There comes a point in our life that we tend to get really tired and demotivated in doing trainings and burnout is definitely one of the real things we get to face as we move along CrossFit. But as a community that acts together, strong and empowered women here!

We are all human and it is okay to feel down sometimes, we are allowed to feel that emotion but learn how to move forward from that emotion; Use it as your advantage to see things on a different perspective. Maybe you feel burning out because you do not give enough time for your other personal matters, maybe you do not let yourself recuperate.

Whatever that is, it is totally okay to feel low but you shouldn’t let that hinder you from reaching your goals.

This calls on how we can possibly get back on track? How to avoid burnout and how to enjoy CrossFit or any other workout AGAIN!

Scale and assess yourself to avoid CrossFit Burnout

Every beginner has to do pre workout routine first and entry level workouts. Why? Of course, girl! So that your muscles won’t be in shock. It needs gradual process to get the hang of it most especially if your body doesn’t used to do intense training such as CrossFit.

That is why it is imperative in a gym facility to asses first each client before the actual training to know what type of exercises need to plan out. Each client has different body types and capacity to take. So, work on what you can actually take and soon, gradually you can incorporate more advanced routine, a more difficult one once your body has enough strength to endure them.

NOTE: Do not push yourself to do all in one time. Training isn’t a race; it is a marathon and that means this is your personal journey; your only competitor is yourself. Conquer any self-doubt that you have and you can definitely conquer CrossFit! 😉

Have enough rest day. Take a break.

Our muscles need to heal after an intense physical activity. They are tearing and need a good rest. We need to recuperate, so our muscles will be ready enough for the next training schedule. Give it time, everything has their own timing 😉 It will be totally up to you whether when your “workout day-off” will be; you can communicate this back and forth with your coach, if you have one.

Do other physical activity that you enjoy other than CrossFit.

CrossFit is just one of the great workouts out there, but other than that you can actually blend it with other fun sport that many people also love doing such as: swimming, dancing, running, doing yoga! Or some household chores like cooking ang gardening. Not only these activities get you moving but it helps to be creative too and calm your mind specifically with yoga 😉 You see, recovery isn’t just about how your muscles are feeling but also how your mind is too. Mental health is always in sync with our holistic well-being

Go for a retreat

Sometimes when we are too much drained, pressured from these trainings, in work and everything life throws upon us, we need more time to heal internally so we can process these thoughts and emotions. To Avoid CrossFit burnout. Go for a walk, immerse yourself to nature, create a playlist, get a massage. Whatever it is that your body is telling you, do that and honor that. But as what I said earlier, learn to move forward. This could go for a maximum of 1 week and I would not recommend going beyond that time frame as it could be harder for you to comeback in CrossFit. But it will always be up to you, if you need more time then go ahead. Only you can know, when will be the right time really is.

Surround yourself with a support group.

Psychology says that whoever you hang out the most with are your group of people and that means you guys share the same traits, same persona. And it is imperative to be surrounded with amazing ladies backing you up, supporting you and pushing you to move forward with them as they reach their goals. I am not saying to force yourself to anyone else so you guys can be friends, let it flow naturally and you’ll find your spirit team 😉

It is natural to feel burnout and demotivated. But that’s the thing, because you’re not gonna be motivated every single day, you need to be DISCIPLINED and think of the LONG-TERM GOAL. Rest if you must, but don’t you quit 😉 you are a fighter! So, get moving and go get your goal girl!

If you are lifting heavy, there are a few necessities for your gym bag. You are going to need lifting shoes but you also want to protect your joints so you pick up a pair of knee sleeves and trap on some wrist wraps for weightlifting.

Owning a pair of the best wrist wraps for weightlifting is great for improving grip performance. But, in a market full of choices, we covered the eight best wrist wraps for weightlifting.

Villain Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

This famous wrist wrap is worn by Leroy “The Machine” Walker which we are pretty sure most of you are familiar with this name. They are made from the highest quality materials. It has an innovative loop to secure and tighten your wrist wrap – you never worry or use a thumb loop again!

Villain Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

WOD Nation Wrist Wraps For CrossFit

I like that it protects my wrist and helps keep them straight. I was told by a physical therapist that I have weak wrist, so this product helps to prevent future injury.

Blaster Drank from Amazon review

WOD Nation wrist wraps are built to last. They use the best material available and put them together with superior stitching. Get maximum support for your biggest lifts with their heavy duty Wrist Wraps!

