.

Discomfort is a wonderful tool in adaptation, but it is also a finite resource. We can’t be uncomfortable in every area of our lives every moment of the day. We have to choose our battles. And we have to create the space to breathe and recover. In fact, recovering is PART of training. If we look at our life and there is no space for self-care, no room to take a step back and refine our technique we’ll get lost and overwhelmed and end up hurting ourselves or someone else.

You can choose your idiom: train smart, not hard. Quality over quantity. Whatever it is, it promises that when we approach the work to be done with respect and curiosity, when we realize we can’t repeatedly bludgeon our body or ourselves and expect to come through unscathed on the other side. Well, life tends to go a little smoother…


Whenever you start CrossFit it feels like you are the only one modifying the weights or struggling in the middle of a chipper or being personally beaten at the hand of your jump rope. I don’t know what happens first. If you realize everyone is continuously modifying or struggling and simply doesn’t give a sh*t what you’re doing, or if you stop giving a sh*t what everyone else is doing.

Either way, there comes a moment when it is too exhausting and too distracting to care about everyone else. You realize what they’re doing has nothing to do with your own workout or your own success. And that you tend to get far more done and be far more satisfied on the other side when your focus is simply on the work at hand.


The greatest learning curve in CrossFit happens when you realize that the fact that you’re breathing hard, or that your heart is going bananas, or that you feel vaguely like you’re either about to throw up or pass out (or both) aren’t the reason to stop or even really to slow down. Those are just the natural sides effects of hard work.

What still remains one of my dating requirements is to witness said suitor in the midst of a workout that is kicking him in the pants. If he freaks out. Blames someone else for why it was hard. Or legit devolves into behaving like a five-year-old, well, that does not bode well for the incredibly complicated and messy adventure that is being in love with another human and sharing your life with them. However, if you can survive any one of the “girls,” well there’s hope you can survive me.


I almost always think of “Karen” when I get overwhelmed by the expense that seems to exist between the person that I am and the person that I want to be. How will I EVER get there?! The same way you do 150 wallballs. You don’t think to worry about wallball 149. Or 100. Or even 75. You think about number 10. You break that business up into manageable chunks and you work from there. You also don’t try and do it unbroken. You realize you most likely can’t. That in fact eventually getting to wall ball 150 requires that you take moments to breathe. That you have to rest if you want to get there at all.

Perhaps the most important thing here is not that you finish. It’s that you start. You do finish. You always get there. Often not in the way you expect. But just as often that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you started. That you did the work. And that you allowed it to change you. That you allowed it to make you stronger.


One of the great myths of being a human is that you have to do be able to do all those incredibly hard and messy and uncomfortable things alone. And yet, one of the greatest things about being human is when you realize you don’t have to. When you realize that everything is better in the presence of the community.

Perhaps it’s the fact that discomfort is inherent in CrossFit. It conditions us to seek out a training partner (or ten) to come with us on this thing that is bound to challenge us. But more than that, we realize that those people get to play so many different roles in our lives. They are our friends. Our family. Our tribe. They have our backs. They are on the battlefield with us be it a WOD or cancer. CrossFit teaches us not only that we can’t leave when things get hard, but perhaps more importantly, that no one else will.  


NAME:Rim Hécham

AFFILIATE BOX:  The Hit Fitness Center , fit & lift with coach Johnny at 9:30 pm

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

My family I’ve two brothers and my mum
I work as an interior designer and wedding planner
Hobbies reading and listening to music
My interests are always around work as I really enjoy designing and I always look for learning new things and crossfit!

When did you start doing CrossFit?

One year Ago

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

I was just hitting the gym, attending some zumba and aerobics classes, I heard about crossfit from a close friend and I started to read about it to see if it suits me as I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis since I was a child. Then I followed on Facebook one of the icons of crossfit at Egypt “Hassan Gabr” he is one of my role models and he is Egypt’s fittest man +35 . I asked him help and he explained everything to me what suits me and what doesn’t suit me and I started.

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

Everything has changed a lot! At the beginning I was scared, I couldn’t do most of the movements but now I fixed most of my techniques, I can lift heavy ,I can run and do a lot of stuff that I didn’t imagine my body is capable of doing any of this movements!

Favorite WOD or movement?

Deadlifts are my favorite movement also snatches ,power cleans and KB swing

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Front squats and thrusters

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

Mentally crossfit gave me more confidence in myself, due to my medical condition I’ve never practiced any sport when I was a kid and when I decided to do something I went for crossfit many friends told me it’s really hard and it won’t suit me but really after one year crossfit has changed my life and I’m lucky enough to train with a coach who taught me that being “mentally strong” is the key for any success and he was always supporting me no matter how many times I decided to quit.

Physically my body changed a lot I still didn’t lose all the extra weight but there’s a big change my body is more toned I even can wear some clothes how that didn’t fit for more than a year!

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

What motivates me that I was never an athlete and I though I could never be ! I always used my medical condition as an obstacle but through a year I felt that I really can do this no matters how many times I got injured or felt down , I’ve a goal that I wanna achieve it when I started my only goal was getting back in shape and to be but I found that I’m really enjoying what I’m doing, I can lift really heavy, I jump and I run ,my coach told me once it’s more important to be “fit mentally” this is the thing that will take you to places, and there’s too many inspiration out there but I think that the two who really inspired is Hassan Gabr he went through an incredible transformation and he won a competition +35 he taught me that it’s never too late! And of course my coach “Johnny” he is a real role model and icon he went through a lot of ups and downs as an athlete and he always come back stronger and that’s why I decided that I wanna train with him from the very beginning and the fact he really believed in me since day one!

