White bass will be moving into deeper areas and start looking for forage. For white bass a 4 to 8-pound test monofilament line will work fine for most situations. They are also found in many shallow rivers, streams, and creeks. In large reservoirs look in the upper section of the lake. The versatile bait used is The Relic by Riot Baits which was featured in the December Bass Box from Lucky Tackle Box.Get a FREE BONUS LURE in your 1st box when you use code FREE at checkout. Here we will cover how to identify white bass, where to fish them, their seasonal patterns, the best equipment to catch them, and offer a few additional tips to help you catch more white bass. This is an ideal time to use your sonar to find huge schools in deeper waters. You can use them by themselves or tip your jigs with small wax worms and meal worms. Adult white bass eat minnows, shad, sunfish, yellow perch, saugers, drum, carp, bullhead, and other smaller fish species. Well, the hybrid striped bass was engineered to replace the endangered wild striped bass species. Make sure your reel can handle 4 to 8-pound test line, as this is what you will be using for white bass. White bass tend to migrate upstream and you can find huge populations of them. The best swimbaits are the ones that resemble what the white bass are already eating. Just below the waves, numerous striped bass are lying in wait for the hook. If you’re fishing for white bass, we created this guide for you. Tips for Shore Bass Fishing; Tips for Shore Bass Fishing . We use cookies to make wikiHow great. White bass tend to live in large rivers and reservoirs. The largemouth bass is the most commonly looked for bass, but there are also other varieties such as the smallmouth, Choctaw, Guadalupe, spotted, stripped, and white bass. White bass tend to swim around searching for baitfish, so where you find large schools of baitfish, you are sure to find hungry white bass nearby. Fishing white bass in the summer is a favorite of many anglers. The cooler water in mid-autumn to fall transition and the start of the lake’s turnover attract bass to the backs of the creeks. Although summer white sea bass are known be caught on nearly any bait or jig, you are more likely to get a bite with large sardines, mackerel, or live squid. But they will also spawn in lake shores if the conditions are right. A little bit of live bait can make your presentation even more enticing to hungry fish. Smaller lures tend to work best for these fish. You may have to use a GPS to successfully locate these schools. The great lakes regions, lake Erie, Arkansas river, Winnebago lakes system, and many Mississippi tributaries are common spots to catch these fish. In early fall and summer when white bass come to the surface to feed on smaller baitfish, a spinnerbait can be highly effective. When spawning runs end, so does the fishing. When fishing in areas of current, the slow up and down rod motion will cause the curly tail grub to flutter and "kick" through the water as it tumbles with the tide When fished in calm areas with no current, an angler can make the lure flutter and kick by "swimming" it through the water column by consistently reeling the jig towards shore at a moderate speed. Most of the white bass fishing we are doing here is from the bank of creeks. Th… Next. They have a compressed body and lateral stripes that are similar to the ones the striped variety has. A cross between a white bass and the wild striper, this hybrid bass species lives in both fresh and estuarine waters. They also tend to come to the surface to feed on smaller baitfish, so you can look for the baitfish in the waters you are fishing to find hungry white bass nearby. Now, granted that in a boat you do have much more mobility to cover different areas, the shore angler can also enjoy the good fishing by picking spots to wet a line. If you’re fishing the north white bass also spawn in late spring sometimes as late as June, so you can fish their spawning areas too depending on your location. They are also the state fish of Oklahoma. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. You can catch these marauding bass in water 3 feet deep or less. Look for them in creeks, bays, and rivers feeding on schools of baitfish. On average most white bass are between 10 and 12 inches in size, though some have been known to reach sizes up to 17 inches. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. In this video I go to a creek where the white bass are spawning and catch a ton on a small jig. A good spoon lure can be very effective for catching white bass. Weighing in at around 25 to 30 pounds (11.3 to 13.6 kg) with some even exceeding 60 pounds (27.2 kg), white sea bass are not a lightweight game fish and you must exert some physical strength to reel it in. Gently reel your spinner through the area and you may get a hungry white bass to attack your bait. Learn more... White sea bass, which are typically found along the California coast up to Alaska, can be one of the most challenging fish to catch. In many areas, their food intake mostly consists of shad, so a swimbait that looks like this can work amazing when fished properly. How to Catch Striped Bass: The Best Lures for Shore Fishing at Night. Live minnows also tend to work well. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Let the white bass pull your lure and then set your hook. Usually, this occurs between mid-March to late May, sometimes even as late as June. It is black or gray in color depending on the quality of the water it lives in. Related Posts: Best White Bass Lures Rigs for White Bass. They have large rough scales and two dorsal fins. Much depends upon the venue, the season and the weather conditions. They do not feed when the food is below them. As the end of winter draws closer white bass move upstream to search for their spawning areas. I rarely use topwater poppers when fishing from shore at night.
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