WOD Nation Wrist Wraps For CrossFit

EliteFts Wrist Wraps from Powerlifting

Elite FTS are the best I’ve ever purchased. These have saved my wrists

Emily from the BarbellBeauties community

Quality is key when it comes to EliteFts wrist wraps so you can be assured that it will outlast even your toughest workouts! These strong supportive wrist wraps can be tightened to immobilize the wrist, but they can also be loosened so that there’s room for movement in the joint while still remaining supportive.

Rouge Fitness Wrist Wraps CrossFit

There’s an elastic piece that goes over your thumb so the wraps don’t slide down your arms. Velcro is super strong too.

Jennifer Carr from the BarbellBeauties community

Comes in three different sizes and they are 30% stiffer than most brands in the market which means that you get more support for less wrap. Constructed from a mesh of cotton, polyester and elastic band – are extremely comfortable on the skin and can also absorb away moisture.

Rouge Fitness Wrist Wraps CrossFit

Stoic Wrist Wraps

I love mine – wrist support plus hand protection for pull ups 👍👍❤️

Susie from the BarbellBeauties community

The brand aims to deliver remarkable training confidence and incredible build quality with the purpose to build support you need in reaching the next level of performance. Offering a range of impressive 18″ to 36″ options to support the most extreme athletes.

Stoic Wrist Wraps

WOD Wear Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting

 I had the same issues and just started wearing some wrist wraps. They helped support the wrist joint, especially during OH lifts. 

Maria from the BarbellBeauties Community

WOD Wear Strength Wraps offer athletes a streamlined, easy-to-adjust alternative to traditional, bulkier wrist wraps. It is double layered and made of heavy-duty cotton with reinforced stitching which these wraps will make it through even the most strenuous WODs.

WOD Wear Best Wrist Wraps for Lifting

Bear Grips Wrist Wraps for Powerlifting

One CrossFitter praise them in having the feature to ease the pain that’s related to the carpal tunnel syndrome! 

Cara from the BarbellBeauties community

Bear Grips II wrist wraps has a first-class thumb loop feature. With this being said, the thumb loop is very beneficial in keeping the wrist straps in place while you are lifting. It also has a very sturdy Velcro closure that keeps the wrap secure and snug.

Bear Grips Wrist Wraps for Powerlifting

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps

“One of my best purchase” claims one CrossFitter.

The only wraps on the market that are endorsed by 2014 world powerlifting champion Kevin Weiss. The product features extra wide Velcro that offers a very secure fit and has a premium double cross stitching to ensure that these straps will last.

Rip Toned Wrist Wraps


The 8 Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting

Follow Christine, an athletic pet lover and a professional Zoo Keeper who has passion to interact with the wildlife. Aside from being a CrossFitter, Christine is also workaholic. CrossFit made her life at ease especially when she’s working a manual labor all day! Let’s follow her journey on how to be stronger everyday at work!


Christine Anne

Affiliate Box:

My Garage at home, but I went to CrossFit Burien when I first started out.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live near Seattle, Washington with my boyfriend, our three dogs, and two cats. I am a professional Zoo Keeper and I specialize in large carnivores. Lions, tigers and bears… wait for it… Oh, my! When I’m not busting my butt at work, I’m busting it for fun on a trail hike or a run. I like spending time with family and friends and getting outside whenever I have the chance.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started Cross Fit last October of 2013

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

Before CrossFit, I was a long distance runner, mountain biker, and a swimmer. I still do all those things, but change it up a bit. Yes, a CrossFitter that likes running. I first did CrossFit when I was living in San Diego, California. At the time, I was running about 70 miles a week. A friend of mine invited me to her box for a “share the pain” week. I went and did the workout and thought, no big deal, just some sit ups, push ups (that I had to do on my knees) and pull ups (which I had to do jumping). Then, I couldn’t walk for three days, which made me realize I was seriously lacking in my fitness, no matter how far I can run.  

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

When I first started, I just wanted to be the fastest. I didn’t really like the weight portion, so I would go light, and pick the easiest scaled move to bust through the workout as fast as possible. Now, I look forward to the weights, I pace myself and challenge myself with making sure I can do a heavy weight even if it means going slower, and focusing on technique.

Success Story Of People Doing CrossFit®:Christine Anne

Favorite WOD or movement?

