I plant to relocate them to the back of the garden this Spring! Verbena hastata, commonly called blue vervain, is a Missouri native perennial which commonly occurs in wet meadows, wet river bottomlands, stream banks, slough peripheries, fields and waste areas throughout the State except for the Ozark region where it is uncommon (Steyermark).It is a rough, clump-forming perennial with a stiff, upright habit which … Blue Vervain is an excellent cut flower. To propagate native plants, a gardener must break this dormancy before seed will grow. Most orders ship within a day or two upon receipt. Plants thrive in full or part sun in moist or wet mucky soils. The specific epithet hastata means spear-shaped, likely in reference to the leaves. We send tracking numbers to your email address so please include it when you order. Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata) is wild, edible and nutritious food. Her with a love of HOME DECOR DIY. Additionally I am a wood worker / DIY enthusiast. (3-packs and trays of 38) ship when all plants are well-rooted and transit-ready, early May through June. If winter-spring greenhouse growing conditions are favorable and all species are well-rooted at once, then we ship by order date (first come, first serve). link to Native Sunflowers 101 - What, Why, and How To GROW! rosea. Please login to your customer account to create or access your wish list. This is one plant that the rabbits and deer seem to avoid. A super, long flowering (June-Sept), plant from Nova Scotia. We have cut flowers nearly all summer, and make some stunning bouquets with. Since our plants are field-grown, Nature sets the schedule each year as to when our season will begin and end. Verbena is a large family that includes biennials, perennials, shrubs and trees. UPS and Spee Dee are often used for expediting plant orders; they will not deliver to Post Office Box numbers, so please also include your street address if ordering plants. Growing your own plants from seed is the most economical way to add natives to your home. Bumblebees are among the important pollinators. I’ve had high germination rates with the following simple method…..put them on top of bare soil or in pots. Tall spiked flowers at the top of the plant. Your state's eligibility and % will be calculated at checkout. We fill all orders, on a first-come, first-serve basis, to the best of our ability depending on weather conditions beyond our control. Birds relish the seeds later in the fall. I have never seen any damage to them, unlike many other nearby plants. Just keep the seeds moist, but not wet. Trays of 38 plants and 3-packs leave our Midwest greenhouse based on species readiness (well-rooted for transit) and based on order date; Spring shipping is typically early-May through June, and Fall shipping is late-August through September. Scientific Name: Verbena L. (Verbenaceae) hastata L. Related Plants 'Alba' 'Blue Spires' 'Pink Spires' hastata. Bumblebees are among the important pollinators.They attract butterflies and birds as well. Testing Soil Texture by Hand - The Soil Ribbon Test. The numerous crowning spikes of blossoms give a candelabra-like appearance to this graceful plant. The seeds are a staple for many small mammals and birds that depend on this widely-distributed plant. Blue Vervain can offer a strong upright accent to any perennial garden or prairie/savanna. Genus Verbena can be annuals, perennials or sub-shrubs, with toothed or pinnately lobed leaves and small, usually 5-petalled, salver-shaped flowers, typically held in spikes or panicles, in summer or autumn . ... Flowering the first year from seed and blooming from late spring into early autumn, it bears long spires of scores of flowers, individually delightful, gorgeous by the spire-full; and it makes a super cut flower too. Seed heads are the top of the flower that contains the seeds after the petals have died or fallen off. Overall, growing verbena from seed is easy and can save you money on your annuals.
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