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

I wanna fix many techniques, learn a lot of things I still can’t do and lose more weight!

Maybe at the end of the year I will be able to join any competition for crossfit beginner athelets!

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Go for it ! It seems hard but once you start you’ll never stop! You’ll enjoy the progress and celebrate every new thing you learn!

What’s your PR /pump up song?

You may think CrossFit is just a basic workout group, but it’s not! We’ve got 9 trivia that you might not know about CrossFit.

  • People think of CrossFit as the latest new fad, but it’s actually been around since 2000. This is the man who founded CrossFit Greg Glassman and according to him CrossFit has grown to nearly 10 million members!
Greg Glassman – Founder of CrossFit
  • CrossFit is a great way of keeping fit no matter what your age. Age is not a barrier. In the 2010 CrossFit Games the oldest female competitor was 57 and the oldest male competitor was 58.
  • The majority of CrossFitters are female. According to American Council on Exercise, over 60% of CrossFit membership holders are female. There are 10 million CrossFitters out there right now which means that there are about 6 million CrossFit women
  • CrossFit commemorated a set of workouts to fallen soldiers. the company decided to name a section of workouts in their honor.  The Hero Workouts, are now commonplace in boxed gyms all over the world.
  • CrossFit Owners will need to write an essay, complete an application process, pay a yearly fee, plus instructors complete training courses. This keeps the quality of gyms up across the board.
  • Another huge part of CrossFit’s appeal has been its ability to scale. You don’t have to already be in great shape to start doing it. Anyone can try CrossFit because all the workouts are scalable. CrossFit is ideal for all levels
  • Most CrossFit gyms don’t have mirrors. This is because they believe in function over aesthetics. The focus is on what your body can do, vs. how you look in spandex. When you’re constantly looking at yourself, you may feel unmotivated at the lack or results. But when you’re motivated and focused on the task you’re doing, you feel better and breeze through it! You don’t have to look smoking hot in a mirror to be apart of CrossFit.
  • You’ll make awesome friends. Yes, CrossFit is like a cult.
Photo Credit: Meagan Nappier‎ CrossFit Crooked Letter
  • The workouts are named after women. We’re not sure if this is good or bad, but the creator Greg Glassman has admitted the workouts are named after women; more specifically, because women “wreak havoc”. I guess we should take it as a compliment seeing as they are strengthening workouts!
CrossFit Chiangmai


NAME:Lydia Pittkin

AFFILIATE BOX: CrossFit Staunton, 7oclock class

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

I’m 29, I’m a massage therapist in Virginia. I have a tiny apartment overtop a small horse barn that I share with my three awesome rescue dogs who I love trail running and biking with. My family are some of my favorite people in the world. I love to read, write, travel, eat great food- and crossfit!

When did you start doing CrossFit?

Three years ago

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

I was attempting to learn to like running. I had lost a considerable amount of weight through adjusting my diet but had stalled and had no muscle tone. My sister in law wanted to try crossfit about six months before her and my brother’s wedding and I very reluctantly went with her, more to be supportive than anything else.

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

I’m a lot more confident walking up to a barbell now- I had never lifted before so I was completely out of my depth in the beginning.

I believe in myself more. I struggled to get pullups for so long and a tiny part of me honestly thought I would never get them. Now I’ve got strict, kipping, and chest to bar pullups and I’m working on getting a muscle up. I know it might take me a lonngg time to get one, but I believe now that I can get there.

Favorite WOD or movement?

Tie between dubs, pullups, clean and jerks. Oh and back squats. And deadlifts. This question is hard…

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Handstand pushups. Snatches. Thrusters. Assault bike. But it’s like a love/hate thing.

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

Oh wow- everything! Confidence- I know now how to dig deep and keep going when it seems impossible, which applies in life as well as workouts. I used to decline invites to run or hike or do pretty much anything physical because I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up- now a nine mile hike with steep elevation doesn’t give me pause!

My relationship with my body. This is the major one. I spent so long hating my body for not looking like how I wanted it to or how movies and magazines said it should. The truth is I had no idea how to treat my body until I started crossfit. Now I follow the crossfit nutritional guidelines and I love vegetables! Also- I have no desire to be “skinny” anymore. I don’t care so much about aesthetics and the damn scale- I want a 400 lb deadlift and to do Murph rx in under an hour, not be able to fit into a certain pant size (something that used to be an obsession for me as a teen.)

I love that I have muscles now, and that there are incredible female athletes out there with bulging quads doing these phenomenal things physically and showing the world that strong and feminine and fierce and beautiful are not mutually exclusive- far from it!

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

I have some mantras that I repeat when it starts to suck- Tom Hanks in a League of Their Own when he says “Of course it’s hard- if it was easy everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great.”

Also just remembering my goals and how fantastic it feels to reach them, reminding myself that “this is it, this is how you get better, this is the work- do it!”

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

Toes to bar, rope climbs and handstand pushups and handstand walks are all things I need to make a part of my daily routine in order to improve. Right now they’re definitely weak points for me and I know those are the things you have to make extra time for to get better at. Snatches too! And bar muscle ups have been my Everest for a long time.

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s a mental battle as much as a physical one and it’s about effort- every day you show up and try your best is a win, it doesn’t matter if you finish last or lift the least weight or have to modify every single movement- give yourself the credit you deserve because it is damn hard and you’re a freaking warrior for showing up.

Keep going, consistency pays off and the you a year from now will thank the you today for putting in the work.

Something you might not know about me:What’s your PR /pump up song?

DMX “Up In Here”