I like anything with running, box jumps, and kettle bells.  

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Snatches and thrusters, ugh.

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

Since I started CrossFit, I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and better at my job. My job is manual labor all day, and being stronger and focusing on techniques keep me from getting injured and allows me to go through my day with more ease. Mentally, I am able to break problems down to deal with them in pieces, kind of like how I would approach a seemingly overwhelming WOD. I am more aware of my body, my mind, and my choices.

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

I’m motivated by the health benefits of being fit. I enjoy pushing my body to exhaustion. It is relaxing and I am proud of the work I do. I do my best to be my best to help avoid the illnesses that plagued my family members. It’s similar to how I approach my job, if I focus on prevention now, then I don’t have to spend as much time on treatment later.  

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

Bar muscle ups!

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

You don’t have to be fit to get fit, and CrossFit focuses on what you can do, and is versatile to fit everyone’s abilities. There’s nothing like hitting your first RX WOD, and knowing what that means.

What’s your PR /pump up song?

Move B@#%h by Ludacris

Check out Kayce, a family-oriented CrossFit mom who started her CrossFit workout 18 months ago. Kayce is highly driven and a competitive person. She can’t wait to make her physical activity up to another level and be more empowered! Check her out, here!


Kayce Grant

Affiliate Box:

Crossfit Big Spring

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m 26, mom of 18-month old baby boy named Ranger, and married for almost 10 years.

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit 18 months ago. 

What were you doing before CrossFit and how were you introduced to CrossFit?

I was doing commercial gym lifting. I walked into a local box and signed up. 

How has your approach to CrossFit changed since first starting?

At first, all I wanted to do was get through the workout. Now, I aim to be faster or lift heavier than everyone else. My competitive side went into overdrive. 

 People Doing CrossFit

Favorite WOD or movement?

Pull ups is my favorite.  

Least favorite WOD or movement?

Wall balls is my least favorite.

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit?

Everything! I am so proud of not only how my body looks but how strong it is. I’ts empowering as a woman. 

crossfit before and after

What helps you get the most out of your CrossFit Workouts? What motivates/inspires you?

Music inspires me. 

What’s your CrossFit goal for 2019?

Muscle ups! 

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit for the first time?

Just do it. It’s gonna hurt and you’re going to be intimidated, but it’s so worth!!!

What’s your PR /pump up song?

Gangsta rap! 

A good workout routine means you are going to work up buckets of sweat. Working out attire that you wear during your workout are usually designed to wick sweat away from your body. This will eventually lead to them accumulating odour that can deeply set into the fabric. When this happens, your standard detergent is not going to get the job done.  

While regular detergent may not work well, we have discovered the five-best detergent for workout clothes that the market has to offer. Find out more below!

OxiClean Detergent for Gym Clothes

Oxiclean works fantastic. Also works on sweat stains on ball caps if you wear one working out.

Poppy from The Barbell Beauties community

It has earned its reputation as the go-to product for tough stains on laundry and the power to eliminate almost any odour. It is duped as America’s No.1 versatile stain remover as it harnesses the power of oxygen to get tough stains out and rinse them away.

OxiClean Detergent for Gym Clothes

Persil Laundry Detergent for Odors and Stains

Works great when I run Spartan and for those musty towels my kids ball up in the corner of there room.

Meegen from The Barbell Beauties community

One of the keys to successful odour removal you’re your workout clothes is getting rid of the bacteria that gets trapped in the fabric. Theoretically, to break the bond between the body soil and the fabric, the detergent you use must have enough enzymes to dissolve the oily molecules. With Persil laundry detergent, all formulas under this brand contains a high-level of enzymes and will do an excellent job in removing odours and bacteria from your workout fabrics.

Persil Laundry Detergent for Odors and Stains

Tide Sports Detergent

I smell fresh and the colours never run when I started using this.

Jessica from The Barbell Beauties community

Tide and Downy offer a multi-product solution when it comes to removing odors and keeping your workout clothes fresh and clean. This laundry detergent comprises all the necessary enzymes to break down and remove surface odors and stains with an Active Fresh Scent.

Tide Sports Detergent

Rockin Green Detergent

It’s absolutely amazing. It uses enzymes to actually break down the stuff instead of mask it with fragrances. Healthier to use, too!

Alura from The Barbell Beauties community

This detergent contains a filth fighting enzyme blend that fights stains and smells without harming cloth fibers. The brand has four main mantras that they strongly believe in which is more bang for your buck as their detergent is super concentrated hence you only use 1/8 of your usual amount, eco-friendly because at Rockin’ Green every ingredient is 100% natural, plant based and biodegradable. Last but not least, the other two mantras are 100% cruelty free and 100% safe for sensitive skin.

Rockin Green Detergent

Win High Performance Sports Detergent

Win started in 2005 and was announced as the official detergent of the U.S. 2008 Summer Olympics Team. Available in scented and unscented formulas, it is designed specifically for synthetic workout gear. By stripping away body oils and bacteria, fibers are left fresh, soft and able to wick away moisture.

Win High Performance Sports Detergent


As we speak, CrossFit is an activity composed of multiple heavy workouts that’ll get your body moving in different strenuous ways. Any CrossFit garment should never hinder your workout.

If you are worried when performing a specific exercise because it might reveal some of your personal and private parts then it’s time to get yourself a really nice workout shorts intended for CrossFit. Something that draws moisture away from the body, spreading it out, to evaporate easily on the outside of the fabric. So, you stay cool and dry. It should also adjust and stretch itself with any sort of extreme physical activity but holds itself on to the skin therefore it makes you feel secured. This garment needs to move and help you be more comfortable and confident, not make you feel insecure and restrict from doing CrossFit. They should never ride up, bunch up or hold moisture next to the skin, never give you camel toe and oh one thing I almost forgot! Haha! It shouldn’t be see-through 😉 you know what I mean.

So, without further ado, below are some of the most recommended CrossFit shorts that’ll help you keep moving confidently and easily. Enjoy CrossFitting ladies!

WODBottom Womens CrossFit Shorts

I’ve tried 5 different brands of workout ‘booty’ shorts and these are the best! They don’t roll or ride up! and even though they are white, they aren’t see-through!

Mary from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

WOD Bottom has been a go to work out shorts for women lifters. The booty shorts are their best-seller as the material is comfortable, breathable, and it passes the ‘squat test’.

WODBottom Womens CrossFit Shorts

Lululemon WOD Shorts

The Lululemon run speed shorts are the best I’ve ever found. Don’t ride up, don’t fall down, not sheer. I like the 2.5 inch inseam but they also come in a 4 inch I believe.

Lydia from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

If you are someone who doesn’t like tight shorts, then this one is best for you! For someone like me who doesn’t care for a having little loose at the bottom of the shorts, this is perfect! I don’t want any clothing to be touching my skin the entire time. It is lightweight, breathable, simple yet classy!

Lululemon WOD Shorts

Lululemon Sculpt Short

I know Lululemon is pricey, but I have their sculpt short that I have worn for almost 10 years that look and feel the same as the day I bought them. Worth the investment!

Susan from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

Another win from Lululemon! High waist short, thus supporting the lower abdomen and the back properly enough which also offers more length than any other shorter shorts and has free extra wide waist band panel, built for comfort. This one seems so flattering on your hips, and thighs!

Lululemon Sculpt Short

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Best Crossfit Shorts Womens

I fell in love with these ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket
This is the level of roll up after 90 burpees

Jena from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

This covers more skin therefore you are secured to this that it wont ride up like any other shorts might.

ODODOS High Waist Out Pocket Best Crossfit Shorts Womens

Under Armour Women CrossFit Shorts

Has 4-way stretch construction which allows it to moves better in every and any direction. Its anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes. Which not all of clothing brand consider of especially that we are doing CrossFit here. It is nice that they include this feature as we sweat a lot and this is perfect for us to protect also ourselves from harboring unwanted bacteria.

Under Armour Women CrossFit Shorts

Jaco Gym Wod Shorts Womens

This covers your lower abdomen comfortably, kind of a mid-high waist shorts. Has heavy gauge waistband for support & secure fit. Another amazing feature is it has a Cell Phone sized Velcro close side pocket. This is perfect for someone who loves running and bringing out their phone with them, playing music and stuff. I bet I will love this too as it is snug but not super tight in the leg.

Jaco Gym Wod Shorts Womens

Adidas Women’s Training Shorts

A Climalite- keeps you cool and dry- fabric that sweeps sweat away from your skin. It is Moderately high waist and provide more coverage which gives extra support to the lower back abdomen and allow for a good range of motion.

Adidas Women's Training Shorts

IAB Shorts

They do not ride or bunch so you won’t be constantly adjusting them. They stay in place.

Dana from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

It is comprised of Keiryō fabric technology which is sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, and breathable. Offer extreme protection and enough length, while keeping everything where exactly where they’re supposed to be even during the most rigorous workouts.

IAB Shorts

Reebok Best Shorts for Crossfit Womens

Another one that has an antimicrobial feature. It is Regular fit – not too tight or too loose, so a lot of enough air can come through to your thighs. Never ride up and thus wont give you a camel toe.

Reebok Best Shorts for Crossfit Womens

Baleaf Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts

I picked up several pairs of these last week and love them. 7″ inseam; they have met the running/burpee/squatting test. If you’re not 100% comfy in just spandex shorts, I’ve also worn spandex with soccer shorts over them, too.

Amanda from the Barbell Beauties Faceboook group

Another high-waist, long shorts. Very comfortable and breathable. They do stay in placed even with the most high-intensity, rigorous, extreme workout you might want to dive in. A good investment for long term use!

Baleaf Women's High Waisted Yoga Shorts


Womens CrossFit Shorts

This goes out to all those new to CrossFit. Yes, it is a little scary when you first walk into a CrossFit box. I remember my first day well. I had been scoping out gyms in Chiang Mai, Thailand having just moved there, and came across CrossFit Chiang Mai.

I googled their website and instantly thought, “NOPE!” First of all, my body and the bodies of those in the pictures were two very different images! I had zero muscle and they had all the muscle! Secondly, I didn’t even know what the big bar with weights on it was called much less be able to lift it. (For all of you like me who don’t know what that bar is called, it’s a barbell!)

However, I am the type that if I get in my own head and convince myself of something, I will do it. So, I emailed the manager and set up a time to come in and meet with one of the coaches to get started. I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous in my whole life!

Tip number one: Go to the bathroom before you go into the gym! I was so nervous I thought I was going to wet myself!

I was nervous because in my own mind, I had decided I wasn’t fit, that the coaches would think I was too weak and give up on me, and that it was going to be a waste of my time and money. Let me tell you right now, I was so wrong!

Tip number two: Don’t let your mind convince your body that it can’t do something. Sure, I could barely lift the bar over my head for a long time. Of course, I couldn’t do hand stand push-ups or climb the rope either, but there was a lot I could do.

Tip number three: NO ONE can do any of those things when they first start! So, don’t let yourself get discouraged! CrossFit coaches are some of the most encouraging people you will ever meet. They will push you and sometimes you will feel like passing out or puking after a workout. Here is the thing though, they help you see that you are capable of doing a lot more than you think you can. You can and will get stronger and better if you keep motivated and CrossFit coaches are great at being motivators!

So, beginners don’t walk away because you think you can’t do it or its too intimidating. Your mind is your biggest enemy when it comes to getting into the box. Take that first step and make the call or write the email and get your butt to the gym!

Tip number four: Don’t compare your journey to the journey of others. When you do get into the gym, focus on making yourself better and stronger. Just because you can’t lift a lot or you don’t run the fastest DOES NOT mean you are the weakest link or that you should quit. Let me be the first to admit, I’m nowhere near the fastest or strongest and I’ve come to terms with that. I compete with myself instead of trying to compete with others. When I get a new PR, I am ecstatic! I beat myself, I won the battle of mind over matter!

So, get in the gym and don’t look at those around you, focus on yourself and compete with yourself. On the days when you are discouraged and want to give up, get your butt into the gym and push yourself, Don’t let your mind talk you out of what your body is more than capable of doing!

Tip number five: MIND over MATTER every time.

Sweating, or perspiring in response to an exercise activity is actually healthy as it secretes a hormone known as endorphins; a chemical that reduces stress, boost self-esteem and improves sleep. With that being said, it is likely to know and notice that endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, thus makes us happy or euphoric.

However, when we sweat, we also release some bacteria that is why sometimes our body-sweat is accompanied by a foul-smelling odor.  Some ladies just sweat a lot! I mean literally, excessively sweating; And it’s just too uncomfortable for them while working. In this article we gathered some of the best deodorants that could help with our fellow CrossFitters, and not just that! They are all natural 😉paraben free and no other cell damaging ingredients involved. So, let’s just jump right into it! 😀

Native Natural Deodorant : Coconut & Vanilla

This particular deodorant gained rave reviews online. I am not surprised! Just look how moisturizing and gentle the formulation is. They’re paraben-free, leave no residue, and won’t get clumpy under your underarms, so liberating when you raise your arms 😉. One member of our community recommended this and she said,

“I also ❤️ Native. The vanilla coconut smells soooo good”.

Barbell Beauties member

Native Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant, Fresh Powder

“Our Passion is Natural. Your care is personal”, wow! that one is a good slogan! They are one of the best and most love deo out there! Who wouldn’t? it last for 48 hours odor protection, packed with goodies like zinc oxide to freshen and beeswax to condition skin. So, you can assure a long-lasting protection for 48 hours! Again, 48 hours!

I use Toms. I am currently trying native but it does the same as Toms and Toms is cheaper

Barbell Beauties member
Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Deodorant, Fresh Powder

Kopari Natural Paraben Free Deodorant

A coconut-oil based deo, glides on very smooth and clear, non-sticky; Absorbs sweat and neutralizes odor without leaving your body any harm as it is paraben and aluminum free 😊. Such a nice and very friendly to use!

Natural deodorants – Kopari is working well so far. Been using a few months. I shower after I workout and apply again. Nothing else I’ve tried has come close to working. 

Barbell Beauties member
Kopari Natural Deodorant

Lume Aluminum Free Deodorant

If you have loved Tom’s due it’s long lasting odor protection, this one-Lume- is the bomb! As it can offer you a 72-hour (clinically proven) odor protection! Say whhuuuut! Haha! Incredibly impressive! This brand only releases two years ago, 2017 but it is actually giving us reasons to love their product. Paraben and aluminum free, and the first deo that is safe to use in other parts of the body! And if you are concern in having rashes, don’t worry no more! As it has no baking soda ingredient involved! Yuppieee!

LOVE Lume! Honestly the best deodorant I’ve ever used. I didn’t experience any sort of ‘detox’ period’.

Barbell Beauties member
Lume Aluminum Free Deodorant

Primal Pit Paste Natural Aluminum-free Deodorant

This brand has received tremendous awards including: VEGNEWS Magazine – Best Fitness product of 2013, Best SKIN CARE – Paleo Magazine 2014, CosmoProf Beauty Pitch winner – 2016, Best Paleo Body Care – Paleo Magazine 2016. You see guys this brand has been proven out its content already, this is not just your typical “natural, aluminum-free deodorant” but this one actually works!

I love my primal pit paste deodorant! There was no detoxing phase for me though. Best change ever next to changing to their tooth paste!”

Barbell Beauties member
Primal Pit Paste

Routine Baking Soda Free Deodorant

Everything in our list is purely natural and safe for our body to use but one thing that this brand caught our attention is that it is one of the deodorants who doesn’t test on animals. So much respect for this brand! Of course, we all want to look good that’s why we all have this beauty products here and there, but being mindful of our whole environment including animals’ safety should be our concern too!

Another thing, they have packaged their deodorant in glass jars, meaning less plastic (plus they’re beautiful and can be reused!). The commitment to the environment is very visible as you can see how they manufacture their products.

I’ve been using Routine. It’s an all-natural charcoal deodorant from Canada. I love it and I sweat a lot as well. Takes time to transition to chemical free but worth it!.

Barbell Beauties member
Routine Deodorant

Secret, Clinical Strength Native Deodorant

There’s no secret in secret; Just like any other natural deo, it is aluminum free yet it refreshes you all day long. It defeats both sweat and odor at the same time. Most antiperspirant just minimize the odor of your armpit however; secret minimizes your sweat flow too! Amazing combo!

Clinical Strength Secret….the only thing that works for me!

Barbell Beauties member
Secret, Clinical Strength

PiperWai Natural Deodorant

Famous for their stint on Shark Tank, here comes the original as the PiperWai was one of the first to bring natural deodorant to the masses. For better application this deo comes in a pot, so you’ll need to apply it with your fingers, like you would a face cream. I personally preferred this way!

I started using this and I really like it.

Barbell Beauties member
Piperwai Natural Deodorant

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream

Made out from the owners’ kitchen herself; this brand makes sure to deliver the best product for our underarms so they even partnered with small farms to ensure that they receive the best materials, without compromising their dedication to the environment. They do not just offer deo’s, but they do also have other organic face and body products including cleansers, toners, moisturizers, bath soaking salts, hand and body wash.

It contains superfine vegetable powders and clays to absorb sweat, along with lavender, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils to mask any odors. A good pick for me!

SoapWalla Deodorant Cream

Weleda Natural Deodorant Spray

Compared to the previous suggestions above, Weleda comes in a spray form. It uses pure essential oils to omit bad odors. “It’s free from synthetic preservatives and fragrances, colorants, and raw materials derived from mineral oils.” For its worth, essential oils have been proven to restore and cure certain body concerns; With that being said, Weleda is a real deal here!

Weleda Deodorant Spray.


I was on a shoot for a TV commercial last week and I heard right beside me one of the digital marketing staff talking about her newest obsession, CrossFit! So, let’s get into the details! “With constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements, CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches’ people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment.” It is a sport with many challenges and trials throughout the entire routine. As well as loads of team spirit and drive to beat personal bests. No wonder why it is very uplifting as this activity pushes you out of your limits and have a positive environment to begin with.

So here are the top reasons why our CrossFitters friends are so obsessed and why you can love it too even more!

  • Number one reason of course CrossFit makes you leaner and stronger! With the right and proper body alignment and usage of the gears, no wonder you can have your perfect body goals! It builds muscles as you burn fats, from resistance training to intense sweaty workouts, making your body toned and in shaped. 
  • Regular exercise releases endorphins. This hormone regulates our body to avoid pain, which also helps in reducing stress and boost our immune system. Thus, making us happier and euphoric! Ever wonder why after a workout you feel good? That is because, our body was pumped, and excreted happy hormones which then in turn also affects in our mental state! Being physically active helps in clearing out our minds and bring our mental state into balanced.
  • Has a conducive environment, uplifting everyone and intentionally designed to motivate you! How often can you spot a gym or an activity that motivates each and every one? In CrossFit, your only competitor is yourself, that is why you don’t need to look through other CrossFitters because you are on your own personal journey, no one is competing against you except yourself. Everyone is here to remind you to go and push through your limits, to be stronger day by day. But the trick here is you get to workout with a team or a partner, both if you will push each other to maximize the workout. The energy will be so high cause you do it with a team! I love teamwork!
  • Great environment, new friends! New family too! Being able to work with such highly encouraging and supporting individuals, you get to expand yourself. You meet people, share values and beliefs and be there for each other when in need! You see, real and true friends can be spotted in an exercising activity too! The CrossFit community is like a family-oriented group, where in no one will left behind, everyone has to be getting closer to their goal day by day.
CrossFit Family
Photo Credit: Lilly Peña
  • CrossFit Is Fun to do! Having a support group while exercising plus dealing with different routines every now and then for each fitness level, is so much fun and challenging! It keeps you feeling motivated and along the way, you might realize things that you thought you cannot overcome with, but with the help of CrossFit, you actually did! Self-growth is not just on the outside, it is majority on what we feel within ourselves on the inside; The values you have planted and the person you have become during the process is incomparable. CrossFit is like a whole package deal, you do not only get better physically, but rather holistically 😊


Veruca Salt wants it now – and so do most of us – we want results NOW! How many of you start a new diet, a new workout routine and 7 days later hop on a scale? Then judge how you did based on that scale number – and either celebrate or become completely discouraged and think this is not going to work? And maybe even quit what you started.

Results don’t happen right away – results take time – and a lot of it. If you are looking to make a change – be prepared to put in the work and the time. I do not think that there is a magic number – I can’t tell you within a week, month, or 3 months you will start to see results. But, you can start to ask yourself questions….What are your goals? Do you want to lose weight? Gain weight? Gain muscle? Lean out? Become faster? Become stronger? Decide what you want – and view it as a LONG TERM GOAL. Change does not happen overnight. Change also does not happen without consistency, discipline and drive. 

However you decide to achieve your goal, you must stick with that plan – you want results NOW– BUT, did you skip a workout this week? Did you stick to your eating plan…or did you grab the leftover chicken nuggets and fries from your kids’ plate? Did you go to Thursday night happy hour? And because the next day is Friday, did you happy hour through Sunday? Did you sleep in on the weekends instead of exercising…OR did you stick to your plan? You must ask yourselves these questions and answer them honestly.

Results and change will 100% come to you IF and ONLY IF you remain true to your goals and plan. If you need motivation and support or if you’ve experienced success comment below and share your story!